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Fire and EMS Pager Tones

Department                     TONE A / TONE B
----------------------------   ---------------
Turtle FD                         0.0 /  953.3

Unit Numbering

Fire Dept Units

1-179      Fire/EMS

City PD Units

2xx & 2xxx Janesville PD
3xx & 3xxx Beloit PD

County SO Units

4xx & 4xxx Sheriff
1xxx County Govt

401 NW
402 SW
403 NC
404 SC
405 NE
406 SE
410 Center
423 North Floater
424 South Floater

Township PD Units

52x & 52xx Edgerton PD
53x & 53xx Evansville PD
54x & 54xx Milton PD
62x & 62xx Village of Clinton PD
63x & 63xx Village of Orfordville PD
690        Town of Turtle PD
72x & 72xx Town of Beloit PD
75x & 75xx Town of Fulton PD
1101 - 1105 Coroner
xx01 Police Chief

NAC Code & Rock Fire

All of Rock County including Rock County Sheriff, Rock Fire,
City of Beloit, and City of Janesville use the NAC (Network
Access Code) of 540. Most scanners if you have tone search 
on will pick up the the NAC Code automatically. 

Rock Fire has two P25 Channels they are now using compared 
to before..They are labeled Rock Fire Main and Rock Fire 
Central Repeater depending on if they are having issues with
one repeater they will move over to another repeater in order
to fix the issue.