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Orange Cross Ambulance

Unit Numbering


  • 9X Cedar Grove FD
  • 1XX Ada-Franklin FD
  • 2XX Adell FD
  • 4XX Batavia-Beechwood FD
  • 5XX Cascade FD
  • 6XX Cedar Grove FD???
  • 7XX Elkhart Lake FD
  • 9XX Glenbeulah FD
  • 10XX Greenbush FD
  • 11XX Haven FD
  • 12XX Howards Grove FD
  • 13XX Johnsonville FD
  • 14XX Kohler FD
  • 15XX Oostburg FD
  • 16XX Plymouth FD
  • 17XX Random Lake FD
  • 18XX City of Sheboygan FD
  • 19XX City of Sheboygan Falls FD
  • 20XX Silver Creek FD
  • 21XX Town of Sheboygan FD
  • 22XX Town of Sheboygan Falls FD
  • 23XX Waldo FD
  • 24XX Wilson-Black River FD
  • 30XX Orange Cross Ambulance
  • 31XX Random Lake Ambulance
  • 55XX MABAS Division 113
  •  ? Scott FD

P25 Radio IDs

Digit 1-2 (A-B) - 60 for Sheboygan County
Digit 3-4 (C-D) - Department/User Group
Digit 5 (E) - Radio Type: 0&1=Portables | 5&6=Mobiles | 9=Control/Bases
Digit 6-7 (F-G) - Radio ID (radio ranges below in [ ] are from tracking on Unitrunker to TG
 and only show lowest and highest radio number; except Control/Base - all values listed)

Sheboygan City Police Encryption (DE)
Sheb Co Sheriff Mixed Encryption (De) on Sheriff Primary
Local Police - Mixed Encryption on TX side to Sheb 911 CC (De);
 Mixed Encryption on RX side from Sheb 911 CC on Sheriff Primary (De)
Local Police - Mixed Encryption on Unit to Unit (De) 

01-Ada Fire Dept-1xx
60010XX's Ada FD Portables [01-17]
60015XX's Ada FD Mobiles [00-06]
60019XX's Ada FD Control/Base [00]

02-Adell Fire Dept/1st Responders-2xx
60020XX's Adell FD/FR Portables [01-31]
60025XX's Adell FD Mobiles [00-06]
60029XX's Adell FD/FR Control/Base [00)

03-Batavia Fire Dept-3xx
FD merged with Beechwood in 2017/18 (see 04)
EMS/FR renamed Town of Scott FR - (see 59)

04-Beechwood Fire Dept-4xx
60040XX's Beechwood FD Portables [00-17]
60045XX's Beechwood FD Mobiles [00-07]
60049XX's Beechwood FD Control/Base [00]

05-Cascade Fire Dept/1st Responders-5xx
60050XX's Cascade FD/FR Portables [00-30]
60055XX's Cascade FD Mobiles [00-07]
60059XX's Cascade FD/FR Control/Base [00]

06-Cedar Grove Fire Dept/1st Responders-6xx
60060XX's Cedar Grove FD/FR Portables [01-37]
60065XX's Cedar Grove FD Mobiles [00-11]
60069XX's Cedar Grove FD/FR Control/Base [00]

07-Elkhart Lake Fire Dept-7xx
60070XX's Elkhart Lake FD Portables [01-35]
60075XX's Elkhart Lake FD Mobiles [00-08]
60079XX's Elkhart Lake Control/Base [00]

08-Franklin Fire Dept-8xx
Merged with Ada Fire Dept 2018 (see 01)
Final page 12/31/2017 

09-Glenbeulah Fire Dept/1st Responders-9xx
60090XX's Glenbeulah FD/FR Portables [01-23]
60095XX's Glenbeulah FD Mobiles [00-03]
60099XX's Glenbeulah FD/FR Control/Base [00]

10-Greenbush Fire Dept-10xx
60100XX's Greenbush FD Portables [01-13]
60105XX's Greenbush FD Mobiles [00-06]
60109XX's Greenbush FD Control/Base [00]

11-Haven Fire Dept-11xx
60110XX's Haven FD Portables [01-13]
60115XX's Haven FD Mobiles [00-03]
60119XX's Haven FD Control/Base [00]

12-Howards Grove Fire Dept/1st Responders-12xx
60120XX's Howards Grove FD/FR Portables [01-32]
60125XX's Howards Grove FD Mobiles [00-02;04-06]
60125XX's Howards Grove FR Mobiles [03]
60129XX's Howards Grove FD/FR Control/Base [00]

13-Johnsonville Fire Dept-13xx
60130XX's Johnsonville FD Portables [01-17]
60135XX's Johnsonville FD Mobiles [00-03]

14-Kohler Fire Dept-14xx
60140XX's Kohler FD Portables [01-16]
60145XX's Kohler FD Mobiles [00-03]
60149XX's Kohler FD Control/Base [00]

15-Oostburg Fire Dept-15xx
60150XX's Oostburg FD Portables [01-19]
60155XX's Oostburg FD Mobiles [00-08]
60159XX's Oostburg FD/FR Control/Base [00]

16-Plymouth Fire Dept/Ambulance-16xx
60160XX's Plymouth FD Portables [01-34]
60165XX's Plymouth FD Mobiles [00-10]
60169XX's Plymouth FD Control/Base [00;01;02]

17-Random Lake Fire Dept/Ambulance-17xx
60170XX's Random Lake FD/Ambulance Portables [04-41]
60175XX's Random Lake FD Mobiles [00-06]
60179XX's Random Lake FD/Ambulance Control/Base [00]
60175XX's Random Lake Ambulance Mobile [07;08]

__-St Anna FD (Calumet Co)
See 61

__-St Cloud FD (Fond Du Lac Co)
Uses IFERN Patch

18-Sheboygan City Fire Dept/EMS/Ambulance-18xx
 (Dispatched by Sheboygan 911 Comm Center 60489XX)
60180XX's Sheboygan City FD/EMS Portables [01-43]
60185XX's Sheboygan City FD/EMS Mobiles [00-19]
60189XX's Sheboygan City FD/EMS Control/Base [01;02;03;04;05]
 Sta 1: 1861 Eng/1851 Med
 Sta 2: 1862 Eng/1852 Med
 Sta 3: 1873 Eng/1853 Med (FD HQ)
 Sta 4: 1864 Eng/1854 Med
 Sta 5: 1865 Eng
 Chief Response Vehicles - [3]

19-Sheb Falls City Fire Dept/1st Responders-19xx
60190XX's Sheb Falls City FD/FR Portables [01-35]
60195XX's Sheb Falls City FD Mobiles [00-05]
60199XX's Sheb Falls City FD/FR Control/Base [00]

20-Silver Creek Fire Dept-20xx
60200XX's Silver Creek FD Portables [01-27]
60205XX's Silver Creek FD Mobiles [00-05]
60209XX's Silver Creek FD Control/Base [00]

21-Town of Sheboygan Fire Dept/1st Responders-21xx
60210XX's Town of Sheboygan FD/FR Portables [01-47]
60215XX's Town of Sheboygan FD Mobiles [01-07]
60219XX's Town of Sheboygan FD/FR Control/Base [00]

22-Town of Sheb Falls Fire Dept/1st Responders-22xx
60220XX's Town of Sheb Falls FD/FR Portables [01-30]
60225XX's Town of Sheb Falls FD Mobiles [00-03]
60229XX's Town of Sheb Falls FD/FR Control/Base [00]

23-Waldo Fire Dept-23xx
60230XX's Waldo FD Portables [01-21]
60235XX's Waldo FD Mobiles [00-06]

24-Wilson Fire Dept-24xx
60240XX's Wilson FD Portables [01-25]
60245XX's Wilson Mobiles [00-04]

25-Plymouth DPW
60250XX's Plymouth DPW Portables [01-11]
60255XX's Plymouth DPW Mobiles [00]
60259XX's Plymouth DPW Control/Base [02]

26-Plymouth Utilities (Electric Utility)
60260XX's Plymouth Utilities Portables [01-20]
60265XX's Plymouth Utilities Mobiles [00-05]
60269XX's Plymouth Utilities Control/Base [00]

27-Town of Sheboygan Highway
60270XX's Town of Sheboygan Highway Portables [04]
60275XX's Town of Sheboygan Highway Mobiles [00-16]
60279XX's Town of Sheboygan Highway Control/Base [01]

28-Random Lake DPW
60280XX's Random Lake DPW Portables [01-07]

30-Orange Cross Ambulance-30xx
60300XX's Orange Cross Ambulance Portables [01-41]
60305XX's Orange Cross Ambulance Mobiles [00-14]
60309XX's Orange Cross Ambulance Control/Base [00-01] (Dispatch EMS Calls from Sheb Co & Direct Calls)

32-Oostburg Ambulance/1st Responders-32xx
60320XX's Oostburg Ambulance/FR Portables [01-12]

33-Town of Sheboygan Constable
60330XX's Town of Sheboygan Constable Portables [02]
60335XX's Town of Sheboygan Constable Mobiles [00]

6034000 Sheboygan County PSAP (WISCOM)???

34-Sheb Falls City DPW
60340XX's Sheb Falls City DPW Portables [01-07]
60345XX's Sheb Falls City DPW Mobiles [00-22]
60349XX's Sheb Falls City DPW Control/Base [01;02]

35-Sheb Falls City Utilities (Electric Utility)
60335XX's Sheb Falls City Utilities Portables [01;03]
60355XX's Sheb Falls City Utilities Mobiles [00-06]
60359XX's Sheb Falls City Utilities Control/Base [00]

37-Cascade Police Dept
60370XX's Cascade PD Portables [01]
60375XX's Cascade PD Mobiles [00]

38-Elkhart Lake EMS/1st Responders
60380XX's Elkhart Lake EMS/FR Portables [01-24]
60385XX's Elkhart Lake EMS/FR Mobiles [00]

39-Elkhart Lake Police Dept
60390XX's Elkhart Lake PD Portables [01-10]
60395XX's Elkhart Lake PD Mobiles [00-02]
60399XX's Elkhart Lake PD Control/Base [00;01]

40-Town of Wilson Constable
60400XX's Town of Wilson Constable Portables [01-03]

41-MABAS Division 113 Dive Team
60410XX's Dive Team Portables [00-01]
60415XX's Dive Team Mobiles [00]
Member FD's use their assigned radios on TG60390 & TG60391
  Sheb Falls FD(19), Twn of Sheb Falls FD(21), Cedar Grove FD(06), Kohler FD(14), 
  Plymouth FD(16), Sheboygan PD(48)/FD(18) , Sheb Co Sheriff(51)

42-Town of Wilson 1st Responders
60420XX's Town of Wilson FR Portables [04-09;15;20]

43-Town of Lima Constable
60430XX's Town of Lima Constable Portables [01-02]
60435XX's Town of Lima Constable Mobiles [01]

44-Lyndon? (on Sheriff Primary)
60440XX's Unknown_44 Portables [00]

45-Sheboygan City DPW
60450XX's Sheboygan City DPW Portables [01-84]

46-Sheboygan City Building Inspectors
60460XX's Sheboygan City Building Inspectors Portables [02-07]
60469XX's Sheboygan City Building Inspectors Control/Base [01]

47-Sheboygan City Water Dept
60470XX's Sheboygan City Water Dept Portables [04]
60475XX's Sheboygan City Water Dept Mobiles [01-13]
60479XX's Sheboygan City Water Dept Control/Base [01]

48-Sheboygan City Police Dept
60480XX's Sheboygan City PD Portables [01-96]
60481XX's Sheboygan City PD Portables [08-09]
60485XX's Sheboygan City PD Mobiles [01-40]

48-Sheboygan 911 Communications Center (Dispatch City FD/EMS/PD)
60489XX's Sheboygan City Multi-Talk Control/Base [01;02;03;04;05;11;12;13;14]

49-Sheboygan Schools? (on Police Primary and MEG1)
60490XX's Unknown_49 Portables [01-04]

50-Shoreline Metro Transit (Bus/Rideshare/Taxi)
60500XX's Shoreline Metro Transit Portables [01-08]
60505XX's Shoreline Metro Transit Mobiles [00-35]
60509XX's Shoreline Metro Transit Control/Base [00;01;02;03]

51-Sheb Co Sheriff & Corrections
60510XX's Sheb Co Sheriff & Corrections Portables [00-99]
60511XX's Sheb Co Sheriff & Corrections Portables [00-54]
60515XX's Sheb Co Sheriff & Corrections Mobiles [00-53]

51-Sheboygan 911 Communications Center (Dispatch County FD/EMS/Local PD's/Sheriff)
60519XX's Sheboygan Co Multi-Talk Control/Base [01-09;11-12;14-18;20;22-25]

51-MABAS Division 113 Drone Team
6051101 Drone Team Portable
6051110 Drone Team Portable

52-Sheb County Highway
60520XX's Sheb County Highway Portables [01-24]
60525XX's Sheb County Highway Mobiles [00-99]
60526XX's Sheb County Highway Mobiles [00-33]
60529XX's Sheb County Highway Control/Base [00;01;02;02;03;04;05;06;07]

53-Sheb Co Airport (SBM) Maintenance
60530XX's Sheb Co Airport Portables [01-03]
60535XX's Sheb Co Airport Mobiles [01-11]

54-Sheb Co Medical Examiner
60540XX's Sheb Co Medical Examiner Portables [01-02]

55-Sheb Co Hazmat
60550XX's Sheb Co Hazmat Portables [01-11]
60555XX's Sheb Co Hazmat Mobiles [00-03]

57-Sheboygan Hospitals-Aurora & St Nicholas
60570XX's Sheboygan Hospitals Aurora Security Portables [01]
60579XX's Sheboygan Hospitals Aurora Control/Base [00]???
60579XX's Sheboygan Hospitals St Nicholas Control/Base [01]

58-Unknown? (on TG 60425, Event 4, EMS12)
60580XX's Unknown_58 Portables [01-04]

59-Town of Scott/Batavia (Law/EMS-1st Responders/DPW)
60590XX's Town of Scott Constable Portables [00]???
60590XX's Town of Scott/Batavia EMS/FR Portables [02-08]
60595XX's Town of Scott DPW Mobiles [01-05]

60-Elkhart Lake DPW
60600XX's Elkhart Lake DPW Portables [01-04]

61-St Anna FD
60615XX's St Anna FD Portables [01;03]
60615XX's St Anna FD Mobiles [00]

62-Kiel Ambulance
Based out of Calumet/Manitowoc County
60620XX's Kiel Ambulance Portables [01-03]
60625XX's Kiel Ambulance Mobiles [00-04]

63-Kohler Police Dept/1st Responders
60630XX's Kohler PD/FR Portables [00-10]
60635XX's Kohler PD/FR Mobiles [00-02]
60639XX's Kohler PD Control/Base [00]

64-Plymouth Police Dept
60640XX's Plymouth PD Portables [01-18]
60645XX's Plymouth PD Mobiles [00-07]
60649XX's Plymouth PD Control/Base [00;01;02;03]

65-Adell DPW?
60650XX's Adell DPW Portables [01]?

66-Sheb Falls City Police Dept
60660XX's Sheb Falls City PD Portables [00-15]
60665XX's Sheb Falls City Mobiles [00-04]
60669XX's Sheb Falls City Control/Base [00]

60670XX's Unknown_67 Mobiles [00]

68-Wisconsin State Patrol or Kiel PD?
60680XX's Unknown_68 Portables [02;12;28;48;52;57;59;61]
60681XX's Unknown_68 Portables [07]
60689XX's Unknown_68 Control/Base [00-01]

60690XX's Unknown_69 Portables [10;13;16;18;23;42]

70-Flight For Life
60700XX's Flight for Life Portables [04-15]
60709XX's Flight for Life Control/Base [00]

71-MEG? (on Sheriff Primary, MEG1 & MEG2)
60710XX's Unknown_71 Portables [02-04]

73-Howards Grove DPW
60735XX's Howards Grove DPW Mobiles [00-08]
60739XX's Howards Grove DPW Control/Base [01;02]

74-Mosel Constable? (on Sheriff Primary)
60740XX's Unknown_74 Portables [01]

76-Unknown? (on Sheriff Primary)
60760XX's Unknown_76 Portables [01]

77-Aurora Hospital Grafton? (on Fire/EMS Primary)
60770XX's Unknown_77 Portables [01-03]

78-Campbellsport Fire Dept? or St Cloud 1st Responders
60780XX's Unknown_78 Portables [04-07]
60780XX's Unknown_78 Mobiles [00]

79-Lakeland University Security
60790XX's Lakeland University Security Portables [01-03]

80-Kohler DPW
60800XX's Kohler DPW Portables [01-03]
60805XX's Kohler DPW Mobiles [00-02]

81-Millipore Signma 1st Responders
608101XX's Millipore Signma FR Portables [01-02]

82-Random Lake Community Resource Officer
60820XX's Random Lake Community Resource Officer Portables [01]

84-Town of Herman Constable? (on Sheriff Car to Car, Ada Fire & TG 60591)
60840XX's Unknown_84 Portables [01-02]
60845XX's Unknown_84 Mobiles [00]

Unidentified Users (from public records):
Homeland Security (Airport) [1 radio]
Sheboygan Coast Guard Station [1 radio]
Backup EOC is located at a highway shed

Road America may have base & portable on system

Manitowoc Hwy Dept (3608XXX & 3618XXX) has access to Sheboygan County Wide DPW Operations Channel, Events 1-6, and the Black Top Plant TG's programmed into radios
Branch FD  (Manitowoc Co-36XXXXX) Sheboygan TG's programmed into radios
Keil PD has Sheboygan Law TG's (including encryption) programmed into radios
St Nazianz FR (Manitowoc Co-36XXXXX) Sheboygan TG's programmed into radios
Chilton FD (Calumet-8XXXXX) Sheboygan TG's programmed into Fire Chief's radio
Stockbridge FD (Calumet-8XXXXX) Sheboygan TG's programmed into radios
Campbellsport FD (Fond du Lac Co-20XXXXX) Sheboygan TG's programmed into radios
Fillmore FD (Washington Co-67XXXXX) Sheboygan TG's programmed into radios
Brown Co has Sheboygan MEG TG programmed into radios
Valders Ambulance Service has Sheboygan TG's programmed into radios
Brillon PD may have Sheboygan TG's programmed into [3] portable radios

SHEBMAN1 & SHEBMAN2 TG proposed in 2019 (for Sheboygan/Manitowoc)

81003XX Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81033XX Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81103XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81133XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81203XX Wisconsin State Patrol Kenwood TK-5710 squad radios
81233XX Wisconsin State Patrol Kenwood TK-5710 squad radios
81603XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81633XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
82XXXXX Wisconsin DNR
82196XX Wisconsin DNR-Kohler-Andre State Park portables
8229601 Wisconsin DNR-Kohler-Andre State Park office base
8636000 Aurora Memorial Hospital Sheboygan (heard on Region 7 Hospital Coordination: WISCOM TG 4977)
8636010 Saint Nicholas Hospital Sheboygan (heard on Region 7 Hospital Coordination: WISCOM TG 4977)
8726XXX Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution (K26)
872699X Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution (K26) bases
9901100 National Weather Service-Sullivan Weather Forecasting Office
9901101 National Weather Service-Sullivan Weather Forecasting Office
??????? United States Coast Guard
??????? United States Coast Guard-Station Sheboygan
??????? US Fish & Wildlife Service (possibly 95XXXXX ?)
??????? Wisconsin DNR Kettle Moraine Springs Fish Hatchery