St. Croix County (WI)

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Unit Numbering

City/Agency Police Fire EMS
Hudson 41xx's 31xx's 51xx's
New Richmond 42xx's 32xx's 52xx's
United Fire & Rescue 33xx's
Woodville 43xx's United Fire & Rescue 53xx's
Hammond 444x's United Fire & Rescue 54xx's (1st Responders)
Deer Park 4445 3445 New Richmond
Somerset 45xx's 35xx's Stillwater
Baldwin 46xx's United Fire & Rescue 56xx's
Glenwood City 47xx's 37xx's 57xx's
North Hudson 48xx's Hudson Hudson
St Joseph's Sheriff 38xx's 58xx's
Star Prairie 483x's New Richmond Sta 2 New Richmond
Roberts 49xx's 39xx's 59xx's
River Falls 25xx's 95xx's 65xx's
County Corrections 89xx's
County Medical Examiner 413
Sheriff's Patrol
  • 88xx's County Sheriff's Department
  • 8800 Sheriff
  • 8801 First Deputy
  • 8802 Patrol Captain
  • 881x's Investigations
  • 8820 - 8862 Patrol
  • 887x's Recreation Officers (Boat Patrol / Etc)
  • 889x's Reserve Officers

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