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SCE Radio Communications

Southern California Edison is the second-largest investor-owned electric utility company in the United States. It has over 4.8 million customer accounts in a 50,000 square mile service territory serving much of southern California and parts of central California.

Conventional Talk-around Channels (Simplex):

Zone: TA
Channel Frequency DCS
TA 1 936.6375 D245
TA 2 936.6625 D245
TA 3 939.9750 D245
TA 4 939.9875 D245


Operations (OPS) Talkgroups (Troublemen):

"OPS" talkgroups are used by Toublemen. These are the trained technicians and other personnel who conduct maintenance and repairs on equipment. For both "OPS" and "FSR" talkgroups, the Customer Service District Offices are shown in their TG Descriptions. OPS Troublemen have xx10+ numbers where xx is the area number.

Field Service Representative (FSR) Talkgroups:

FSR's are people who read meters, contact customers for energy audits, shut off power to customers who have not paid, etc. District Field Service Representatives (FSR) have xx60+ numbers where xx is the district number.

OPS and FSR Callsigns and Dispatching:

Callsigns for personnel are actually the numbers of individual radios and show up on the screens of dispatchers in the substations and Distribution Operation Centers (DOC). Called "DOC" on the radio, they are located in the following places: San Bernardino County and called "Eastern DOC" (formally called "Foothill DOC"), "Northern DOC" in Ventura (formally called "Ventura DOC"), "Western DOC" located in Dominquez Hills (formally called "Dominquez Hills DOC"), and "Southern DOC" in Santa Ana (formally called "Santa Ana DOC"). The DOC's take phone calls regarding service problems and dispatch district personnel and area troublemen. Each DOC can dispatch and control the SCE grid system-wide in addition to doing so in their respective areas.

The Trouble Service District troublemen who have calls of 93xx are in the Eastern Area, 95xx in the Northern Area, 92xx in the Western Area, and 94xx in the Southern Area.

Transportation Service Department (TSD) Talkgroups:

"TSD" stands for Transportation Service District, and refers to the specific district. There are four of them; they are: North, East, South and West.

Tranmission/Substation Talkgroups:

The TS talkgroups are named for the substations that serve as the transmission, subtransmission, and distribution switching centers for their surrounding areas at the time the trunked radio system was installed. Over the years, many of these substations have been automated and unmanned, and the operations personnel have been moved to centralized switching centers that handle switching center activities for multiple locations.

When the trunked radio system was installed, there were 28 manned switching centers and hence 28 TS talkgroups. Today there are only about half that many switching centers, but the original 28 talkgroups continue to be used, with some switching centers handling traffic on several different talkgroups at several different desks. All desks identify themselves on the air with the name of the switching center, however, regardless of the name of the talkgroup being used.

For example, in Orange County, CA, the switching center or dispatch is referred to as "Orange County" and handles traffic on all Orange County substation talkgroups.

The names of the TS talkgroup substations and their general locations are shown below:

TG Substation General Location TG Substation General Location
Barre Stanton,CA Mira Loma Ontario,CA
Center Norwalk,CA Moorpark Moorpark,CA
Chino Chino,CA Padua Upland,CA
Control Bishop,CA Pardee Valencia,CA
Dalton Irwindale,CA Rector Visalia,CA
Del Amo Cerritos,CA Santa Clara Ventura, CA
Devers North Palm Springs,CA Santiago Irvine,CA
El Dorado Boulder City, NV State Street Long Beach,CA
Ellis Huntington Beach,CA Valley Romoland,CA
La Cienega Culver City,CA Vestal Richgrove,CA
La Fresa Torrance,CA Villa Park Orange,CA
Lighthipe Long Beach,CA Vincent Palmdale,CA
Lugo Hesperia,CA Vista Grand Terrace,CA
Mesa Monterey Park,CA Walnut Industry,CA

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