Scott County CPSCS

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Georgetown/Scott County CPSCS TRS
System Name Georgetown/Scott County CPSCS
System Type Project 25 Phase II
System ID 014
Connect Tone
Wide Area Communications Network 92538
Network Access Code 00A
TRBO Color Code
Band 800
Ownership Public
FCC License WPSV784
City Georgetown
County Scott
State Kentucky

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Welcome to the Georgetown/Scott County CPSCS collaboration article, a Trunked Radio System located in Scott County, Kentucky.
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  • Some talkgroups on this system may be using P25 Phase II TDMA modulation, which can only be monitored using a P25 Phase II capable scanner or receiver.
  • Click HERE for a list of scanners capable of monitoring those talkgroups.

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System Information

Special Disclaimer

All system talk groups have the ability to be talked on and/or monitored by 911 Dispatch or referred to on the radio as "Central". Animal Control has 2 channels, channel 1 is primary animal control operations and dispatch, channel 2 is a link to 911 and is monitored by central at all times. Central will use channel 2 to communicate with animal control units while they respond to calls with PD, EMS, Fire. Also, during storm or winter weather conditions central might key public works or road departments talk groups and receive real-time road conditions. Central will also key the detention center channels if law enforcement is bringing in a combative subject or a unit hits a panic button.

Why P25?

Georgetown/Scott County EDACS users went to the new 800MHz P25 Phase 2 TRS on January 28th, 2020 at 10 PM. The replacement of the old EDACS system comes after 23 long years of coverage issues, subscriber unit failures, and in building safety issues. Georgetown/Scott County awarded AMK Services the contract to construct a 6 site simulcast P25 Phase 2 system. This new system includes many functions that were missing from the old EDACS system such as links to multiple nationwide Interoperability frequencies on VHF, UHF, and 800MHZ. The new system also provides Inbuilding Coverage (and Penetration), secure two-way communication (Using AES-256 Bit Encryption), GPS Tracking, and OTAP/OTAR.


As mentioned many times by public officials all Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Service, and Emergency Management/Homeland Security talk groups will be encrypted using AES-256 bit as standard.
As of now Interoperability, Mutal Aid, and Event Channels will remain unencrypted. SC EVENT 1 is Interoperability between public service agencies and uses encryption, SC EVENT 2 is interoperability between public safety agencies and non-public safety and does not use encryption.


Depending on the geographical location of this system's towers and neighboring counties radio system towers the following has been set up for interoperability with outside agencies. For example, Franklin County Fire operates a VHF Nexedge Radio System using encryption, since Scott County runs an 800MHz P25 system, the issue is apparent here for interoperability. Located at the EMA Tower is a Kenwood NX-5700 base station with channel steering capabilities. The dispatch operator can switch the Kenwood NX-5700 base station to the desired channel (Police, Fire, EMS, etc) using the Harris Symphony Console allowing Scott County agencies to communicate with Franklin County agencies.
Due to the vast differences in radio 10-codes and channel signals, the following protocol has been set up for talking on interoperability channels.

  • Calling protocol to Frankfort Dispatch: "Georgetown Fire Engine 3 to Franklin Co Dispatch"
  • Calling protocol for Unit to Unit: "Scott County Fire Chief to Franklin County Fire Chief"
  • Calling protocol to Georgetown Dispatch: "Franklin Co Fire Engine 3 to Georgetown Dispatch"
  • Calling protocol to Unit to Unit: "Franklin Co Fire Chief to Georgetown Fire Chief"
  • Agency-Unit #, to (City) Dispatch

Radio's Utilized on System

  • L3Harris XL-200P
  • L3Harris XL-200Pi
  • L3Harris XG-75M
  • Tait TP9400
  • Tait TM9400

Agency's Utilizing the TRS

  • Georgetown-Scott County Emergency Management Agency/Office Homeland Security
  • Georgetown-Scott County Emergency Medical Service
  • Scott County Sheriffs Office
  • Scott County Constables Office
  • Scott County Detention Center
  • Scott County Fire Department
  • Scott County Road Department
  • Georgetown Police Department
  • Georgetown Fire Department
  • Georgetown Public Works
  • Stamping Ground Police Department
  • Stamping Ground Fire Department
  • Sadieville Police Department
  • Scott County Corners Office
  • Scott County Animal Care and Control

Agency Callsigns

  • 100-199 | Georgetown Fire Department
  • 200-299 | Scott County Sheriff's Office
  • 300-399 | Scott County Detention Center (300 Callsigns also used by Public Works)
  • 400-499 | Scott County Fire Department
  • 500-599 | Georgetown-Scott County EMA/OHS
  • 600-699 | Scott County Constables Office
  • 700-799 | Scott County Animal Control (Some times used by Public Works)
  • 800-899 | Georgetown Police Department
  • 900-999 | Georgetown-Scott County EMS
  • 1200-1299 | Stamping Ground Police Department
  • 1300-1399 | Sadieville Police Department
  • 1400-1499 | Scott County Fire Department - Special Units
  • 1500-1599 | Stamping Ground Fire Department

UAS/Talkgroup Range Layout

Georgetown-Scott County Wide | TG 2000-2999
Georgetown-Scott County Law Enforcement | TG 2100-2199
Georgetown-Scott County Fire | TG 2200-2299
Georgetown-Scott County EMS | TG 2300-2399
Georgetown-Scott County EMA/OHS | TG 2400-2499
Georgetown-Scott County Public Works & Roads | TG 2500-2599
Georgetown-Scott County Administrative | TG 2600-2699
Georgetown-Scott County Interoperability | TG 2700-2799
Georgetown-Scott County Reserved | TG 2800-2899
Georgetown-Scott County Reserved | TG 2900-2999