Riverside County Public Safety Enterprise Communication Project (PSEC)

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The Riverside County PSEC system was developed to significantly improve the radio infrastructure in Riverside County. This system went online in the early morning hours of January 5, 2014. Prior to this date, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department used an EDACS Networked Standard system, which barely provided radio reception to half of the county. The successor of that EDACS system, PSEC, was designed to cover approximately 90-95% of the county.

Encryption and Monitoring

As of the date of this publication, all law enforcement talkgroups are encrypted. On another note, the only scanner (as of yet) that is capable of receiving P25 Phase II systems is the GRE PSR-800. The Uniden BC-436HP and BC-536HP are also phase II compatible. There are some limited talkgroups that are in the clear as of the date of the system going online.

City-Operated Agencies

Other city-operated agencies in Riverside County have yet to announce plans of joining the PSEC system or to stay with their conventional setups.

Riverside County Fire Department

According to several CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department officials, the only element that the fire department will use on the new system is for station alerting and data between the CAD and the MDCs. All of the voice channels that are in the 150 MHz band will remain the exact same as they are now.

Expansion Plans

Prior to the implementation of PSEC, there was talk of linking Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Imperial Counties, as well as counties in Arizona bordering California. Whether the counties surrounding Riverside still intend to join the system is unknown, but does not appear likely at this point.

Map of PSEC Sites

PSEC Site map (PDF)

Unidentified Talkgroups

The following table is used to collect miscellaneous notes about talkgroups that have not been identified.

DEC Mode Alpha Tag Notes
1146 E   Encrypted; In use since 11/30/2013