Oncor Energy P25 System Site Research

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WACN:  91FE7
SysID:  00A

T column will be used in the event that any site is discovered to be using TDMA CCs

SiteID   Control   NAC   City (County)                         Callsign
-------  --------  ----  -------------------------------       -------
45.45    937.400   037*  Caddo Mills (Hunt)                    WNZH952
91.91    938.4625  065*  Gainesville/Collinsville (Cooke)      WNZH956
195.195  938.9375  0A9*  Sulphur Springs?                      WNZH947

* NAC is unconfirmed.

These are the remaining sites that have not been added to the database
and not known to be populated as a neighbor of another site.

Site numbers in the list below are predicted based on the alphabetical
list of sites posted in the forums and may not be the site number
actually used when the site comes on line.

SiteID    City (County)                         Callsign
-------   -------------------------------       -------
53.53?    Clarksville/Vandalia (Red River)      WNZH955
135.135?  Mount Pleasant/Monticello? (Titus)    WPGJ617
175.175?  Rivercrest/Bogata (Red River)         WNZH955

On this system, a lot of the same frequencies are used at different sites. For sites listed as needing confirmed, only the most likely location candidates are listed (based upon what site they are a peer of). For instance, you wouldn't suspect a site to be a peer of another site 100 mi away, or for a site to be a peer of another site when there are 10 sites already known in between those two locations. What this means is that for a given control (of an unconfirmed site) listed above, there may be more license locations that have that frequency on the license but those other locations were ruled out based upon their distance from the site that originally reported the unconfirmed site as a peer.

Sites needing confirmed needs primary and alt/secondary CCs, peer/neighbor list and freqs associated with each peer.

Should be submitted to the database at .

And if you confirm a site, please consider making a post in the following thread with your details (screenshots from DSDPlus, Unitrunker, Pro96Com and/or DSDPlus.P25Data etc):

Oncor P25 Google Map:

- Red Icons on map indicate 9K80D7W (P25 Phase II TDMA) emissions