New Jersey Transit

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Public Trunked Radio System

NameNew Jersey Transit
OwnerNew Jersey State
Owner TypePublic
StatesNew Jersey (statewide), New York, Pennsylvania
CountryUnited States

System Details
TypeTETRA Standard

FCC Callsign(s)
WNKE911, WNSM959, WQKA399, WQKI409, WQQR235, WQRS762, WQRU708, WQRU748, WQRX408

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Welcome to the New Jersey Transit collaboration article, a Multi-State Public Trunked Radio System located in New Jersey (statewide), New York, Pennsylvania, United States.
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  • There are no scanners on the market currently that can copy TETRA systems. For discussion about decoding TETRA, please navigate to the Tetra decoding Thread.

NJ Transit Police

The NJ Transit Police Operate on several VHF channels, and on the NJSP 800 system/NJICS 700 System. Prior to this they operated on the old Motorola Type-1 System.

Generally, operations take place on the VHF channels, with secondary operations taking place on the Trunk System.

The State is split into several districts. 1 through 4 cover North Jersey and the Coast Line (North Patrol Talkgroup). 5 through 7 Cover South Jersey & River Line (South Patrol Talkgroup).

Police Units are identified by District number, followed by a letter & Number: For Example 2-Bravo-1 would be a unit in District 2.

ESU units typically operate on Special Ops 2.

The main VHF channel (1 Statewide), is simulcasted through out North Jersey and the audio is often very poor. When there are VHF issues, all operations are moved to the trunk system. Since the move to NJICS, operations on the trunk system have been steadily increasing.

NJ Transit Operations

As of Late 2013, NJ Transit Operations have moved to a Tetra Trunk System. There is no scanner than can monitor this system, however it may be possible with an open source decoder called osmo-tetra. See the Trunked Radio Decoders article for more.

The Tetra System has the following users: Light Rail & Newark Subway, Field Supervisors, Contractor Buses, Maintenance Units

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