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PRO-2035 1000-Channel Programmable Home Scanner (200-0460)
PRO-2042 1000-Channel Programmable Home Scanner (200-0464)

General Specifications


Note: The Pro-2042 is VERY similar to the Pro-2035, but not exactly the same internally.

Made by GRE for Radio Shack/Realistic


Radio Shack PRO-2035 1000-Channel Programmable Home Scanner.

  • Channels: 1,000 channels

The scanner has the following special features:

  • Hyperscan - lets you scan and search up to 50 channels or steps per second.
  • Weather Band Key - scans ten pre-programmed weather frequencies to keep informed about current weather conditions.
  • Ten Channel-Storage Banks - you can store 100 channels in each bank to group channels so calls are easier to identify.
  • Monitor Memory - temporarily saves up to 100 frequencies located during a frequency search, letting you move selected frequencies to permanent channel storage later.
  • Priority Channel - you can set the scanner to check every 2 seconds so you do not miss important calls.
  • Auto Store - quickly finds and automatically stores active frequencies in channels, then searches for additional active frequencies while skipping previously stored channels.
  • TAPE OUT Jack - lets you connect an optional tape recorder to the scanner to record transmissions.
  • Rotary Tuner - lets you manually tune and select desired frequencies or channels.
  • Two-Second Channel Scan Delay - delays scanning for 2 seconds before moving to another channel so you can hear more replies.
  • Memory Backup - keeps channel frequencies stored in memory for up to 3 months during a power loss.
  • Lock-Out Function - keeps selected channels from being scanned,so you can skip over busy channels.
  • Direct Frequency Search - lets you scan for new and unlisted frequencies.
  • Sound Squelch - keeps the scanner from stopping on frequencies with only a carrier signal and no voice or other sound, so you can hear calls instead of static.
  • Backlit Display - makes it easy to view and change programming information.
  • Two Power Options - let you power the scanner from standard AC power (with the supplied AC power cord), or your vehicle's battery (with an optional DC cigarette lighter power cord).
  • This scanner is capable of Triple Conversion.
  • Supported bands:
    • 25-28 MHz (HF Hi)
    • 28-29.7 MHz (10-Meter Amateur Radio)
    • 29.7-50 MHz (VHF Lo)
    • 50-54 MHz (6-Meter Amateur Radio)
    • 54-72 MHz (FM-TV Audio Broadcast, Wide Band)
    • 72-76 MHz (Land Mobile Service Band)
    • 76-88 MHz (FM-TV Audio Broadcast, Wide Band)
    • 88-108 MHz (FM Radio Broadcast, Wide Band)
    • 108-136.975 MHz (Aircraft)
    • 137-144 MHz (Government)
    • 144-148 MHz (2-Meter Amateur Radio)
    • 148-174 MHz (VHF Hi)
    • 174-216 MHz (FM-TV Audio Broadcast, VHF Wide Band)
    • 216-224.9875 MHz (VHF Hi, 1 1/4-Meter Amateur Radio)
    • 225-399.9875 MHz (Military Aircraft)
    • 400-450 MHz (UHF Lo, 70-Centimeter Amateur Radio, Government)
    • 450-470 MHz (UHF Lo)
    • 470-520 (UHF "T" Band)
    • 760-823.9875 MHz (UHF Public Service)
    • 849.0125-868-9875 MHz (UHF Hi)
    • 894.0125-956 MHz (UHF Hi, 33-Centimeter Amateur Radio)
    • 956-1300 MHz (Private Fixed Services, Paging, Aircraft Navigation, Experimental, 23-Centimeter Amateur Radio)
  • Pre-programmed weather channels: 161.650 MHz, 161.775 MHz, 162.400 MHz, 162.425 MHz, 162.450 MHz, 162.475 MHz, 162.500 MHz, 162.525 MHz, 162.550 MHz, 163.275 MHz

Above data courtesy of Radio Shack.


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