Somerset County (PA) EMS ID's

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Somerset County EMS Districts.jpeg

Active EMS Station ID's

*Dispatched Through Somerset County 911

  • Medic 38-1 Conemaugh Hospital DART SEE NOTE
  • MedStar 1 Conemaugh Health System (Air Medical)
  • 240 Meyersdale Ambulance
  • 400 Somerset Ambulance (New Centerville substation)
  • 500 Berlin Ambulance
  • 605 Boswell (VFD) Ambulance
  • 606 Jennerstown (VFD) Ambulance
  • 640 Conemaugh Township EMS
  • 655 Northern EMS
  • 800 Somerset Ambulance (Stoystown substation)
  • 900 Somerset Ambulance (Main station)

Out Of County EMS Agencies

*These stations are dispatched by their respective counties to respond into Somerset County if needed.

  • Ellerslie/Corriganville EMS (Allegany County Maryland) NOTE 2
  • Mount Savage EMS (Allegany County Maryland) NOTE 2
  • Mutual Aid EMS (Westmoreland County) NOTE 2
  • Shawnee Valley EMS (Bedford County) NOTE 2
  • Northern Garrett Rescue (Garrett County Maryland) NOTE 2
  • East Hills EMS (Cambria County) NOTE 2
  • Upper Yoder EMS (Cambria County) NOTE 2
  • Fayette EMS (Fayette County) NOTE 2

Inactive EMS Station ID's

  • ALS-1 Somerset Hospital Medic unit (replaced by Somerset Ambulance, Medic 950)
  • 39-1 Windber Hospital Medic unit (disbanded; former DART truck) SEE NOTE
  • 56-1 Meyersdale Hospital Medic unit (disbanded; former DART truck) SEE NOTE
  • 270 Central City Ambulance (replaced by Northern EMS, then disbanded)
  • 312 Confluence Ambulance (Went out of Buisness. Now Covered by Somerset 400)
  • 350 Priority 1 EMS (private non-emergency transport service, went out of business)
  • 610 Ideal Ambulance (replaced by Conemaugh Township EMS)
  • 611 Windber Ambulance (became Northern EMS)
  • 614 Hooversville Ambulance (went out of business)
  • 616 Scalp Level Ambulance (replaced by Northern EMS)
  • 618 Salisbury (VFD) Ambulance (Went out of Buisness. Now covered by 240 (Meyersdale EMS)
  • 619 Krings Ambulance (became Conemaugh Township EMS)
  • 621 Hollsopple Ambulance (replaced by Conemaugh Township EMS)
  • 622 New Centerville Ambulance (replaced by MarClay Community EMS; now covered by Somerset Ambulance)
  • 623 Rockwood (VFD) Ambulance (disbanded; was covered by MarClay Community EMS, now covered by Somerset Ambulance)
  • 628 Berlin Ambulance (renumbered to Station 500)
  • 650 Conemaugh Township Medic unit (disbanded; former DART truck) SEE NOTE
  • 675 Southern Tier Ambulance (went out of business)
  • 950 Somerset Ambulance Medic Unit (disbanded)
  • MarClay Markleysburg/Henry Clay Township Community Ambulance (went out of business)

  • Note: DART (Disaster Assistance Response Team) is a service provided by Conemaugh Hospital. At one time, there were several trucks stationed around this region; at this time, only one remains, and operates out of Conemaugh Hospital. It provides paramedic intercept services and mass-casualty support to units in Cambria, Indiana, Somerset and Westmoreland Counties.
  • Note 2: These agencies are out of county. They are dispatched into Somerset County for either Mutual Aid assistance or in place of a Somerset County Station.

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