NY State Police Troop G

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New York State Police Troop G

New York State Police Troop G Headquarters - Loudonville
(COMSEC = Traffic Management Center, Albany)
Note: State Capitol patrols use "Troop X" identifiers.

Identifyer Role/Covrage Area
G21 Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake School Resource Officer
G22 Ballston Spa School Resource Officer
G28 Shenendehowa School Resource Officer
G32 Queensbury
G33 Wilton
G8X Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
1H12 Helicopter (N12SP)

Zone 1 - Latham (Brunswick, Guilderland, Sand Lake, New Scotland, Westerlo, Schodack)

Identifyer Covrage Area
1G10 to 1G19 Schodack, Sand Lake
1G16 & 1G17 Sand Lake
1G20 to 1G29 Brunswick
1G30 to 1G39 New Scotland, Westerlo, Guilderland
1G60 to 1G72 IHP Latham
1G6# Interstate Car(S)
1G70 Zone 1 SGT
1G80 to 1G82 K-9
1X## Capitol patrol cars
1X### Capitol patrol portables

Zone 2 - Wilton (Bolton Landing, Charlton, Chestertown, Clifton Park, Granville, Greenwich,Hadley, Queensbury, Saratoga, Schuylerville, Northway)

Identifyer Covrage Area
2G11 to 2G18 Wilton
2G19 Hadley
2G23 to 2G28 Saratoga
2G29 Charlton
2G31 to 2G39 Clifton Park
2G40 to 2G43 Greenwich
2G52 to 2G55 Queensbury
2G56 to 2G59 Bolton Landing - Chestertown
2G60 to 2G62 Adirondack Northway (IHP)
2G63 to 2G69 Various Locations
2G64 & 2G66 Adirondack Northway (IHP Queensbury)
2G68 Adirondack Northway (IHP Bolton Landing-Chestertown)
2G80 to 2G82 Zone 2 K9s
2G90 to 2G94 Granville
2G98 Schuylerville

Zone 3 - Cobleskill (Princetown, Fonda, Mayfield, Wells)

Identifyer Covrage Area
3G20 to 3G28 Princetown
3G30 to 3G35 Mayfield, Wells
3G38 & 3G39 Snowmobiles
3G40 to 3G49 Cobleskill
3G60 to 3G62 IHP Princetown
3G63 & 3G64 IHP Cobleskill
3G70 Zone SGT
3G80 to 3G82 Zone 3 K9s

Zone 4 - Capitol

Identifyer Covrage Area
4G10 to 3G20 Capitol Patrol
4G80 to 3G82 Capitol K9s

Zone 5 - Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI)
Zone 7 - Local PDs/Other Agencies
(South Glen Falls PD is dispatched by Saratoga County and New York State Police)
(Stillwater PD is dispatched by Saratoga County)
(Only South Gleen Falls PD is dispatched by State Police. All other Departments are dispatched by their respective Counties or Municipalities)

Identifyer Covrage Area
7G4 Department of Motor Vehicles (Unmarked)
7G52 Saratoga State Park
7G200 & 7G201 Clifton Park Security Patrol
7G215 to 7G217 Corinth PD
7G220 Galway PD
7G275 & 7G276 South Glens Falls PD
7G280 to 7G28 Stillwater PD
7G5## Washington County Sheriff
7N5111 to 7G5113 EnCon ECOs (Washington County)
7X22 NYS Office of Fire Prevention & Control ("State Fire")

Zone 8 - State Parks Police (Plus EnCon & some other agencies)

Identifyer Covrage Area
8G1 Major
8G10 & 8G11 Sergeants
8G2# Moreau State Park
8G83 ??
8G110 Cambridge/Greenwich Police Chief
8G111 Cambridge/Greenwich sergeant
8G112 to 8G115 Cambridge/Greenwich Patrols
8N56 Lieutenant (Washington County)
8N347 Forest Ranger
8N565 to 8N569 Forest Rangers (Washington County)

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