New Jersey Transit

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Public Trunked Radio System

NameNew Jersey Transit
OwnerNew Jersey State
Owner TypePublic
StatesNew Jersey (statewide), New York, Pennsylvania
CountryUnited States

System Details
TypeTETRA Standard

FCC Callsign(s)
WNKE911, WNSM959, WQKA399, WQKI409, WQQR235, WQRS762, WQRU708, WQRU748, WQRX408

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  • There are no scanners on the market currently that can copy TETRA systems. See the link for more information and apps that may be useable

NJ Transit Police

The NJ Transit Police Operate on the NJICS 700 MHz system and several VHF channels (on a backup basis only). Prior to this they operated on the old Motorola Type-2i System in the southern area of NJ and the VHF channels in the northern area of the state. The type 2i that resided in the north was a backup in case of VHF issues.

The State is split into several districts:

  • 1 through 4 cover North Jersey and the Coast Line (North Patrol Talkgroup).
  • 5 through 7 Cover South Jersey & River Line (South Patrol Talkgroup).

Police Units are identified by District number, followed by a letter & Number:

For Example 2-Bravo-1 would be a unit in District 2.

ESU units typically operate on Special Ops 2.

The main VHF channel (1 Statewide), is simulcasted through out North Jersey and the audio is often very poor. When there were VHF issues, all operations moved to the trunk system. Since the move to NJICS, operations on the VHF channels have ceased.

As of 2019 Police radios have moved to full time encryption

NJ Transit Operations

As of January 1, 2014, NJ Transit Operations have moved off their old Motorola type 2i simulcast systems to a Tetra Multisite System. There is no scanner than can monitor this system, however it may be possible with an open source decoder called SDR Sharp. See the Trunked Radio Decoders article for more.

The network consists of 69 RF base stations spread throughout NJ, NY and PA. This is to accomodate not only NJT but contract bus companies that reside out of state. It is a mix of both high power (75W) and low power (10W) stations. The system can support packet data and text messaging as well as phone patching. Private calls are also allowed where permitted. Users can be provisioned such that they can have access to all sites or a subset of sites to geographically fence them in if preferred. The same with talkgroups. All talkgroups can be allowed to access all sites or a subset there of. Being a true multi-site system, conversations are only heard on sites where a terminal is actually registered, thus it may not be possible to hear all conversations all the time, depending on which user is registered to which site and which talkgroup they may be using at any given time.

Vendors that provide hardware are the following:

  • Powertrunk (parent company Teltronics)
  • Sepura
  • Hytera

You will note that Motorola is not listed as a vendor since they prefer to not sell their Dimetra TETRA product in the US (at least publicly). At some point perhaps they may change their business strategy, but as of this writing they prefer to sell P25 in the US.

The Tetra System has the following users:

  • Hudson Bergen Light Rail
  • Newark Light Rail
  • Riverline Light Rail
  • Bus Operations Field Supervisors
  • Contractor Buses (Coach, Academy, Transdev, Transbridge)
  • Paratransit (Transcend - Hudson Co)
  • NJT Police (3rd party security)
  • NJT Customer Service

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