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  • Portage County uses one dispatch center for public safety communications within

the county.

Portage County Sheriff's Office Communications Center
1500 Strongs Avenue - Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481

Responsible for
* Primary 911 Answering Point (Cellular 911 Calls)
* Portage County Sheriff's Department
* Plover Police Department
* Stevens Point Police and Fire
* Wisconsin State Partol Local Communications
* All Portage County Fire/EMS Communications * Various County and State Agencies

called "Comm Center"
This Per county website


  • Law Enforcement Units will use their respective unit number when calling in/out, as well as APCO-10 codes and phonetic alphabets.

Portage County Sheriff'S Office (PCSO)
101     Sheriff
102     Chief Deputy
103-104 Captains
111-115 Lieutenants
121-139 Sergeants
141-199 Deputies

PCSO unit identifiers will change based on an officer's promotions and assignments

Stevens Point Police Department (SPPD)
200 Series
800 Auxiliary

SPPD units are identified by the officers badge number which typically will not change

Plover Police Department (PPD)
300-349 Series

PPD units are identified by the officers badge number which typically will not change

Wisconsin State Patrol (WSP)
400  Series (Troopers)
4000 Series (Inspectors)

During the standard course of activities, WSP officers who patrol the Portage County
area will be stationed out of the Wausau Post, and will be assigned the 400/4000 series
unit identifiers

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

During the standard course of activities, DNR Conservation Wardens working the Portage
County area will be identified by a C-Series unit identifier
  • Fire Service Units as per protocol should use their respective unit identification number when calling in/out of dispatch. This transition is somewhat new and at times, some units may use plain English to identify themselves. For example, the second ambulance (Paramedic) unit from Stevens Point should call as "51-Medic-2" or "51-M-2". Additionally, the first engine apparatus from the Village of Plover should call as "54-Engine-1" or "54-E-1". On the alternative, as referenced previously some rural agencies may call as themselves in plain English. For example, the first brush truck from Stockton may call as "Stockton-Brush-1" as opposed to "57-Brush-1" or "57-B-1". Occasionally, some agencies may use a combination of both systems. For example, the first engine apparatus from the Town of Hull may call as "Hull-55-Engine-44".
  • Regardless of which manner Fire Service Units use to call in/out, all other communications should be in plain English, without the use of APCO-10 codes.

Fire Agency Name                                                Apparatus Type
---------------------                                           --------------------
50-Portage County Units                                         A-Ambulance          
51-Stevens Point Fire Department                                B-Brush
52-Park Ridge Fire Department                                   C-Chief or Command
53-Whiting Fire & Rescue (DEFUNCT, as of 1 Jan, 2013)           E-Engine
54-Plover Fire / EMS (NOW CONTRACTED FOR WHITING)               H-HazMat
55-Hull Fire / EMS                                              L-Ladder
56-Dewey Fire / EMS                                             M-Medic or Paramedic
57-Stockton Fire / EMS                                          P-Platform
58-Amherst Fire District / EMS                                  R-Rescue
59-Rosholt Fire / EMS                                           S-Squad
60-Bancroft Fire / EMS                                          T-Tender or Tanker 
61-Almond Fire / EMS                                            U-Utility
62-Rudolph Fire / EMS***                                        W-Water Craft
63-Grand Rapids Fire Department***

*** Both Rudolph Fire / EMS and the Grand Rapids Fire Department are headquartered in
Wood County but have service areas in Portage County. These agencies are dispatched by
the Wood County Sheriff's Office Communications Center. When these agencies respond,
they will communicate with the Portage County Sheriff's Office Communications Center
and will typically identify themselves in plain English.

  • Comprehensive List of Portage County Fire and EMS Agencies Apparatus. This is a work in progress! Should you have any information to add, please do so.

Station 50 (Portage County Owned / Contracted Units)

50-TIM-1 Portage County Traffic Incident Management Team 1     [Plover Fire Station 2]
50-TIM-2 Portage County Traffic Incident Management Team 2     [Plover Fire Station 2]
50-H-1   Portage County Haz-Mat Response Team 1                [Plover Fire Station 2]
50-H-2   Portage County Haz-Mat Response Team 2                [Plover Fire Station 2]

Station 51 - Stevens Point Fire Department / Portage County EMS Units)

51-C-1 Stevens Point Fire Chief 1         [Administration Chief]
51-C-2 Stevens Point Deputy Chief 2       [Fire / Operations Chief]
51-C-3 Stevens Point Assistant Chief 3    [EMS Chief]
51-B-1 Stevens Point Brush 1              [Stevens Point Fire Station 1]
51-L-1 Stevens Point Ladder 1             [Stevens Point Fire Station 1]
51-P-2 Stevens Point Platform 2           [Stevens Point Fire Station 2]
51-L-3 Stevens Point Ladder 3, AKA Quint  [Stevens Point Fire Station 1]
51-R-1 Stevens Point Heavy Rescue 1       [Stevens Point Fire Station 1]
51-W-1 Stevens Point Watercraft 1         [Stevens Point Fire Station 1]
51-M-1 Portage County Ambulance 1         [Stevens Point Fire Station 1]
51-M-2 Portage County Ambulance 2         [Stevens Point Fire Station 2]
51-M-3 Portage County Ambulance 3         [Stevens Point Fire Station 1]
51-M-4 Portage County Ambulance 4         [Stevens Point Fire Station 1]
51-M-5 Portage County Ambulance 5         [Stevens Point Fire Station 1]

Station 52 - Park Ridge Fire Department

52-C-1 Park Ridge Fire Chief
52-E-1 Park Ridge Engine 1

Station 53 - Whiting Fire and Rescue


53-E-1 Whiting Engine 1  [Transferred to Plover Fire Department]
53-L-1 Whiting Ladder 1  [Sold to private party]
53-R-1 Whiting Rescue 1  [Transferred to Plover Fire Department]
53-U-1 Whiting Utility 1 [Transferred to Plover Fire Department]

Station 54 - Plover Fire / EMS

54-C-1  Plover Chief 1        [Department Chief]
54-C-2  Plover Chief 2        [Deputy Chief]
54-C-3  Plover Chief 3        [Assistant Chief 1]
54-C-4  Plover Chief 4        [Assistant Chief 2]
54-E-1  Plover Engine 1       [Plover Fire Station 1]
54-E-2  Plover Engine 2       [Plover Fire Station 2]
54-P-1  Plover Platform 1     [Plover Fire Station 1]
54-R-1  Plover Rescue 1       [Plover Fire Station 1]
54-R-2  Plover Rescue 2       [Plover Fire Station 2] [AKA, 50-TIM-1 / 50-H-2]
54-HR-1 Plover Heavy Rescue 1 [Plover Fire Station 1]
54-B-1  Plover Brush 1        [Plover Fire Station 1]
54-U-1  Plover Utility 1      [Plover Fire Station 1]
54-U-2  Plover Utility 2      [Plover Fire Station 2] [AKA, 50-TIM-2 / 50-H-1]
54-T-1  Plover Tender 1       [Plover Fire Station 1]
54-T-2  Plover Tender 2       [Plover Fire Station 2]
54-EMT  Plover EMS            [Various Call Signs]

Station 55 - Hull Fire / EMS

55-C-1   Hull Chief 1  [Department Chief]
55-C-2   Hull Chief 2  [Deputy Chief 1]
55-C-3   Hull Chief 3  [Deputy Chief 2]
55-E-42  Hull Engine 1 
55-E-44  Hull Engine 2 
55-E-48  Hull Engine 3 
55-R-46  Hull Rescue 1 
55-T-45  Hull Tender 1 
55-T-55  Hull Tender 2 
55-T-57  Hull Tender 3 
55-UTV-1 Hull Utility Track Vehicle 1
55-EMT   Hull EMS      [Various Call Signs]

Station 56 - Dewey Fire / EMS


Station 57 - Stockton Fire / EMS


Station 58 - Amherst Fire / EMS

58-C-1   Amherst Chief 1                 [Department Chief]
58-C-2   Amherst Chief 2                 [Assistant Chief 1]
58-C-3   Amherst Chief 3                 [Assistant Chief 2]
58-C-4   Amherst Chief 4                 [EMS Chief, Assistant 3]
58-E-10  Amherst Engine 1
58-T-15  Amherst Tender 1
58-T-17  Amherst Tender 2
58-R-1   Amherst Rescue 1
58-R-2   Amherst Rescue 2                [Equipped with Trailer]
58-B-1   Amherst Brush 1                 
58-UTV-1 Amherst Utility Track Vehicle 1 
58-S-1   Amherst Squad 1                 [Emergency Medical Response]
58-A-1   Amherst Ambulance 1             
58-EMT   Amherst EMS                     [Various Call Signs]

Station 59 - Rosholt Fire / EMS


Station 60 - Bancroft Fire / EMS (Pine Grove)

60-C-1 Bancroft Chief 1  [Department Chief]
60-C-2 Bancroft Chief 2  [Assistant Chief]
60-E-1 Bancroft Engine 1 
60-E-2 Bancroft Engine 2
60-E-3 Bancroft Engine 3
60-T-1 Bancroft Tender 1
60-T-2 Bancroft Tender 2
60-B-1 Bancroft Brush 1
60-S-1 Bancroft Squad 1  [Emergency Medical Response] 

Station 61 - Almond Fire / EMS


  • Miscellaneous Units

Portage County Parks / Highway Department


Portage County Coroner


Portage County Jail & UWSP Protective Services

500 Series