Stennis Space Center

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Federal Trunked Radio System

NameStennis Space Center
OwnerU.S. Air Force
Owner TypeFederal
CountryUnited States

System Details
BandFederal UHF
TypeMotorola Type II Smartnet
Connect Tone138.46
P25 NACn/a

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Welcome to the Stennis Space Center collaboration article, a Federal Trunked Radio System located in Hancock County, Mississippi, United States.
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  • The InfoBox previously listed NAC=177.

System Notes

The trunked radio system at the NASA John C. Stennis Space Center consists of a Motorola SmartNet II trunked radio backbone with 5 Motorola Quantro repeaters, two (2) MSF-5000 repeaters, one (1) site controller with telephone interconnect, one (1) CentraCom II+ console central electronics bank, and three (3) CentraCom II+ dispatch consoles (located in B1201, B1100, and B2201). Antennas for the system are located at 400' and 380' on the 400' communications tower. An auxiliary site is housed in B2205 and consists of MSF-5000 repeaters and one StartSite central site controller. Antennas for this system are located on an 80' tower fastened to the building. The auxiliary site exists to provide limited trunking service in case of damage to or destruction of the main site at B1201. A computerized logging system logs pertinent data about the traffic on the system, including call start/stop times, calling/called radio ID, network accessed, and equipment assigned for the call.

There are approximately 350 portable and 75 mobile radios at SSC which access this system.

This system has a Trunked Radio to Conventional Bridge which supports links to the following communications systems:

  • Air/ground communications (122.8 MHz)
  • MS Sheriff's Network (45.22 MHz)
  • MS Emergency Mgmt (45.92 MHz)
  • Slidell, LA PD (800 MHz Trunked)
  • LA State PD (800 MHz Trunked) With plans to patch into the outbuilding LATIE (700 MHz Trunked)
  • Commercial Marine radio channels
  • 3 VHF repeaters located at B1201 used for mutual-aid traffic during emergencies at SSC and for non-critical traffic at other times
  • HF Radios
  • Telephone connections to the IBX telephone switch

Known Users

  • NASA Stennis Space Center

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