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05: How do I build or acquire a BETTER decoder interface?

First, understand that you may not need or want a "better"
decoder interface.  The 2-Level Data Decoder Interface given
just above is ample for most everything except "FLEX" and
ReFLEX" pager signals.  There may be other exceptions, but
they are few and far between.  In most cases, the simpler
2-Level FSK Data Decoder Interface will be all you need.

Secondly, understand that the more sophisticated 4-Level
FSK Data Decoder Interface cannot and does not replace the
simpler 2-Level version.  If you want the 4-Level interface,
that's fine, but you'll need the 2-Level, too.

   If you are not capable of building your own, or if you
   don't have the time to mess with it, I can supply either
   a Kit of all essential parts and detailed instructions,
   and you build it yourself,


   I can supply an  assembled/ tested 4-Level Data Decoder
   Interface, built inside a project box with a DB-9 output
   jack on one end and an RCA jack on the other end.  You
   will need to provide your own shielded cable terminated
   with an RCA plug on one end to mate to the box and
   whatever connector on the other end to connect to the NFM
   Discriminator Baseband Audio Output on your scanner.

   You will also need to provide a shielded straight-thru
   9-cond serial cable with a male DB9 plug on one end to
   mate to the 4LFSKDDI box and whatever connector on the
   other end to mate to the chosen PC serial port.

   You may also have to provide your own +/- dual polarity
   power supply. (Two 9v batteries can suffice.) See
   Question #9 for more details.

I'm not sure yet how to present the 4-Level FSK Data Decoder
Interface circuit as a plain ASCII schematic like shown above
for the simpler 2LFSKDDI circuit.  So for now, I have to refer
you to the Web Sites that support this circuit with graphics,
text, and/or software support.  You should research these sites:

I now have available a detailed Instruction Set on the
4LFSKDDI for those who find the above sites a little too
technical to handle. I can also provide Kits of essential
parts, less enclosure and power supply.  See Q&A #9

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