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Pike County 911 PSAP / Sheriff / Emergency Operations Center

In May of 2008, all Pike County Fire, Police and EMS services moved to a new multi-channel, multi-site repeated radio system that compiles with NFPA standards for initial notification, coordination and tactical communications. All Fire, Police and EMS calls are answered by the 911 PSAP, and all agencies are paged over a common county-wide system on 155.100 from one of five localized transmitters. Paging is a mix of EIA 5-tone and conventional 2-tone. Pages are automatically replayed from the central transmitter after a 15-second delay.

One of two repeated command channels ALPHA (154.1) or BRAVO (151.13) is assigned to the incident and is used for mobile to base and mobile to mobile traffic for the duration of the incident. For fires, once command is established, all local incident tactical traffic is handled over one of the MABAS fire ground channels (normally FG-RED, 153.830), or a city channel (154.250 for Pittsfield, 154.515 for Pleasant Hill).

The Sheriff and city police all use the common repeated LAW channel (154.785) for all routine traffic. Voice encryption over the main channel is used for semi-secure communications. Law enforcement secure incident tactical traffic is handled over other unknown frequencies, using encrypted digital radios, and is not available.

Monitoring Public Safety in Pike County IL

  • Everything of value from the county-wide system can be heard on the following repeaters (simplex not allowed):
  • PAGING [155.1000 127.3] for ALL Fire/EMS Pages, Pages only, no responses or simplex allowed
  • LAW [154.7850 114.8]
  • ALPHA [154.1000 114.8]
  • BRAVO [151.1300 114.8]
  • Everything on LAW/ALPHA/BRAVO is repeated from the multi-site voted system. Scanning CHARLEY, or the input frequencies will just get the listener duplication of channels or scratchy mobile inputs.

--Other local frequencies of regular use are:

  • MABAS FG-RED [153.8300 / 69.3]
  • "Old Fire" [154.2500 / 114.8]
  • "Pleasant Hill" [154.5150 / 203.5] for fire, city and school traffic
  • I-REACH [155.0550 / CS]

The above will get you 99% of all Law/Fire/EMS traffic.

Former usage

  • 460.0250 KNGF366  M 203.5 PL Law Mobile Extenders to 154.785R [MOB REPT] 
  • 154.7850 RM 155.9100 KNGF366 114.8 PL Pike LawWinc Sheriff: Dispatch / Rural Dispatch (Winchester - Scott Co) {D365 in} [LAW WINC]
  • 154.0550 KNFY446 BM Highway Department (Rockport) [Expired] 

Sheriff Units: "PK-##"?

  • Website
  • Member of the West Central Illinois Task Force
  • Agencies Dispatched: Pike County Sheriff, Pittsfield, Police, Pleasant Hill Police; Pike County EMS;
    Fire & Rescue: Barry, Baylis, East Pike (Milton), Griggsville, Hull-Kinderhook, New Canton, North Pike (Perry), Pittsfield, Pleasant Hill, Spring Creek (Nebo) Fire & Rescue
155.1000? 158.8800? RM? 127.3 PL? PAGING? Fire/EMS: Countywide Paging ONLY (@ Pittsfield 88.5 in)<br />
155.1000? 158.8800? RM? 127.3 PL? PAGING? Fire/EMS: Countywide Paging ONLY (@ Hull 141.3 in)<br />
155.1000? 158.8800? RM? 127.3 PL? PAGING? Fire/EMS: Countywide Paging ONLY (@ Griggsville 94.8 in)<br />
155.1000? 158.8800? RM? 127.3 PL? PAGING? Fire/EMS: Countywide Paging ONLY (@ Pleasant Hill 196.6 in)<br />
155.1000? 158.8800? RM? 127.3 PL? PAGING? Fire/EMS: Countywide Paging ONLY (@ Barry D365 in)

Municipalities and Districts

Pike County Ambulance Service

  • 3G11 Volunteer/1st Responder - Housed at Griggsville FD
  • 3G12 BLS-Transport - Housed in Pittfield
  • 3G13 Volunteer/1st Responder - Housed at Pleasant Hill FD
  • 3G14 ALS 24/7 Primary Rig - Housed in Pittsfield
  • 3G15 Volunteer/1st Responder - Housed at Hull FD
  • 3G17 ALS Backup - Housed in Pittsfield
  • 3G19 ALS 24/7 Primary Rig - Housed in Pittsfield

Pike County Water District

451.1000  WPNZ263  F  PikeCo WDD1 Pike County Water District #1 (@ Martinsburge, New Dietz)
451.1500  WQAN634  F  PikeCo WDD2 Pike County Water District #1 (@ 6 locations) [STAe]
451.1500  WQCC816  F  Rockport WDD Rockport - Water Distribution Data (@ Martinsburg, New Dietz)

Pittsfield (City)

Pittsfield Police Department

  • 151.055 Repeater is NEXEDGE96, RAN=10, voice decodeable with DSD+
    • RID=100 is County Law.
    • Pittsfield Police units (RIDs- 470=PPD 470; 471=PPD CAR 1; 473=PPD 473, 477=PPD 477)

Pittsfield Fire Department

  • Website
  • 31 members, serving 160 sq.m. with 7381 people including Pittsfield, New Salem, Summer Hill, New Hartford and Martinsburg
  • 3310 (unit number)

Pleasant Hill Community Unit School District #3

  • KNAC787 License shows mobiles at 154.575 instead of 154.515

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