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Central County Emergency 911 (CCE911) is a quasi-government entity that provides fire and EMS dispatching services to its member and contracting agencies in parts of St. Louis, Jefferson and Franklin counties.

Physical Address: 22 Weis Ave, Ellisville, MO 63011

Phone: 636-207-7911


Current Frequencies

Three VHF frequencies are still used for station alerting and paging, depending on the area of the St. Louis County. Central County also has VFIRE21 (Fire Mutual Aid) capability. The Pacific Fire Main is a VHF channel that is now used to patch Franklin County units in that mutual aid to Pacific, Eureka, and Metro West onto SLATER. The use of the remaining VHF frequencies were discontinued with the migration to the SLATER P25 system. In addition to SLATER, CCE can also utilize MOSWIN I/O talkgroups when needed.

Central County's service area is divided into two regions: North and South. The north region is comprised of the agencies that used to be a part of North Central Fire Alarm, and the south region is comprised of the old Central County agencies and the agencies that used to be part of South County Fire Alarm. The VHF paging/station alerting align with these three areas. Dispatching is also simulcast on the SLATER dispatch talkgroups, either NORTH DISPATCH or SOUTH DISPATCH. All response and tactical operations occur on the SLATER system, however most responses on routine calls are usually handled over the mobile CAD system in the fire/EMS vehicles.

Current VHF Frequencies

Frequency Tone Callsign NAME Use
154.325 210.7 KAF919 V North Dispatch (V NORTH DISP) Station Alerting (simulcasted on NORTH DISPATCH talkgroup)
154.220 103.5 KAF919 V Central Dispatch (V CENT DISP) Station Alerting (simulcasted on SOUTH DISPATCH talkgroup)
154.160 192.8 KAF919 V South Dispatch (V SOUTH DISP) Station Alerting (simulcasted on SOUTH DISPATCH talkgroup)
155.280 151.4 WPBI646 Pacific Main (CC PACIFIC MAIN) Used to patch Franklin County units to SLATER on mutual aid calls
154.280 CSQ KAF919 Fire Mutual Aid (VFIRE21) Mutual aid coordination

SLATER Talkgroups

North Region

Talkgroup Use Radio Name
54753 (D5E1) North Fire Dispatch N DISP F
54754 (D5E2) North Fire Main N MAIN F
54703 (D5AF) Fire Tactical 10 FTAC10
54704 (D5B0) Fire Tactical 11 FTAC11
54705 (D5B1) Fire Tactical 12 FTAC12
54706 (D5B2) Fire Tactical 13 FTAC13
54707 (D5B3) Fire Tactical 14 FTAC14
54708 (D5B4) Fire Tactical 15 FTAC15
54709 (D5B5) Fire Tactical 16 FTAC16
54710 (D5B6) Fire Tactical 17 FTAC17
54711 (D5B7) Fire Tactical 18 FTAC18
54712 (D5B8) Fire Tactical 19 FTAC19
55800 (D9F8) Fire Tactical 81E (encrypted) FTAC81E
55805 (D9FD) Fire Tactical 91E (encrypted) FTAC91E

South Region

Talkgroup Use Radio Name
54755 (D5E3) South Fire Dispatch S DISP F
54756 (D5E4) South Fire Main S MAIN F
54713 (D5B9) Fire Tactical 20 FTAC20
54714 (D5BA) Fire Tactical 21 FTAC21
54715 (D5BB) Fire Tactical 22 FTAC22
54716 (D5BC) Fire Tactical 23 FTAC23
54717 (D5BD) Fire Tactical 24 FTAC24
54718 (D5BE) Fire Tactical 25 FTAC25
54719 (D5BF) Fire Tactical 26 FTAC26
54720 (D5C0) Fire Tactical 27 FTAC27
54721 (D5C1) Fire Tactical 28 FTAC28
54722 (D5C2) Fire Tactical 29 FTAC29
55801 (D9F9) Fire Tactical 82E (encrypted) FTAC82E
55806 (D9FE) Fire Tactical 92E (encrypted) FTAC92E

Former Frequencies (prior to SLATER migration)

Frequency Input License Type Tone Out Tone In Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag
151.46000 KAF919 BM 103.5 PL CCE Fire Ops Fire: Main - Operations/Response FMN Deprecated
155.32500 WPDN529 M CCE Cmmnd B Fire: Command B FMN Deprecated
154.26500 WNJZ901 BM CCE Cmmnd C Fire: Command C (203.5 is StL City) FMN Deprecated
154.29500 KBH779 BM CCE Cmmnd D Fire: Command D FMN Deprecated
150.77500 M CCE Cmmnd E Fire: Command E FMN Deprecated
153.95000 KAL741 M CCE Cmmnd F Fire: Command F FMN Deprecated
150.79000 M CSQ CCE Cmmnd G Fire: Command G [No License] FMN Deprecated
159.12000 KAF919 M CCE Cmmnd H Fire: Command H FMN Deprecated
155.29500 M CCE Cmmnd J Fire: Command J FMN Deprecated
154.32500 KBG256 B 210.7 PL NCCFAA Fire Fire: Dispatch-to-Mobiles / Tone-Outs FMN Deprecated
154.40000 KBH779 M 210.7 PL NCCFAA Resp Fire: Mobiles-to-Dispatch / Response FMN Deprecated
460.60000 465.60000 KBG256 RM 192.8 PL NCCFAA H2H House-to-House (repeats 154.325) FMN Fire Dispatch
154.16000 KAK618 BM 192.8 PL SCFA Disptch Fire/EMS: Dispatch (Mehlville) [SCFA] FMN Fire Dispatch
153.89000 KAK618 BM 192.8 PL SCFA Respnse Fire/EMS: Response [Ch 2] (Mehlville) [SCFA] FMN Fire Dispatch
154.32500 KAK618 BM CSQ SCFA FD Adm Fire: Admin [Ch 3] [SCFA] FMN Fire-Tac
153.83000 KAK618 M CSQ MO S/W FG-A Command A: Statewide Fireground [Ch 4] [SCFA] FMN Fire-Tac
156.00000 WPKY463 M SCFA FG Rivr Fireground for Rivers [SCFA] FMN Fire-Tac
154.17500 KAK618 M CSQ SCFA Comm1 Fire: Command I [SCFA] FMN Fire-Tac
155.29500 KZB287 BM 203.5 PL SCFA EMS [SCFA] EMS: Dispatch (or Admin CSQ?) FMN EMS Dispatch
462.95000 467.95000 KNAA594 RM 107.2 PL CCE MED-9 EMS: Response FMN EMS-Tac

Agencies Served by Central County

Agency ID Agency Name VHF Dispatch SLATER Region EMS Provider
2 Central County E911
11 Affton FPD South South Self
12 Crestwood FD South South Self/Abbott EMS
13 Fenton FPD South South Self
16 Lemay FPD South South Self
17 Mehlville FPD South South Self
18 Shrewsbury FD South South Self/Abbott EMS
19 Valley Park FPD South South Self
22 Monarch FPD Central South Self
23 Creve Coeur FPD Central South Self
24 Eureka FPD Central South Self
26 University City FD - North Self
29 Frontenac FD Central South Self
30 Ferguson FD North North Christian Hospital EMS
33 Metro West FPD Central South Self
35 West County EMS & FPD Central South Self
36 Berkeley FD North North Christian Hospital EMS
37 Black Jack FPD North North Christian Hospital EMS
38 Community FPD North North Self
39 Ladue FD Central South Self
40 Florissant Valley FPD North North Self
41 Hazelwood FD North North Self
43 Kinloch FPD North North Christian Hospital EMS
44 Maryland Heights FPD North North Self
45 Mid-County FPD North North Christian Hospital EMS
46 Metro North FPD North North Christian Hospital EMS
47 Northeast Ambulance & FPD North North Self
48 Pattonville FPD North North Self
49 North County Fire & Rescue North North Christian Hospital EMS
50 Robertson FPD North North Self
51 Spanish Lake FPD North North Christian Hospital EMS
52 West Overland EMS & FPD North North Self
61 Pacific FPD Central South Meramec Ambulance Dist. / St. Clair Ambul. Dist.
84 Christian Hospital EMS North North -
85 Meramec Ambulance District Central South -

FD - Fire Department, FPD - Fire Protection District

Former Dispatch Agencies absorbed by CCE911

News Article

Central County Emergency 911 dispatching agency is going to be significantly expanding its area, effective July 1.

That's when various fire districts and departments in South County will be served by Central County. That area is now served by the South County Fire Alarm dispatching agency, which will be closing its doors.

Mike Turner, executive director of CCE911 at 22 Weis Ave. in Ellisville, said his agency was originally formed in 1969 and now serves the Monarch, Metro West, West County, Creve Coeur, Maryland Heights, Pacific and St. Clair fire protection districts, the Meramec Ambulance District, and the cities of Town & Country, Frontenac and Des Peres. It now covers about 600 square miles in St. Louis and Franklin counties.

The fire districts and fire departments South County Fire Alarm serves include Mehlville, Lemay, Affton, Fenton, Valley Park, Crestwood and Eureka.

North Central County Fire Alarm dispatching agency also expects to close later this year, Turner said. The agencies it serves are working to finalize contracts with CCE911 as early as late fall. Those agencies include Berkeley, Ferguson, Hazelwood and Jennings fire departments and the Black Jack, Community, Florissant Valley, Kinloch, Metro North, Mid County, Pattonville, Riverview, Robertson, Spanish Lake and West Overland fire protection districts as well as the Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District and Christian Northeast Ambulance District.

Turner said both those dispatching agencies are closing due to various issues, including the costs involved with continuing to operate.

With the South County expansion alone, CCE911 will be dispatching about 100 additional vehicles to bring the total to 230, Turner said.

North Central County Fire Alarm System [Disbanded]

11/13 - Now disbanded, all agencies have moved to Central County Emergency 911

Dispatches 17 fire protection districts and fire departments in northern St. Louis County.

  • Berkeley, Black Jack FPD, Community FPD, Ferguson, Florissant Valley FPD, Hazelwood, Jennings, Kinloch, Mid County FPD, Metro North FPD, Northeast FPD, Pattonville FPD, Riverview FPD, Robertson FPD, Spanish Lake FPD, University City, West Overland FPD

South County Fire Alarm Association [Disbanded]

11/13 - Now disbanded, all agencies have moved to Central County Emergency 911

Dispatches for: Affton Fire/Rescue, Crestwood Fire/Rescue, Eureka FPD, Fenton Fire/EMS District, Lemay FPD, Mehlville FPD, Pacific FPD, Valley Park Fire/Rescue

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