Scott County CPSCS

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Georgetown/Scott County CPSCS TRS
System Name Georgetown/Scott County CPSCS
System Type Project 25 Phase II
System ID 014
Connect Tone
Wide Area Communications Network 92538
Network Access Code 00A
TRBO Color Code
Band 800
Ownership Public
FCC License WPSV784
City Georgetown
County Scott
State Kentucky

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Welcome to the Georgetown/Scott County CPSCS collaboration article, a Trunked Radio System located in Scott County, Kentucky.
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  • Some talkgroups on this system may be using P25 Phase II TDMA modulation, which can only be monitored using a P25 Phase II capable scanner or receiver.
  • Click HERE for a list of scanners capable of monitoring those talkgroups.

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System Information

Why P25?

Scott county public safety departments went to a new P25 TRS on January 28th. The replacement of the old EDACS system comes after 20 long years and coverage issues. The system was outdated and needed to be replaced, Scott county chose a Phase II P25 TRS for many reasons including Interoperability, Inbuilding Coverage (Penetration), and encryption. As of now, all county & city departments operate on this system.
The full name for the system is Georgetown/Scott County - Countywide Public Safety Communications System
Radios used by all public safety departments are XG-100M's and XL-200P's. Radio Flavors & Bands differ for each agency.


Scott county agencies had encryption in mind when selecting the system and radios, as of now the following agencies are utilizing 256 Bit AES encryption.
Georgetown-Scott County Emergency Management Agency/Office Homeland Security
Georgetown-Scott County Emergency Medical Service
Georgetown Police Department
Scott County Sheriffs Office
Stamping Ground Police Department
Sadieville Police Department
As of word now Event Channels, Interop Channels, and Public Works channels are to remain unencrypted.

Agency's Utilizing the TRS

As shown in public record documents, the following agencies are to use this TRS.
Georgetown/Scott County Emergency Management Agency/Office Homeland Security
Georgetown-Scott County Emergency Medical Service
Georgetown Police Department
Scott County Sheriffs Office
Scott County Road Department
Georgetown Public Works
Georgetown Fire Department
Scott County Fire Department
Stamping Ground Police Department
Sadieville Police Department
Scott County Corners Office
Scott County Detention Center
Other City/County administrative agencies are expected to join this system at a later date

Agency Callsigns

5xx - Georgetown-Scott County EMA/OHS
1xx / Unit x - Georgetown Fire Department
4xx - Scott County Fire Department
15xx / Squad 2x - Stamping Ground Fire Department
8xx - Georgetown Police Department
2xx - Scott County Sheriff's Office
12xx - Stamping Ground Police Department
13xx - Stamping Ground Police Department
9xx / EC x - Georgetown-Scott County EMS
3xx - Georgetown Public Works
7xx - Scott County Roads
3xx Callsings are used by Both Gtown PW and Detnetion Center officers

Talkgroup Ranges

Radio Service/Techs | TG 2000-2010
Georgetown Police Department | TG 2101-2109
Scott County Sheriffs Office | TG 2110 - 2120
Countywide Fire Talkgroups (Includes all 3 fire departments) | TG 2201-2220
Georgetown-Scott County EMS | TG 2301-2310
Georgetown-Scott County EMA/OHS | TG 2401-2410
Georgetown & Scott County Public Works | TG 2501-2510
Georgetown-Scott County E-911 Center | TG 2701-2799
It appears that most out of system gateways or channels to non-city/county-controlled agencies occur in the 2701-2799 range.

Interop Links

As these agencies have moved protocol & band interoperability was a major factor in this new system. There are at least 19 interop links for radio's installed to this system and that's only what's been noted in public documents.
VHF Nexedge for neighboring county fire - 5 Gateway's
Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government: COR-25 System - 3 Gateway's
Commonwealth of Kentucky VHF - 3 Gateway's
Commonwealth of Kentucky UHF - 3 Gateway's
Commonwealth of Kentucky 800MHz - 5 Gateway's

Agency Talkgroup Assignments

Countywide Fire Talkgroups

Incident channels are assigned when any fire agency is dispatched on a run. When a major call in the county occurs most agencies will switch to the assigned fire incident channel or use a system-wide interop channel.

  • TG 2201 - Fire Dispatch (All fire agencies share this talk group)
  • TG 2202 - Incident Channel 1 (All fire agencies share this talk group)
  • TG 2203 - Incident Channel 2 (All fire agencies share this talk group)
  • TG 2204 - Incident Channel 3 (All fire agencies share this talk group)

Georgetown-Scott County EMA/OHS

  • TG 2401 - EMA 1 (Dispatch)
  • TG 2402 - EMA 2
  • TG 2403 - EMA 3 (Car 2 Car)
  • TG 2404 - EMA 4
  • TG 2405 - EMA 5

Georgetown Police Department

  • TG 2101 - GPD Dispatch
  • TG 2101 - GPD Ch 2 (Records/NCIC)
  • TG 2103 - GPD Ch 3 (Car2Car)