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MetroEast St. Louis

160.5600  M CSQ  unid - "Crossing the diamond in Girard"  FM  Railroad  
161.1000  M CSQ  unid  FM  Railroad  
161.4500  M CSQ  unid - Wood River area  FM  Railroad  
161.5050  M CSQ  unid  FM  Railroad  



161.2800 heard in use:

  • Will County
  • Dwight
  • Bloomington-Normal
  • Detector near Elkhart (Menard)
  • Springfield Area

Former use in the Springfield to St Louis Line, but no longer used

BNSF (Burlington Northern - Santa Fe)

161.0100 used for MOW on all former ATSF lines, rarely used on former BN lines.

44.5800 BM BNSF 44.5800 unknown use - recently added a lot of BM various locations IL, other states 6/08.