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San Mateo County Law Enforcement

The San Mateo County municipal police departments all have their own conventional licensed frequencies in the 480-490Mhz range. The San Mateo County Sheriff’s office had switched to a 480Mhz Motorola Trunk System in the early 2000s.

As of late Summer 2014, San Mateo County has transitioned to a new 700Mhz county-wide consolidated P25 trunking system. The old system was taken offline at the time of the switch.

Radio Callsign Prefixes

  • Pacifica Police (36)
  • Daly City Police (35)
  • Brisbane Police (34)
  • Colma Police (33)
  • Broadmoor Police (32)
  • South San Francisco Police (31)
  • San Bruno Police (30)
  • Burlingame Police (28)
  • Hillsborough Police (27)
  • Foster City Police (26)
  • San Mateo Police (25)
  • Belmont Police (24)
  • Redwood City Police (22)
  • Atherton Police (21)
  • Menlo Park Police (20)
  • East Palo Alto Police (18)
  • San Mateo County Probation (10)
  • San Mateo County Sheriff Taskforce (8)
  • San Mateo County Sheriff Patrol (2)
  • San Mateo County Sheriff EOD (3)
  • San Mateo County Sheriff Taskforce (8)
  • BART Police (51)
  • San Francisco PD - Airport Division (40)

San Mateo County Law Enforcement MARS (Mutual Aid Radio System)

The San Mateo County Law Enforcement Mutual Aid system consists of 4 dedicated channels with a multitude of repeaters county-wide, including the following channels:

  • San Mateo County GREEN (County Wide Mutual Aid)
  • San Mateo County NORTH Tactical 1
  • San Mateo County CENTRAL/ AUXILIARY Tactical 2
  • San Mateo County SOUTH Tactical 3

North Tactical 1 is the mandatory tactical mutual aid channel the North region of the county, with repeater coverage from the San Francisco County – San Mateo County line to Highway 92 in San Mateo. South Tactical 3 is the mandatory tactical mutual aid channel for the Southern region, with coverage from Highway 92 to the Santa Clara County – San Mateo County line. San Mateo County TAC 2 is the mutual aid channel for all territories in Central San Mateo County (Millbrae – Belmont) although it is the auxiliary tactical with the same repeater coverage as the County Green (County Wide Mutual Aid) channel.

The Green channel is the mandatory “channel 3” of all Law Enforcement radios in San Mateo County and consists of repeater coverage that blankets San Mateo County, San Francisco County, Alameda County (bay side), Santa Clara County, and Northern Santa Cruz County. This channel is for the exclusive use of outside agency to San Mateo County Communications (Ex. San Francisco Airport Police, California State Parole Agency, FBI, California Highway Patrol, etc.) during emergency incidents (ex. the 2010 San Bruno Fire which consisted of a response that encompassed 25+ law enforcement agencies) including vehicle pursuits, shootings, disaster operations, cliff rescues, etc. that require a large multi-agency response and communications. Any vehicle pursuit that exits the originating officers jurisdiction automatically switches to the Green per county protocol.

San Mateo County Sheriffs Department

Commencing 3/2008 San Mateo County Sheriff will be providing contract Law Enforcement for the entire 77 mile CalTrain corridor (3 Counties). Replacing Amtrak Police. These "Transit Police" units operate on the San Mateo County trunked system on the Sheriff's Office Channel 2 "PatPri2" Coast side dispatch.

San Mateo County Fire Department

Fire Tone Outs FTOs

South San Mateo Co QC2 Tone Frequencies (PDF)

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