Stephenson County (IL)

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Stephenson County Government

Municipalities and Districts

Freeport (City)

Freeport Police Department

Freeport Water and Sewer Commission

  • WPUT807 956.34375 Itron Water Data 8K85A1D 20KKA2D

Otter Creek Lake Utility District

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones


200s Sheriff
300s police
700s Shannon FD
1300 Pecatonica FD
3000 Freeport FD
3100 Freeport Rural FD
3200 Cedarville FD
3300 Orangeville FD
3400 Dakota FD
3500 Rock City FD
3600 Davis FD
3700 German Valley FD
3800 Pearl City FD
3900 Lena FD
4000 Winslow FD
1B12 Pearl City Ambulance
1B13 Freeport Rural Ambulance
1B14 German Valley Ambulance 
1B15 Leamons Ambulance, Lena
1B18 Tri-District Ambulance (Davis, Dakota, Rock City)
1B23?? Shannon Ambulance
1C21 Pecatonica Ambulance
1C42 Pecatonica Ambulance

Fire/EMS Pager Tones

Freeport City Fire/Ambulance Tone: 975/1259
Freeport Rural Fire/Ambulance: 703/581
Orangeville Fire: 2362/1230
Lena Fire: 874/797
Pearl City FD/Ambulance: 583 (Long Tone)
Tri District Ambulance: 651/729
Davis Fire: 1133/729



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