Oil and Gas Production (TX)

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Halliburton is licensed for several VHF-low band mobiles/temporary bases (with authorization for nationwide itinerant use) in addition to the VHF-high band frequencies listed below. These include 43.0200 MHz (KKR318 for 15 300w temporary bases, KC9007 for 75 120w mobiles), 43.5200 MHz (KO5063 for 101 100w mobiles) and, what appears to be their primary lowband frequency, 43.0800 MHz (license KE4394 for 1000 110w mobiles, license KKZ363 for 25 300w temporary bases). There are various active base and repeater licenses for 43.0800 MHz and other 43/44 MHz and 47/48 MHz frequencies, however 43.0800 has the vast majority of licensed units with nationwide coverage.

Frequency Input License Type Tone Out Tone In Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag
43.02000 KKR318 Haliburton (15 300w temporary bases)
43.02000 KC9007 Haliburton (75 120w mobiles)
43.52000 KO5063 Haliburton (101 100w mobiles)
43.08000 KE4394 Haliburton (1000 110w mobiles)
43.08000 KKZ363 Haliburton (25 300w temporary bases)
nationwide coverage


Well Servicing - Fracturing, Wireline, Coiled Tubing, and Cementing. All locations use VHF radios now, and the three licensed frequencies are in every mobile truck radio for convoy travel. The low power wellsite operations frequencies are specific to each location. Crews from all over the country are working in Texas' many oilfield locations, so this list may not cover all traffic. Generally, 154.600 is Channel 1 across the nation, though it's CSQ tone means that interference is frequently problematic.

In addition to the VHF mobile/portable channel plan listed below, Schlumberger currently has areawide (Texas and Louisiana) licenses for 500 100w mobiles on 43.2800 MHz (KQ8180) and for 250 100w areawide mobiles plus 25 300w temporary bases authorized for use in Colorado, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas and West Virginia on 47.6800 MHz (KA83011 for mobiles and KNBI881 for temporary/portable bases). There are several other VHF-high band frequencies licensed for nationwide use under license WQQQ272: 151.5125, 151.7600, 154.5275 and 158.4000 MHz. It is likely that these frequencies are used in conjunction with the ones listed below. Frequencies in the VHF-low and VHF-high band, as well as unlicensed services such as CB radio, MURS (Schlumberger is a heavy user of MURS considering their nationwide convoy/primary use of 154.6000 MHz), and FRS/GMRS for on-site communications.

Frequency Input License Type Tone Out Tone In Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag
43.28000 KQ8180 Schlumberger (500 100w mobiles)
43.28000 KQ8180 Schlumberger (250 100w areawide mobiles)
43.28000 KQ8180 Schlumberger (25 300w temporary bases)
47.68000 KA83011 Schlumberger (mobiles)
47.68000 KNBI881 Schlumberger (temporary/portable bases)
151.51250 WQQQ272 Schlumberger (nationwide)
151.76000 WQQQ272 Schlumberger (nationwide)
154.52750 WQQQ272 Schlumberger (nationwide)
158.40000 WQQQ272 Schlumberger (nationwide)
154.60000 Schlumberger (MURS nationwide)

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