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Roanoke Fire-EMS Department

Stations and Apparatus

The Roanoke Fire-EMS Department is an all career department that provides fire and emergency medical services (EMS) to the citizens and visitors of the City of Roanoke, Virginia. The department provides coverage to an area of 43 square miles and a population of approximately 99,000 people and holds an Insurance Services Office (ISO) Class 1 rating and is internationally accredited by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI). The department responded to over 28,000 calls for service in 2017. The department staffs ten engine companies, four ladder companies, nine paramedic ambulances, two Battalion Chiefs, and two EMS Supervisors 24 hours a day, seven days a week using 244 uniformed personnel out of 11 fire stations. Two additional ambulances are staffed by part-time personnel 12 hours a day, seven days a week to assist with call coverage during peak demand hours. Roanoke Fire-EMS also maintains a heavy technical rescue unit, a hazardous materials unit, an investigation unit, a brush truck, swift water rescue equipment, various support trailers, and multiple reserve apparatus.

Historic Station 1 - Church Avenue SE

Historic Station 1 was built in 1906 and closed in 2007 when the present-day Station 1 was completed. Historic Station 1 is located in downtown Roanoke on Church Avenue SE and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Roanoke Police Department's Mounted Patrol Unit maintains a horse stable behind the station and the building itself had been used as a museum. In June 2018, the City approved the sale of the station to a private development group. The group has plans to rehabilitate the building into a mix of uses, including a bed and breakfast, event space, and retail store.

Station 1 - Franklin Road SW

Station 1 serves as the headquarters for the department.

  • Engine 1
  • Ladder 1
  • Medic 1
  • Medic 101 (Part-time unit)
  • Battalion 1
  • RS-1
  • Investigation 1

Station 2 - Noble Avenue NE

  • Engine 2
  • Ladder 2
  • Medic 2
  • Medic 102 (Part-time unit)
  • HazMat 1

Station 3 - Williamson Road NW

  • Engine 3
  • Medic 3
  • Forcible Entry Trailer

Station 4 - Peters Creek Road SW

  • Engine 4
  • Medic 4
  • Utility Trailer

Station 5 - Orange Avenue NW

  • Engine 5
  • Ladder 5
  • Medic 5
  • Battalion 2
  • RS-2
  • Fire Safety Trailer

Station 6 - Jamison Avenue SE

  • Engine 6
  • Medic 6
  • HTR 6
  • Brush 6
  • HTR Trailer
  • Deployment Trailer
  • Swift Water Rescue Boat and Trailer

Station 7 - Memorial Avenue SW

In August 2018, the City decided to demolish and rebuild Station 7. Construction began in July 2019 with an estimated completion date of July 2020. While construction occurs, the station's personnel and apparatus have been relocated to Station 1 and Station 4.

  • Ladder 7
  • Medic 7

Station 8 - Crystal Spring Avenue SW

  • Engine 8
  • Medic 8

Station 9 - Closed

Station 9 closed in 2010 after the present-day Station 5 was constructed. Personnel and apparatus from Station 9 and the old Station 5 were relocated to the present-day Station 5. The station was located on 24th Street NW.

Station 10 - Privatized

Station 10 was privatized in 2010 by the Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport. The Roanoke Fire-EMS Department relocated its personnel and apparatus to other Roanoke City fire stations. The station was located on Aviation Drive NE. The airport constructed a new fire station in 2013, which houses two airport rescue trucks and a command unit.

Station 11 - Riverland Road SE

  • Engine 11

Station 12 - Closed

Station 12 closed in 1999 after the present-day Station 4 was constructed. Personnel from Station 12 were relocated to other Roanoke City and Roanoke County fire stations, while its engine was taken out of service. The station was located on Salem Turnpike NW.

Station 13 - Appleton Avenue NW

  • Engine 13
  • Medic 13

Station 14 - Mecca Street NE

  • Engine 14

Roanoke EMS (EMS 1) - Day Avenue SW

Roanoke Emergency Medical Services (REMS) is the City's all volunteer rescue squad. REMS was established in 1928 and became the first rescue squad founded in the United States. Today, REMS works in conjunction with the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department by staffing EMS units during weeknights, weekends, holidays and special events.

  • Medic 151
  • Medic 152
  • Medic 153
  • Medic 901 (Reserve)
  • Medic 902 (Reserve)
  • Medic 903 (Reserve)
  • Squad 1
  • REMS 1

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