NY State Police Troop K

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New York State Police Troop K

New York State Police Troop K Headquarters - Poughkeepsie

Identifyer Role/Covrage Area
K11 to K17, K19 & K80 to K88 Commercial Vehicles Enforcment Unit
K101 to K111 TMIs
K201 to K203 CITE Car

Zone 1 - Livingston (Kinderhook, Pine Plains, New Lebanon, Rhinebeck)

Identifyer Covrage Area
1K10 to 1K19 Livingston
1K20 to 1K23 Kinderhook
1K30 to 1K37 & 1K38 Rhinebeck
1K36 Pine Plains
1K40 to 1K43 New Lebanon
1K50 Zone 1 SGT
1K80 & 1K81 Zone 1 K9s

Zone 2 - Wappinger (Brewster, Dover Plains, East Fishkill, LaGrangeville, Stormville)

Identifyer Covrage Area
2K10 to 2K19 Wappinger
2K20 to 2K29 Dover Plains
2K31 to 2K49 Poughkeepsie
2K40 to 2K43 LaGrangeville
2K50 Zone 2 SGT
2K60 to 2K69 Stormville/East Fishkill
2K70 to 2K77 Brewster/Southeast
2K80 to 2K83 Zone 2 K9s
2K87 Poughkeepsie (Parkway)

Zone 3- Hawthorne (TMC) (Cortlandt, Lewisboro, Mohegan Lake, Pound Ridge, Somers)

Identifyer Covrage Area
3K10 to 3K19 Hawthorne
3K20 to 3K39 Somers
3K40 to 3K60 Cortlandt/Mohegan Lake
3K50 Zone 3 SGT
3K61 to 3K79 Pound Ridge/Lewisboro
3K80 to 3K86 Zone 3 K9s

Zone 5 - Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI)
Zone 7 - Local PDs/Other Agencies

Identifyer Covrage Area Notes
7K11? Rhinebeck PD
7K131 to 7K133 Red Hook PD
7K225 to 7K228 Fishkill Village PD
7K241 to 7K245 Brewster PD 7K241, 7K243 & 7K245 - PD Patrol
7K242 - Sergeant
7K244 - K-9
7K250 to 7K251 Millbrook PD
7K340 to 7K349 Lewisboro PD 7K349 - K-9
7K360 to 7K362 North Salem PD
7K365 to 7K368 Pound Ridge PD
7K380 to 7K389 Somers PD

Zone 8 - State Parks Police
Zone 9 - Communications Specialists/Dispatchers
(TMC (Traffic Management Center) Dispatches Zone 3 (Westchester) - TMC Is located at SP Hawthorne)
(Poughkeepsie Dispatches Zone 1 & 2 (Putnam/Dutchess/Columbia) - SP Poughkeepsie is located on Route 44 in Salt Point)
(NYSP Cars in Putnam, Dutchess & Columbia County's are often dispatched by their respected county 911 polling frequencies)

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