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Efforts are underway by 18 fire districts and departments in Macon, DeWitt and Piatt counties to obtain a $600,000 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for new digital radios and pagers.

2/09 - Area fire departments receive FEMA grants NIANTIC - The Niantic Fire Protection District has received a $503,397 Assistance to Firefighters Grant which will be used to upgrade communications equipment among 24 fire departments in DeWitt, Macon, Moultrie and Piatt counties. The funds come from the U.S Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency. For more of this story, see:

Piatt County Sheriff

  • Sheriff patrols: Cisco, Deland, Hammond, Ivesdale* (*also patrolled by Champaign County Sheriff)
  • Agencies dispatched by Sheriff - Cerro Gordo, Bement, Monticello Police

-Deputies can use Dewitt Co SD 155.685R when needed.

72.9 RF Links (Bement, Cerro Gordo, Cisco, Deland, Hammond, Mansfield) [Expired 9/05]

  • 72.9000 WPQF692 F Pait Shrf RF Remote Recieve Links to 155.595R (see notes)
  • 154.785 KCO839 M Piat Shf C2C Sheriff: Car-to-Car FM Law Talk
  • 151.820 MURS BM Pait Shf Loc Sheriff: (Reported in Use) FM Law Tac

155.595 NXDN RIDs

  • 1000 [CONTROL]
  • 1006 [T APPERS...]
  • 1111 [74-11]
  • 2001 [C20]
  • 2750

Emergency Management

  • WRAP729 - 173.2626 mobile extenders (P25/NFM)


Engine 174 - attack pumper-tanker, Truck 178 - small field and structure fires, Engine 179 - rescue pumper.

Arrow Ambulance

  • Operated by District EMT volunteers.
  • Provides ILS EMS Services and Fire protection to 650 people in 40 sq.mi area extending 10 miles from the Monticello Road to the south Champaign County line.
  • Automatic joint response with the Ivesdale FPD and mutual aid with fire districts/dept's in Champaign and Piatt Counties.

Municipalities and Districts


  • 151.05500 KXX889 BM U/BR TS Road Unity Township Road District (Hammond): Road Maintenance [Exp 4/04]
  • 151.05500 159.00000 KNCS333 RM U/BR TS Road Blue Ridge Township: Road Maintenance
  • 156.22500 KLA532 BM Mont TS Soad Monticello Township Road District: Highway Maintenance
  • 154.725 D023, D251, D217 all heard in area (4/13); 154.725 and 158.88 D411 heard Roads in Farmer City (full scale) (7/13); 154.725 DCS023 snow plows mentioned Farmer City rds (12/13); 154.725 D271 snow plows heard from Urbana (12/13)
  • 154.725 D023 - heard in Logan County, hard-to-hear repeater (12/18/13)
  • 154.725 D031 - Repeater, heard in use (roads) in Cerro Gordo/Argenta area (8/13) Monticello area (10/13); snow plows heard from Urbana (12/13) heard roads (Farmer City 6/14); heard 2/16

Cerro Gordo Township

  • 154.725 D271 - snow plows heard in use in Monticello, saying at "Sangamon Park" which is in Mansfield (in Blue Ridge Township) (also heard Full Scale mobiles? in Cisco) (1/14)
  • 151.3775 Base/Mobile (NFM) for Roads WQVP684


Bement (Village)

  • 151.79000 WQDD873 M Bement Auxillary Police (handhelds)

Cerro Gordo

Cerro Gordo Fire Protection District]]]

  • 154.40000 KWO669 BM 103.5 PL Piat FD/E N Fire/EMS: Dispatch [Expired 7/05]
  • 154.98000 KYN237 BM Fireground [Expired 7/05]


Deland Fire Protection District

  • 154.40000 WNFJ551 BM 103.5 PL Piat FD/E N Fire/EMS: Dispatch [Expired 2/06]
  • 154.31000 WNFJ551 M Fireground [Expired 2/06]

Mansfield (Village)

  • 155.80500 KNHK411 BM Mans PubWrks Public Works

Monticello (City)

  • 158.73000 WNLE410 BM Mont Police Police: (may not be in use)
  • 453.37500 KRM878 BM Mont Water Water Department
  • 451.38750 WPWK708 F Mont WDD Water Distribution Data Telm

Unit IDs and Pager Tones

Public Safety Units

Law Enforcement

  • 4513 Bement Police unit
  • 7400s units are Sheriff units
  • 7436 unid unit on Piatt 911 (2021)
  • CG units are Cerro Gordo Police
  • Paul units are Monticello Police


Pager Tones

Tone A
Tone B
Kirby EMS/Mattoon Rescue (2021) 151.1975 D143 1034.7 Long


  • 155.2200 WPHZ698 BM Birch Bus Service (Birch, Donald): School Buses
  • 152.3450 157.60500 WQFM606 RM Mont Schools Monticello Community Unit School District #25: School Ops
  • 154.5400 KD24973 M CerGo School Cerro Gordo Community Unit District #100: School Ops


  • Briggs Farms 452.05 Repeater (TRBO/NFM at Cisco) KAK531

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