St. Louis County (MO) North Central Dispatch Center

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North Central Dispatch Center

North Central Dispatch Center operated by the City of St. Ann. They provide 911 Police dispatching for various municipal police departments in north St. Louis County. St. Ann dispatch began referring to themselves as North Central Dispatch in 2020. This is not the same center that used to be North Central Fire Alarm. North Central Fire Alarm disbanded in 2013, and all of its fire and EMS agencies are now dispatched by Central County Emergency 911.

Physical Address: 10405 St. Charles Rock Road, St. Ann, MO 63074

Phone: 314-427-8000

Currently, North Central Dispatch provides police dispatching for:
- City of Saint Ann
- City of Edmundson
- City of Northwoods
- North County Police Cooperative*

(* North County Police Cooperative is operated by the City of Venita Park and provides police services to Beverly Hills, Charlack, Dellwood, Pine Lawn, Vinita Park, and Wellston.)

Dispatching is done on the SLATER system, talkgroup 55400 (D868) encrypted.