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Q6: So how do I decode digital data from the airwaves?

    First, you tap the Discriminator Output in your scanner.
    Then build the desired Data Decoder Interface and connect
    it to the Discriminator Output. Then connect the other
    side of the Decoder Interface to a com/serial port on your
    PC. Lastly, run the software that decodes the particular
    type of signal that you want to decode.

    In general, it takes different software for different
    kinds of signals, and I can't possibly cover them all
    here.  I will suggest that you start out with a free
    program called TRUNKER that decodes the control data of
    Motorola trunking systems.  This is one of the easiest
    to set up and get working; therefore, it makes a good
    test "platform" to prove up all your work before you
    venture into bigger and better things.  Motorola trunk
    systems are fairly common now.

    TRUNKER and a good set of documentation and limited
    support for it can be found at the following Web Sites:


    Apparently it is possible to decode certain kinds of data
    from the airwaves without a decoder interface - just
    software!  For info on decoding MDT signals with nothing
    more than a Windows PC and a sound card, check out:

Of course, since this article was written, Trunker (and its newer brother UniTrunker) have moved around from place to place. We have links for those 2 programs, and much more, on our Trunked Radio Decoders article.

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