St. Louis County (MN) Trunking Information

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ARMER Migration


  • Status - Planning to Migrate to ARMER
  • Sites and Status:
Site ID Site Name Status Lat. Long. FCC CC 1 CC 2
5-030 Elmer ARMEROA.jpg 47.03429N 92.55091W WQKP286
5-031 Sax - Little Swan ARMERCO.jpg 47.15509N 92.40545W WQKS344
5-032 Arrowhead ARMEROA.jpg 46.50022N 92.42543W WQKP286 851.4750
5-043 Duluth Simulcast ARMEROA.jpg 46.47255N 92.06508W 856.4625 852.4875
5-065 Shaw ARMEROA.jpg 47.05488N 92.20343W WQKS344 857.4375
5-066 Mirror Lake Look Out ARMERCO.jpg 46.58300N 92.10360W
5-067 Molde ARMERMW.jpg 47.01099N 91.49599W
5-078 Ely ARMEROA.jpg 47.54030N 91.48540W
5-079 Argo Lake ARMEREV.jpg 47.41197N 91.54236W
5-080 Soudan ARMERS.jpg 47.50377N 92.09316W
5-081 Line Lake File:ARMER.jpg 47.09268N 92.05010W
5-082 Palo ARMERS.jpg 47.22530N 92.08292W WQKS344
5-083 Brimson ARMERP.jpg 47.20428N 91.50458W
5-084 Chisholm North ARMEROA.jpg 47.39045N 92.51546W WQKS344
5-085 Virginia - Midway Simulcast ARMEROA.jpg 47.29143N 92.31122W 852.9500
5-086 Erie Hill ARMERP.jpg 47.35360N 92.13459W
5-087 Idington ARMEROA.jpg 47.43340N 92.37182W
5-088 Vermillion Dam ARMERID.jpg 47.58116N 92.28376W
5-089 Gheen New ARMEROA.jpg 47.58435N 92.49488W
5-090 Crane Lake ARMERID.jpg 48.13045N 92.28116W
5-091 Elephant Lake ARMEROA.jpg 48.10474N 92.45010W
5-092 Meander Lake ARMERIER.jpg 48.07151N 92.09384W
5-093 Kabetogama ARMEROA.jpg 48.21177N 93.00346W


Bolded Descriptions Indicate that the talkgroup will be on the St. Louis County Dispatch Consoles.

TGID Alias Description
SU Law All Law Announcement Group
SU Law No All Law North Announcement Group
SU Law So All Law South Announcement Group
37802 SU Law North St. Louis Co Law North Dispatch
37801 CA Law South St. Louis Co Law South Dispatch
SU Law Ops 1 St. Louis Co Law Operations 1
SU Law Ops 2 St. Louis Co Law Operations 2
SU Law Ops 3 St. Louis Co Law Operations 3
SU Law Ops 4 St. Louis Co Law Operations 4
SU Law Ops 5 St. Louis Co Law Operations 5
SU Law Ops 6 St. Louis Co Law Operations 6 Encrypted
SU DPD All Duluth Police Announcement Group
37300 SU DPD Ops 1 Duluth Police Operations 1
SU DPD Ops 2 Duluth Police Operations 2
SU DPD Ops 3 Duluth Police Operations 3
SU DPD Ops 4 Duluth Police Operations 4 Encrypted
SU DLH 1 Duluth Airport 1
SU DLH 2 Duluth Airport 2
SU B & W St. Louis Co Boat & Water
SU Prob St. Louis Co Probation
CA DEA Drug Enforcement
CA ERT Emergency Response Team
SU Jail St. Louis Co Jail Operations
SU Jail Roam St. Louis Co Jail Operations Statewide
SU DPD Jail Duluth Jail
SU Law Adm 1 St. Louis Co Law Admin 1
SU Law Adm 2 St. Louis Co Law Admin 2
SU Shrf Adm St. Louis Co Sheriff Office Admin
SU IIU Adm St. Louis Co IIU Admin
SU Rescue Adm St. Louis Co Rescue Admin
SU AHRC Adm Arrowhead Regional Corrections Center Admin
SU BPD Adm Babbitt Police Admin
SU BFPD Bois Forte Police Admin
SU BTPD Adm Breitung Police Admin
SU CHPD Adm Chisholm Police Admin
SU DPD Adm 1 Duluth Police Admin 1
SU DPD Adm 2 Duluth Police Admin 2
SU SDTPD Adm Duluth Township Police Admin
SU ELPD Adm Ely Police Admin
SU EVPD Adm Eveleth Police Admin
SU FYPD Adm Fayal Police Admin
SU FWPD Adm Floodwood Police Admin
SU FDLPD Adm Fond du Lac Police Admin
SU GLPD Adm Gilbert Police Admin
SU HTPD Adm Hermantown Police Admin
SU HBPD Adm Hibbing Police Admin
SU HLPD Adm Hoyt Lakes Police Admin
SU PRPD Adm Proctor Police Admin
SU UMD Adm U of MN Duluth Police Admin
SU VPD Admin Virginia Police Admin
SU Fire All Fire Announcement Group
SU Fire North St. Louis Co Fire North
SU Fire South St. Louis Co Fire South
SU Fire Ops 1 St. Louis Co Fire Operations 1
SU Fire Ops 2 St. Louis Co Fire Operations 2
SU Fire Ops 3 St. Louis Co Fire Operations 3
SU Fire Ops 4 St. Louis Co Fire Operations 4
SU Fire Ops 5 St. Louis Co Fire Operations 5
SU Fire Ops 6 St. Louis Co Fire Operations 6
SU DFD Ops 1 Duluth Fire Operations 1
SU DFD Ops 2 Duluth Fire Operations 2
SU DFD Ops 3 Duluth Fire Operations 3
SU DFD Ops 4 Duluth Fire Operations 4
SU Fire Adm No 1 St. Louis Co Fire Admin North 1
SU Fire Adm No 2 St. Louis Co Fire Admin North 2
SU Fire Adm So 1 St. Louis Co Fire Admin South 1
SU Fire Adm So 2 St. Louis Co Fire Admin South 2
SU ANG Adm 148th Air National Guard Fire Admin
SU ALFD Adm Alborn Fire Admin
SU AHFD Adm Arrowhead Fire Admin
SU AUFD Adm Aurora Fire Admin
SU BBFD Adm Babbitt Fire Admin
SU BVFD Adm Bearville Fire Admin
SU BWFD Adm Biwabik City Fire Admin
SU BWTFD Adm Biwabik Township Fire Admin
SU BFFD Adm Bois Forte Fire Admin
SU BTFD Adm Breitung Fire Admin
SU BRFD Adm Brimson Fire Admin
SU BUFD Adm Buhl Fire Admin
SU BYFD Adm Buyck Fire Admin
SU CAFD Adm Canosia Fire Admin
SU CLFD Adm Central Lakes Fire Admin
SU CHFD Adm Cherry Fire Admin
SU CMFD Adm Chisholm Fire Admin
SU CFFD Adm Clifton Fire Admin
SU CNFD Adm Clinton Fire Admin
SU COLFD Adm Colvin Fire Admin
SU COFD Adm Cook Fire Admin
SU CTFD Adm Cotton Fire Admin
SU CRLFD Adm Crane Lake Fire Admin
SU CULFD Adm Culver Fire Admin
SU DFD Adm 1 Duluth Fire Admin 1
SU DFD Adm 2 Duluth Fire Admin 2
SU ENFD Adm Eagles Nest Fire Admin
SU EBFD Adm East Brevator Fire Admin
SU ELFD Adm Ellsburg Fire Admin
SU EMFD Adm Elmer Fire Admin
SU EYFD Adm Ely Fire Admin
SU EMBFD Adm Embarrass Fire Admin
SU EVFD Adm Eveleth Fire Admin
SU EGFD Adm Evergreen Fire Admin
SU FYFD Adm Fayal Fire Admin
SU FWFD Adm Floodwood Fire Admin
SU FBFD Adm Fredenburg Fire Admin
SU FRFD Adm French Fire Admin
SU GBFD Adm Gilbert Fire Admin
SU GNFD Adm Gnesen Fire Admin
SU GLFD Adm Grand Lake Fire Admin
SU GRSFD Adm Greany Rausch Silverdale Fire Admin
SU GWFD Adm Greenwood Fire Admin
SU HTFD Adm Hermantown Fire Admin
SU HBFD Adm Hibbing Fire Admin
SU HLFD Adm Hoyt Lakes Fire Admin
SU INFD Adm Industrial Fire Admin
SU IFFD Adm International Falls Fire Admin
SU KLFD Adm Kelsey Fire Admin
SU KGSFD Adm Kinney/Great Scott Fire Admin
SU LKFD Adm Lake Kabetogema Fire Admin
SU LLFD Adm Lakeland Fire Admin
SU LWFD Adm Lakewood Fire Admin
SU MNFD Adm Makinen Fire Admin
SU MDFD Adm McDavitt Fire Admin
SU MKFD Adm McKinley Fire Admin
SU MLFD Adm Meadowlands Fire Admin
SU MFLFD Adm Morse Fall Lake Fire Admin
SU MTFD Adm Mountain Iron Fire Admin
SU NMFD Adm Normanna Fire Admin
SU NSFD Adm North Star Fire Admin
SU NLFD Adm Northland Fire Admin
SU ORFD Adm Orr Fire Admin
SU PLFD Adm Palo Fire Admin
SU PQFD Adm Pequaywan Fire Admin
SU PSBFD Adm Pike Sandy Britt Fire Admin
SU PRFD Adm Proctor Fire Admin
SU RLFD Adm Rice Lake Fire Admin
SU SLFD Adm Silica Fire Admin
SU SWFD Adm Solway Fire Admin
SU TVFD Adm Toivola Fire Admin
SU TWFD Adm Tower Fire Admin
SU VLFD Adm Vermillion Lake Fire Admin
SU VGFD Adm Virginia Fire Admin
SU WBFD Adm West Brevator Fire Admin
EMS All EMS Announcement Group
SU EMS 1 St. Louis Co EMS 1
SU EMS 2 St. Louis Co EMS 2
SU Rescue 1 St. Louis Co Rescue 1
SU Rescue 2 St. Louis Co Rescue 2
SU EMS Adm No St. Louis Co EMS Admin North
SU EMS Adm So St. Louis Co EMS Admin South
SU BBAMB Adm Babbitt Ambulance Admin
SU BWAMB Adm Biwabik Ambulance Admin
SU BFAMB Adm Bois Forte Ambulance Admin
SU BUAMB Adm Buhl Ambulance Admin
SU CHAMB Adm Chisholm Ambulance Admin
SU COAMB Adm Cook Ambulance Admin
SU EYAMB Adm Ely Ambulance Admin
SU EVAMB Adm Eveleth Ambulance Admin
SU FWAMB Adm Floodwood Ambulance Admin
SU GCAMB Adm Gold Cross Ambulance Admin
SU HBAMB Adm Hibbing Ambulance Admin
SU HLAMB Adm Hoyt Lakes Ambulance Admin
SU IFAMB Adm International Falls Ambulance Admin
SU MLAMB Adm Meadowlands Ambulance Admin
SU ORAMB Adm Orr Ambulance Admin
SU TWAMB Adm Tower Ambulance Admin
SU THAMB Adm Two Harbors Ambulance Admin
SU VGAMB Adm Virginia Ambulance Admin
Hwy & PW
SU PW 1 St. Louis Co Public Works 1
SU PW 2 St. Louis Co Public Works 2
SU PW 3 St. Louis Co Public Works 3
SU PW 4 St. Louis Co Public Works 4
SU PW 5 St. Louis Co Public Works 5
SU PW 6 St. Louis Co Public Works 6
SU PW 7 St. Louis Co Public Works 7
SU PW 8 St. Louis Co Public Works 8
SU PW 9 St. Louis Co Public Works 9
SU PW 10 St. Louis Co Public Works 10
SU PW 11 St. Louis Co Public Works 11
SU PW Eng 1 St. Louis Co Highway Engineers & Techs
SU PW Eng 2 St. Louis Co Highway Foremen
SU Land St. Louis Co Land Department
SU Hlth St. Louis Co Public Health
SU Ely PW1 City of Ely Public Works 1
SU Ely PW2 City of Ely Public Works 2
SU EV PW1 City of Eveleth Public Works 1
SU EV PW2 City of Eveleth Public Works 2
SU GB PW1 City of Gilbert Public Works 1
SU GB PW2 City of Gilbert Public Works 2
SU HB PW1 City of Hibbing Public Works 1
SU HB PW2 City of Hibbing Public Works 2
SU VG PW1 City of Virginia Public Works 1
SU VG PW2 City of Virginia Public Works 2
SU PS Common 1 St. Louis Co Public Safety Common 1
SU PS Common 2 St. Louis Co Public Safety Common 2
SU 911 St. Louis Co Emergency
SU Emer St. Louis Co Emergency Button
SU 911 Roam No St. Louis Co 911 North Roaming
SU 911 Roam So St. Louis Co 911 South Roaming
SU Fire/EMS Roam St. Louis Co Fire/EMS Roaming
SU Tech Roam St. Louis Co Radio Tech Roaming
SU Radio Tech St. Louis Co Radio Technicians
SU DLH Radio Tech Duluth Radio Technicians
SU Port 1 St. Louis Co Port Operations 1 Poss on Console
SU Port 2 St. Louis Co Port Operations 2 Poss on Console
SU Airport St. Louis Co Airport Operations Poss on Console
SU VHF 1 St. Louis Co VHF Interop 1
SU VHF 2 St. Louis Co VHF Interop 2
SU Event 1 St. Louis Co Event 1
SU Event 2 St. Louis Co Event 2
SU DLH Event 1 Duluth Event 1
SU DLH Event 2 Duluth Event 2
SU DLH Event 3 Duluth Event 3
SU State Fire State Fire VHF Interop
SU State Amb State Amvulance VHF Interop
Lake Co VHF Lake Co VHF Interop
Cook Co VHF Cook Co VHF Interop
Carlton VHF Carlton Co VHF Interop
Douglas VHF Douglas Co VHF Interop

Trunked Radio Systems

Recommended Scanning


Frequency Tone Usage
155.5950 151.4 PL Duluth Police 1
155.6400 151.4 PL Duluth Police 2
155.4150 173.8 PL St. Louis Sheriff South
154.3100 203.5 PL Duluth Fire Dispatch
155.9550 St. Louis County Fire/EMS South
153.7700 203.5 PL St. Louis County Fire/EMS North
155.6550 St. Louis County Sheriff Midway
158.7750 173.8 PL St. Louis County Sheriff North
155.2800 203.5 PL Gold Cross Ambualnce - Duluth
155.5800 156.7 PL Hibbing Police
155.3550 141.3 PL Duluth Regional EMS


TGID Usage
2115 Life Link III Inflight Flight Following
2125 Life Link III Hibbing Dispatch
36500 State Patrol Duluth
36564 State Patrol Virginia
37300 Duluth Police 1 (Simulcast of 155.5950)
37801 St. Louis Co South LE Dispatch (Simulcast of 155.4150)
37802 St. Louis Co North LE Dispatch

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