St. Croix County (WI)

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Unit Numbering

City/Agency Police Fire EMS
Hudson 41xx's 31xx's 51xx's
New Richmond 42xx's 32xx's 52xx's
United Fire & Rescue 33xx's
Woodville 43xx's United Fire & Rescue 53xx's
Hammond 444x's United Fire & Rescue 54xx's (1st Responders)
Deer Park 4445 3445 New Richmond
Somerset 45xx's 35xx's Stillwater
Baldwin 46xx's United Fire & Rescue 56xx's
Glenwood City 47xx's 37xx's 57xx's
North Hudson 48xx's Hudson Hudson
St Joseph's Sheriff 38xx's 58xx's
Star Prairie 483x's New Richmond Sta 2 New Richmond
Roberts 49xx's 39xx's 59xx's
River Falls 25xx's 95xx's 65xx's
County Corrections 89xx's
County Medical Examiner 413
Sheriff's Patrol
  • 88xx's County Sheriff's Department
  • 8800 Sheriff
  • 8801 First Deputy
  • 8802 Patrol Captain
  • 881x's Investigations
  • 8820 - 8862 Patrol
  • 887x's Recreation Officers (Boat Patrol / Etc)
  • 889x's Reserve Officers

P25 Radio ID's

563441X's Saint Croix County PSAP
81006XX's Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81066XX's Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81106XX's Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81166XX's Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81206XX's Wisconsin State Patrol Kenwood TK-5710 squad radios
81266XX's Wisconsin State Patrol Kenwood TK-5710 squad radios
82XXXXX's Wisconsin DNR
9901XXX's National Weather Service
9901109 National Weather Service-Twin Cities/Chanhassen Weather Forecasting Office
???????'s Baldwin Area Medical Center
???????'s Baldwin PD
???????'s Glenwood City PD
???????'s Hammond PD
???????'s Hudson Hospitals & Clinics
???????'s Hudson PD
???????'s National Park Service (possibly 95XXXXX's?)
???????'s New Richmond PD
???????'s North Hudson PD
???????'s Roberts PD
???????'s Somerset PD
???????'s Saint Croix Correctional Center
???????'s Saint Croix County Sheriff's Office
???????'s Star Prairie PD
???????'s US Fish & Wildlife Service (possibly 95XXXXX's?)
???????'s Westfields Hospital
???????'s Wisconsin State Patrol Weigh Station 61 bases
???????'s Woodville PD

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