Nortex Regional Repeater System

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The Nortex Regional Planning Commission established a system of RoIP linked repeaters to provide regional communications support for the command staff within the 11 county Nortex Regional Planning Commission (NRPC) region and to provide interoperable communications capability for county and municipal officials within the region.

  • The Region 1 Wichita County repeater is linked to talkgroup 11091 on the Wichita Falls P25 trunked system.
  • Wichita County EOC can patch the repeaters together or to other frequencies or trunked systems when needed.
  • Wichita County EOC conducts a radio test/roll call on the first Tuesday of the month at around 9 am local time.
  • The repeaters are listed separately on each county's database page.
  • In Dec 2015 an additional repeater in northern Jack County was licensed.
Frequency Input License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode
155.3175 153.8375 WQHT434 RM 632 DPL REG1WC Region 1 Wichita County Area (Iowa Park) FMN
155.3925 158.7525 WQHT434 RM 632 DPL REG2VER Region 2 Wilbarger County Area (Vernon) FMN
154.3175 159.0225 WQHT434 RM 632 DPL REG3GRA Region 3 Young County Area (Graham) FMN
155.1075 159.3900 WQHT434 RM 632 DPL REG4MONT Region 4 Montague County Area (Montague) FMN
155.6475 159.0750 WQHT434 RM 632 DPL REG5SEY Region 5 Baylor County Area (Seymour) FMN
154.1675 151.2200 WQHT434 RM 632 DPL REG6CRO Region 6 Foard County Area (Crowell) FMN
154.9650 158.9850 WQKF456 RM 632 DPL REG7JACK Region 7 Jack County Area (Jacksboro) FMN
154.9650 158.9850? WQKF456 RM ? ? Jack County Area (Post Oak) FMN

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