Pierce County (WI)

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Unit Numbering

Law Enforcement

2200's -- Ellsworth Police Dept
2300's -- Spring Valley Police Dept
2400's -- Prescott Police Dept
2500's -- River Falls Police Dept
2600's -- University of Wisconsin River Falls Security
2700's -- Sheriffs Department
2800's -- Elmwood Police Dept

27xx      Sheriffs Department
--------- -------------------
2700-2705 Sheriffs Admin
     2710 Dispatch
2712-2716 Investigations
2717-2739 Sheriffs Patrol
2750-2765 Sheriffs Dept Jail
2770-2789 Sheriffs Reserve Units
2790-2794 Coroner
     2795 Emergency Management Director

Fire and EMS


6200's -- Ellsworth EMS and First Responders
6300's -- Spring Valley EMS and First Responders
6400's -- Prescott EMS and First Responders
6500's -- River Falls EMS and First Responders
6800's -- Elmwood EMS and First Responders
6900's -- Maiden Rock, Plum City, and Stockholm EMS and First Responders


9200-9249 -- Ellsworth Fire Dept, Ellsworth Station
9251-9255 -- Ellsworth Fire Dept, South Station at Red Wing Airport
9300's -- Spring Valley Fire
9400's -- Prescott Fire
9500's -- River Falls Fire
9800's -- Elmwood Fire
9900's -- Plum City Fire