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This is a list of commonly asked questions about the Radioshack PRO-92 scanner. This also applies to the PRO-2067, the base/mobile version.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make my PRO-92 track rebanded Motorola systems?

If you have an original model PRO-92 with Firmware version 1.00, all you need to do is program the rebanded frequencies. Since the A and B models have a hard-coded bandplan which is required for calculating the frequency to go to, it will always go to the original frequency and not the rebanded frequency.

  • My scanner receives interference/other users on a channel with a PL tone/talkgroup programmed, how do I fix this?

You need to close the bank. Stop on a channel in that bank and look at the top right corner. There should be a + to the left of the mode indicator. Press FUNC and then 2. You should see "Bank CLOSED" on the bottom line of the display, and the + should be a - now.

  • Do I need to program LTR frequencies in logical order?

No. You can program them in any order you like, and you can also program them in the same bank as other channels and even other systems if you don't mind not having alpha tags. EDACS systems are the only one you need to program in logical order.

  • Can my PRO-92 do [insert digital format here]?

No. The PRO-92 cannot do digital systems or digital voice modes on trunked systems it supports. A supported list of systems and voice modes can be found on the PRO-92 information page.

  • Can I control my scanner from my computer with the PC/IF port?

No. The PC/IF port is only operational for receiving and sending configuration data.

  • I'm receiving interference from a nearby frequency. What should I do?

If you have a nearby frequency spectrum-wise (e.g. 154.980 and 154.995), or a harmonic being picked up by the radio, you need to program the PL/DPL tone for the channels that are interfering with each other. The PRO-92 is not a narrowband receiver, so nearby strong signals spectrum-wise (within 25 kHz) may cause interference.

  • How do I make my PRO-92 start scanning automatically when I turn it on?

Simple answer: you don't. There was a mod for the PRO-2067 (the PRO-92's base/mobile counterpart) floating around a while ago but that seems to be gone now, and considering the compactness of the PRO-92, it would be difficult to implement the circuit inside it. Other than that, there was never any firmware upgrade or official fix for it.