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Unit Numbering

Law Enforcement

2200's -- Ellsworth Police Dept
2300's -- Spring Valley Police Dept
2400's -- Prescott Police Dept
2500's -- River Falls Police Dept
2600's -- University of Wisconsin River Falls Security
2700's -- Sheriffs Department
2800's -- Elmwood Police Dept

27xx      Sheriffs Department
--------- -------------------
2700-2705 Sheriffs Admin
     2710 Dispatch
2712-2716 Investigations
2717-2739 Sheriffs Patrol
2750-2765 Sheriffs Dept Jail
2770-2789 Sheriffs Reserve Units
2790-2794 Coroner
     2795 Emergency Management Director

Fire and EMS


6200's -- Ellsworth EMS and First Responders
6300's -- Spring Valley EMS and First Responders
6400's -- Prescott EMS and First Responders
6500's -- River Falls EMS and First Responders
6800's -- Elmwood EMS and First Responders
6900's -- Maiden Rock, Plum City, and Stockholm EMS and First Responders


9200-9249 -- Ellsworth Fire Dept, Ellsworth Station
9251-9255 -- Ellsworth Fire Dept, South Station at Red Wing Airport
9300's -- Spring Valley Fire
9400's -- Prescott Fire
9500's -- River Falls Fire
9800's -- Elmwood Fire
9900's -- Plum City Fire

P25 Radio ID's

WISCOM (State of Wisconsin Trunked Radio System)/Conventional Radio IDs:
10X Pierce County PSAP
48901 Pierce County PSAP (on WISCOM)
480040X Prescott PD mobiles
480220X Ellsworth PD mobiles
480230X Spring Valley PD mobiles
480240X ?
480258X River Falls PD mobiles
480269X UW River Falls PD mobiles
48027XX Pierce County SO mobiles
480280X Elmwood PD mobiles
481220X Ellworth PD portables
481230X Spring Valley PD portables
48124XX Prescott PD portables
48125XX River Falls PD portables
481260X UW River Falls PD portables
48127XX Pierce County SO portables
481280X Elmwood PD portables
48192XX ?
4830001 Pierce County PSAP
48327XX Pierce County SO
4892710 Pierce County PSAP "2710" (on WISCOM)
81006XX Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81066XX Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81106XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81166XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81206XX Wisconsin State Patrol Kenwood TK-5710 squad radios
81266XX Wisconsin State Patrol Kenwood TK-5710 squad radios
81606XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81666XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
82XXXXX Wisconsin DNR
9901109 National Weather Service-Twin Cities/Chanhassen Weather Forecasting Office
??????? National Park Service (possibly 95XXXXX ?)
??????? River Falls Area Hospital
??????? US Fish & Wildlife Service (possibly 95XXXXX ?)
??????? Wisconsin DNR Ellsworth Office
??????? Wisconsin DNR Kinnickinnic State Park Office

Pierce County also uses TG 3418 on the ARMER (State of Minnesota Trunked Radio System) for coordination purposes.
Radio IDs:
1063XX's Allina Ambulance Dispatch
509000 Pierce County PSAP