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Pettis County Government

  • FX2 (Remote Links) on 453.2875 (Greene Ridge), 453.1 (Smithton), 453.95 (Houstonia), 453.375 (Windsor), 453.5 (Lake Creek), 453.6 (Sedalia) for 155.835R WQTT567
  • Change input from 153.905 to 159.15 (please submit if this has been confirmed in use) KNDX336
  • 453.95 FX2 (remote link) at Houghton WQTT567

Pettis County Sheriff

  • 453.6375 Repeater (NFM) for jail??? WRE510
  • Mobile extenders on 816.0625, 816.2525 (P25) WRAG324
  • [OLD] 8/09 Appears to have Securenet available on talk-around and tac channels now (like Sedalia)

Public Water Supply District 1 of Pettis, Johnson, Saline Counties

Municipalities and Districts


Hughesville Fire Department

  • Dispatched by Pettis County on Local Government 155.835.

Lake Creek

Lake Creek Volunteer Fire Department

  • Serves mostly or all Benton County ??; *Dispatched by Pettis County on Local Government 155.835.


I am requesting the FCC grant Special Temporary Authority for the City of Sedalia to operate WPXE750.
Due to the unknown changes that occurred with our vendor I did not receive the notifications the
license was expiring. WPXE750 radio station provides critical radio infrastructure for the activation of
tornado sirens, police operations, and public works communications. Without the operation of this radio
station critical public safety operations provided to the community are affected, for example tornado
siren activation.
I am requesting the temporary authority be granted for 180 days. Additional information about the
radio station:
FRN: 0007821994
Call Sign: WPXE750
Frequency: 153.845, 154.100, 155.040, 159.1125

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Also see the statewide page for more information on: Staff For Life Helicopter 152.330 131.8 PL and Air Evac Lifeteam- units heard are AE 60 based in Sedalia and AE 38 in Kirksville.

Pettis County EMS

  • 151.3775R - Currently only using DMR mode but repeater is dual mode analog/DMR.

American Paramedical Services (Sedalia)

  • Serves the whole county, licensed to Lek-Tro-Mech (APSI is under contract with the city and county to provide emergency medical assistance.)
  • 10/14 - No longer serving the county
  • 2/13 - Reportedly will be leaving the county soon.
  • 153.305 Repeater/158.145 131.8 PL EMS: Dispatch FM WPML703

Bothwell Regional Health Center (Sedalia)

  • 155.34. Base/mobiles; 163.25 Base/250 Pagers; 155.6925 45W-Repeater with 159.0375 20-5W portables (NFM) KAG246

Missouri State Fair

  • Fire Department uses: Dispatch - 154.265, Operations - 154.295, some ops may still use State Fire MA 154.280, but not often
  • See PAGE for more information

Federal Government

Whiteman Air Force Base / National Guard (Sedalia)

By Philip Dine

WASHINGTON -- Missouri scored a major victory today when federal authorities decided to move the 131st Fighter Wing stationed at Lambert Field to Whiteman Air Force Base near Sedalia, keeping about 250 jobs in the state.

The National Guard wing, which has a long history in Missouri and was the unit of Charles Lindbergh, had been slated to move out of state as a result of last year's Base Realignment and Closing process, despite an outcry from Missouri legislators.

"I am pleased that the U.S. Air Force found a way to preserve the 131st, one of the most experienced and proven Air Guard units in the country," said Sen. Christopher "Kit" Bond, R-Mo., a senior defense appropriator.

The unit will join the B-2 mission at Whiteman. Rep. Ike Skelton, D-Mo., the ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, called it "an important new role" for the 131st.

"I am very pleased that the Air Force recognized the importance of retaining these important skills here in Missouri. This new Missouri Air National Guard unit will only add to Whiteman's reputation as one of the finest U.S. military installations in the world," Skelton said.

Gov. Matt Blunt said the move would help defend Missouri from domestic and foreign threats.

The move will bring together the 131st's air crew, maintenance personnel and support staff with the active duty B-2 unit. The 131st was selected among Air Guard units across the country for the mission. Sen. Jim Talent, R-Mo., a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, called it "a new chapter in the history of the 131st."

It was not immediately known when the transfer would take place.

The base at Lambert would remain open under the Pentagon's realignment plan. The 157th Air Operations Group and the 218th Engineering Installation Group will relocate from Jefferson Barracks into space at Lambert.

Maj. Gen. King Sidwell, adjutant general for the Missouri National Guard, called the news an exciting development.

"While the military is transforming to meet current and future objectives, we are prepared to do whatever necessary to remain an effective part of total force," Sidwell said.

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones


These need to be moved to the statewide RID list

  • Pettis County Emergency Command Post 1068072
  • Pettis County Emergency EOC 1068071
  • Pettis County Coroner Skip Smith 1068091
  • Pettis County Department of Health 1036466
  • Pettis County Deputy Coroner 1 1068090
  • Pettis County Deputy Coroner 2 1068092
  • Bothwell Regional Health Center 1036487
  • Pettis Co Ambulance District Office 1068069
  • Pettis County Ambulance District Medic 1 1068098
  • La Monte Police Department 321 1068070
  • La Monte Police Department 321 HT 1068040
  • La Monte Police Department 322 HT 1068038
  • La Monte Police Department 323 HT 1068039
  • Sedalia Police Department Dispatch 1049012
  • Pettis County Jail Transport 1 1068002

Pettis County Jail Transport 2 Van 1068001 Pettis County Jail Transport 3 1068003 Pettis County Sheriff 600 1068004 Pettis County Sheriff 600 HT 1068031 Pettis County Sheriff 602 1068016 Pettis County Sheriff 602 HT 1068024 Pettis County Sheriff 603 1068073 Pettis County Sheriff 603 HT 1068020 Pettis County Sheriff 606 1068077 Pettis County Sheriff 606 HT 1068029 Pettis County Sheriff 609 1068075 Pettis County Sheriff 609 HT 1068028 Pettis County Sheriff 610 1068010 Pettis County Sheriff 610 HT 1068036 Pettis County Sheriff 611 1068014 Pettis County Sheriff 611 HT 1068032 Pettis County Sheriff 613 1068009 Pettis County Sheriff 613 HT 1068030 Pettis County Sheriff 614 1068013 Pettis County Sheriff 614 HT 1068021 Pettis County Sheriff 615 1068008 Pettis County Sheriff 615 HT 1068025 Pettis County Sheriff 616 1068012 Pettis County Sheriff 616 HT 1068033 Pettis County Sheriff 617 1068074 Pettis County Sheriff 617 HT 1068034 Pettis County Sheriff 618 1068006 Pettis County Sheriff 618 HT 1068023 Pettis County Sheriff 619 1068015 Pettis County Sheriff 619 HT 1068027 Pettis County Sheriff 620 1068007 Pettis County Sheriff 620 HT 1068018 Pettis County Sheriff 621 HT 1068035 Pettis County Sheriff 640 1068011 Pettis County Sheriff 640 HT 1068019 Pettis County Sheriff 641 1068005 Pettis County Sheriff 641 HT 1068026 Pettis County Sheriff 667 10068003 Pettis County Sheriff 680 1068076 Pettis County Sheriff 680 HT 1068022

Fire/EMS Pager Tones

Schools and Colleges

Sedalia Schools

  • also 468.6625, 469.45, 469.85 50-50wt Mobiles (NFM for High School D200) WPZZ785

State Fair Community College (Sedalia)

  • 151.79 Repeater with 158.34 input (Director of Student Life) (NFM) WRXU863



  • Hamilton Farms 159.885 Base/Mobile (Windsor) WPNR631
  • Yoder Farm - WQ????? for 151.97, 159.7725 Mobiles (NFM) [1]

Johns Farms (Sedalia)

  • FB8 Repeaters (was YG) 452.7, 452.8, 461.375, 463.225 (NFM) WPRS439


  • Sonoco Products 159.96 Base/Mobile (NFM at Green Ridge) WPJV908

Lek-Tro-Mek Sales and Service

  • 153.305 Repeater with 158.145 input (NFM near Warsaw Fire Dept - Sedalia) WPML703

Central Communications Company

  • 151.73R/157.59, 152.33R/158.22, 153.26R/160.08 (TRS?, on same license as UHF System) WNSR916

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