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Stanislaus Regional 911

Stanislaus Regional 911 (SR 911) is a joint emergency dispatch center that was formed through a Joint Powers Agreement between Stanislaus County and the City of Modesto. It is directed by a commission comprised of representatives from each jurisdiction and the public safety agencies. SR 911 provides public safety emergency dispatch service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and is the answering point for the 911 telephone system. Dispatching is provided for 22 law enforcement and fire agencies within Stanislaus County. All fire and law enforcement agencies, with the exception of Oakdale City Police, Ceres City Police, Newman City Police, and Turlock City Fire and Police, are dispatched from this center.

SR 911 website

Law Enforcement

Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department

The Sheriff's Department patrols and handles crimes in unincorporated areas of the county. It also provides contract law enforcement services to the cities of Hughson, Patterson, Riverbank, and Waterford. Additionally, the Sheriff's Department is responsible for patrolling the county's lakes, reservoirs, and recreation areas. The department also administers the adult detention facilities.


The Sheriff's Department utilizes three part unit callsigns. The first number is the area the unit is assigned to, the letter designates the shift or unit function, and the last number is the beat or officer number.

Example: 2L5 would be a Riverbank day shift unit

6Q90 would be a countywide graveyard K-9 unit

3S1 would be a Patterson sergeant

First number - area assigned

  • 2 - Riverbank
  • 3 - Patterson
  • 6 - Countywide
  • 7 - Waterford
  • 8 - Probation
  • 9 - Hughson

Letter - Shift or unit function

  • A - Admin (Sheriff, Undersheriff, Contracted city police chief)
  • B - Swing shift
  • K - Detective
  • L - Day shift
  • M - Coroner
  • P - Probation
  • Q - Graveyard shift
  • S - Sergeant
  • T - Traffic
  • X - Crime scene technician
  • Y - Special (gangs, ect)

Last number - Beat assignment or unit function

  • 1 beat - North/Northwest county (Salida, West Modesto, McHenry)
  • 2 beat - Central area (Airport District, Empire)
  • 3 beat - Southwest Modesto area (Bret Harte, Shackleford)
  • 4 beat - Southeast Modesto area (Bystrom) and Keyes
  • 5 beat - West county (Westley/Grayson, Crows Landing, Diablo Grande)
  • 6 beat - South County (Denair, Turlock)
  • 7 beat - East county (East Oakdale, Knights Ferry, Hickman, La Grange)
  • 8 beat - Salida?
  • 70 series - Lake/Reservoir ground patrol
  • 90 series - K-9 unit

Special unit callsigns

  • Air 101 or Air 111 - Helicopter or airplane
  • Marine - Boat
  • Wagon - Prisoner transport


Stanislaus Sheriff Beat Map

Stanislaus County Probation Department

The Probation Department is responsible for Juvenile Hall and handles juvenile and adult probation investigations and supervison. They occasionally utilize sheriff's channel 1. Callsigns are in the 8Pxx series. Most of their coordination for probation operations is likely done via cell phone or MDC.

Ceres Police Department

Ceres Police Department has its own dispatch center and utilizes the SR 911 Trunked Radio System. Their patrol officers work three shifts:

  • Day shift 0600-1700
  • Swing shift 1400-0100
  • Graveyard shift 1900-0600.

Modesto Police Department


Patrol units utilize a letter to denote their shift, followed by the beat they are assigned to. For example, M41 is a swing shift unit assigned to beat 41.

  • A - Admin (sergeant or higher)
  • B - Graveyard shift (2000-0700 hours)
  • CAT - Stanislaus County Auto Theft Task Force (StanCATT)
  • CSO - Community services officer
  • D - Detectives?
  • L - Extra patrol
  • M - Swing shift (1300-0000 hours)
  • Q - Day shift (0600-1700 hours)
  • T - Traffic
  • X -
  • Y - Special assignment
  • Z -


Modesto Police Beat Map

Newman Police Department

Oakdale Police Department

Turlock Police Department

Turlock Police Department its own dispatch center and trunked radio system. The dispatch center also dispatches for Turlock City Fire and Public Works.


Beat units use a two digit numbering system. The first number denotes the shift and the second number denotes the assigned beat. See the map below for beats. A unit callsign starting with '2', followed by a letter and two more numbers is a two man unit. Two man units are usually seen when a new officer is undergoing field training.

Example: 13 is a day shift unit assigned to beat 3

21 is a swing shift unit assigned to beat 1

35 is a graveyard shift unit assigned to beat 5

2B14 is a two man, day shift unit assigned to beat 4.


  • 1x - day shift
  • 2x - swing shift
  • 3x - graveyard shift

Beat assignments

  • x1 - northeast
  • x2 - southeast
  • x3 - southwest
  • x4 - northwest
  • x5 - central

Other units

  • A - admin (A-1 is the Chief of Police)
  • Charlie - detectives or street crimes unit
  • David - suffix denoting K-9 unit (example: 32 David)
  • George - chaplain
  • H - school resource officer
  • King - cadet
  • L - university police unit
  • Lincoln - Lieutenant
  • Nora -
  • R - community services?
  • S - supervisor (Sergeant or corporal)
  • Sam - saturation patrol (common during holidays/fair/special events)
  • Tom - traffic
  • Victor - Volunteer
  • Xray - community service officer
  • Y - animal control


Turlock Police Beat Map

California Highway Patrol - Modesto Area Office

The CHP's Modesto Area Office is responsible for traffic enforcement and accident investigation on all freeways, roadways, and unicorporated areas of Stanislaus County. Additionally, CHP units handle all crimes that occur on state property, including Caltrans, DMV, EDD, and National Guard facilities. Units are dispatched by the Merced Communications Center on the "Yellow" channel and utilize 48-xx callsigns. This channel is also shared with Sonora Area Office units, which have the prefix 61-x.

Beat assignments

CHP utilizes area beats and line beats. An area beat encompasses a large geographical area, with multiple roads in that area. A line beat denotes a specific road or section of a road (usually a heavily traveled route, such as a freeway or major highway).

  • 10 area beat - Modesto area
  • 11 - line beat - SR-99 north of Tuolumne River to San Joaquin County line
  • 12 - line beat - SR-132 west of SR-99 to San Joaquin County line
  • 20 - area beat - northeast county (Oakdale, Riverbank, Knights Ferry)
  • 23 - line beat - SR-108 in Stanislaus County
  • 30 - area beat - southeast county (Keyes, Denair, Hughson, Turlock)
  • 32 - line beat - SR-132 east of SR-99 to Tuolumne County line
  • 40 - area beat - southwest county
  • 41- line beat - SR-99 from Merced county line to Tuolumne River
  • 42 - line beat - Crows Landing Road
  • 50 - area beat - west county (Grayson, Westley, Patterson, Newman)
  • 55 - line beat - all of I-5 in Stanislaus County

Unit designators

Units will have the prefix 48- if assigned to the Modesto office and the prefix Central- if assigned to the Central Division office. Some units are assigned to Central Division but work out of the Modesto office; these units use the Central- prefix as well.

  • Air - Fixed wing aircraft
  • C - Captain (area commander)
  • CENTRAL - Unit assigned to Central Division (commercial vehicle enforcement, farm labor program, ect)
  • COZEEP - Construction zone enforcement
  • D or Daivd - Office unit (court officer, evidence officer, public information officer)
  • H - Helicopter
  • King - K9 Unit
  • L - Lieutenant
  • Mary - Motorcycle (example: 48-11 Mary)
  • MAZEEP - Maintenance zone enforcement
  • S - Sergeant
  • Tac - Special detail (COZEEP, MAZEEP, DUI enforcement)
  • 9x - Special detail (COZEEP, MAZEEP, DUI enforcement)

California State University, Stanislaus - University Police Department

The CSU Stanislaus University Police have their own channels on the Turlock P25 Trunked Radio System. The University Police have their own dispatch center that is operational during weekday business hours. After hours, units switch over to Turlock Police Channel 1. They will provide mutual aid to Turlock PD if requested or if they are close to a call. All University Police units have the prefix "L" or "LA" in front of the number (Ex. L10 or LA4). Community Service Officers (CSOs) are in the L5x or L6x series.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife - Central District

Fish and Wildlife wardens patrol the county's fishing areas. They often utilize the Mount Elizabeth repeater on 151.414 94.8 PL for communications with dispatch. Unit callsigns are in the 41xx series.

Law Enforcement Division - Central District

Fire Departments

All city and county (except Turlock City) fire and EMS calls will be toned out, dispatched via voice radio on Command 1, as well as via Mobile Data Computer (MDC). Dispatch will assign a command channel, and for large or long term incidents, a tac channel.

Radio Channels

  • Command 1 - Dispatches only
  • Command 2 - Backup/overflow channel
  • Command 3 - All other fire departments/districts
  • Command 4 - All other fire departments/districts
  • Command 5 - Modesto Fire Department
  • Command 6 - VFIRE 21
  • Tacs 7-12 - Assigned to incidents as needed
  • Tac 13 - VFIRE 22
  • Tac 14 - VFIRE 23
  • Tac 15 - CALCORD
  • Tac 16 - County Interop Channel

Stanislaus County Fire Departments


All emergency ambulance dispatches are provided by LifeCom, a division of American Medical Response. Fire first response agencies are dispatched by SR 911, (except Turlock City). There are two air ambulance providers based in the county, PHI Air Medical and Air Methods. Mutual aid services are provided by REACH. Augmenting the EMS system are 15 fire departments, both paid and volunteer. All departments provide basic life support first response with the exception of three engine companies in the City of Modesto and one in Patterson, who provide advanced life support care.

Radio Channels

  • AMR Dispatch 152.4125 - Dispatches for all AMR units in the county
  • EMS Dispatch 462.9750 - Dispatches for all other EMS units in the county
  • Fire Control 1 453.5250 - UHF simulcast of Fire Command 1 (fire dispatches)
  • VHF Mednet 155.3850 - Medic to Hospital VHF
  • UHF Mednet 463.0000 - Medic to Hospital UHF

Ground Amubulance

The county is divided into eight ambulance response zones, most of which are Exclusive Operating Areas.

The Exclusive Operating Areas are:

  • Zone 1 – Modesto/Salida/Empire - American Medical Response
  • Zone 3 – Ceres/Keyes - American Medical Response
  • Zone 4 – Oakdale/Riverbank/Valley Home/Knights Ferry - Oak Valley District Ambulance
  • Zone 5 – Patterson/Westley/Grayson - Patterson District Ambulance
  • Zone 8 – Turlock/Denair - American Medical Response

The Non-Exclusive Operating Areas are:

  • Zone A – Newman - Westside District Ambulance
  • Zone C – Hughson - Pro Transport1 Ambulance
  • Zone D – Waterford/Hickman/LaGrange - Oak Valley District Ambulance

Air Ambulance

Two private air ambulances provide coverage to the area. They will alternate between calls, for example one call will be assigned to Mercy Air and the next call will be assigned to PHI. Additionally, Mercy Air 32 is stationed in Merced, PHI Med 42 is stationed in Sonora, and Reach 2 is stationed in Stockton. These additional aircraft can provide mutual aid in the event that the two primary county air ambulances are busy or unable to fly due to mechanical issues or maintenance.

  • Mercy Air 31 (Tail# N388AM or N113AM) - Based at Memorial Medical Center - Dispatched on 462.9750
  • PHI Med 41 (Tail# N384PH) - Based at Modesto Airport - Dispatched on 461.5750

SOP for Air Ambulance

When an air ambulance is requested, SR 911 will contact the air ambulance's respective dispatch center. The air ambulance dispatch center then will tone out the air ambulance via their dispatch channel. The air ambulance will take off, and once they are approaching the scene they will contact their "ground contact" (usually a fire unit on Command 3). They will get additional information from the ground contact and coordinate a landing zone (LZ). Upon final approach to the LZ, the air ambulance and ground contact will switch to CALCORD for coordination. The air ambulance will land, pick up the patient, and take off again. While en route to the hospital, the air ambulance will provide the hospital with patient information using mednet or air-to-hospital channel (unconfirmed which one).

  • Note - Air ambulances within 4 miles of Modesto Airport and below 2,500 feet in altitude will be in contact with "Modesto Tower" on 125.300. When talking to air traffic control, air ambulances utilize their tail number rather than their call sign.


  • Doctors Medical Center (Level II Trauma Center) - Modesto
  • Emanuel Medical Center - Turlock
  • Kaiser-Permanente Medical Center - Modesto
  • Memorial Medical Center (Level II Trauma Center) - Modesto
  • Oak Valley District Hospital - Oakdale


Stanislaus County EMS zones and map

Ceres Unified School District

  • J2 = School Resource Officer
  • S-1, S-2, S-3, etc. = Campus Security