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United States Air Force

General Information

Tyndall Air Force Base (PAM) is located 12 miles east of Panama City, Florida. The base was named in honor of World War I pilot 1st Lt Frank Benjamin Tyndall. The base operating unit and host wing is the 325th Fighter Wing (325 FW) of the Air Combat Command (ACC).

United States Air Force Headquarters First Air Force

First Air Force (Air Forces Northern) (1 AF-AFNORTH) is one of three numbered air forces assigned to Headquarters Air Combat Command (ACC).

It has sole responsibility for ensuring the aerospace control and air defense of the continental United States, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. As the Continental U.S. Region (CONR) for NORAD, the bi-national North American Aerospace Defense Command, CONR provides air defense in the form of airspace surveillance and airspace control.

First Air Force is also the designated air component for the U.S. Northern Command. USNORTHCOM's area of responsibility includes the continental United States, Alaska, Canada and Mexico, and its air, land and maritime approaches.

As the USNORTHCOM air component, AFNORTH is the senior agency in the United States Theater Air Control System and is specifically responsible for the land areas of the continental United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the surrounding seas out to approximately 500 nautical miles. When tasked, it conducts homeland defense and Defense Support of Civil Authorities operations in the USNORTHCOM area of responsibility. The DSCA mission is to support local, state, regional, and federal emergency service agencies; and protect the American people and their way of life. [1]

325th Fighter Wing (325 FW)

The 325th Fighter Wing's primary mission is to train and project unrivaled combat air power for F-22 Raptor pilots and maintenance personnel to support the combat Air Forces. Training for F-22 pilots is performed in the 43rd Fighter Squadron. Additionally, wing personnel manage the southeastern air combat maneuvering instrumentation range and provide mission-ready F-22 air dominance forces in support of the Commander, North American Aerospace Defense Command/First Air Force contingency plans. [2]

325th Operations Group (325 OG)

  • Aircraft - F-22 Raptor
  • Tail Code - TY
  • Motto - Locare et Liquidare - "Locate and Liquidate"

The 325th Operations Group is responsible for directing the flying and support operations for a F-22 Raptor fighter squadron, a training and support squadron, and an operations support squadron. The 43rd Fighter Squadron is the only Air Force unit that provides initial and requalification training for active duty, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve F-22 pilots. The 325th Training Support Squadron provides academic and simulator training in support of each squadron's syllabi. The 325th Operations Support Squadron trains air traffic control personnel and intelligence officers for worldwide assignment, and supports daily operations of the group. The group staff provides guidance and assistance in successfully executing the training mission and ensures quality performance and standardized procedures for pilots and weapons directors for worldwide assignment to the combat Air Forces. [3]

2nd Fighter Training Squadron (2 FTS)

  • Aircraft - T-38 Talon
  • Nickname - American Beagle
  • Motto - Second to None

The 2nd Fighter Training Squadron is an active United States Air Force Unit. It is assigned to the 325th Operations Group at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. It was activated on 22 August 2014.

It operates the T-38 Talon aircraft conducting adversary training for F-22 Raptor pilots in air superiority missions.

43d Fighter Squadron (43 FS)

  • Nickname - Hornets

The 43rd Fighter Squadron is responsible for providing air dominance training for the world's newest fighter, the F-22 Raptor. The 43rd FS, a subordinate unit of the 325th Fighter Wing, Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., is the first squadron to receive the F-22 and will continue to serve as the primary training location. [4]

95th Fighter Squadron (95 FS)

  • Nickname - Boneheads
  • Motto - Death with Finesse
  • Mascot - Mr. Bones

The 95th Fighter Squadron projects unrivaled combat air power supporting national military objectives and Combatant Commander requirements through strategic application of 5th generation air dominance fighter aircraft and personnel. [5]

325th Operations Support Squadron (325 OSS)

The 325th Operations Support Squadron is one of four squadrons assigned to the 325th Operations Group, 325th Fighter Wing, Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. The squadron provides support to U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve F-22 Raptor pilots. The 325th OSS also controls air traffic, manages the airfield complex, and provides weather support. Additionally, the 325th OSS schedules sorties in more than 3,400 square miles of Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation training ranges for more than 4,000 sorties annually involving local and TDY units. [6]

325th Training Support Squadron (325 TRSS)

The 325th Training Support Squadron manages training resources and conducts unrivaled academic and realistic simulator training to produce America's Air Dominance Team of F-22 pilots, air battle managers and intelligence officers for worldwide assignment. This highly specialized unit is assigned to the 325th Operations Group, 325th Fighter Wing at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. [7]

53rd Weapons Evaluation Group (53 WEG)

The 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group is an Air Combat Command (ACC) tenant organization that reports to the 53rd Wing, Eglin Air Force Base. The WEG is comprised of five squadrons and two detachments: the 53rd Test Support Squadron; the 81st Range Control Squadron; the 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron; the 83rd Fighter Weapons Squadron, located at Tyndall; the 86th Fighter Weapons Squadron, located at Eglin AFB; Detatchment 1, 82nd ATRS, located at Holloman AFB, N.M.; and Detachment 1, 86 FWS, located at Hill AFB, Utah. The group conducts the Air Force's air-to-air Weapon System Evaluation Program, known as Combat Archer, and the Air Force's air-to-ground Weapon System Evaluation Program, known as Combat Hammer. It also supports Weapons Instructor Course air-to-air formal training syllabi. Unit personnel provide all Air Force aerial target support for DOD users in the Gulf Ranges and full-scale targets for Title 10 testing at White Sands Missile Range, Holloman AFB, N.M. The group also plans, manages and executes the U.S. Air Force Air-to-Air Weapons Meet, William Tell. [8]

Radio Comunications

Land Mobile Radio(LMR)

Primary land mobile communications uses site 1-10 of this system.

United States Air Force (BEE00-3D6)

010 (A) Tyndall Air Force Base406.162500c 406.362500a 406.562500a 406.962500a 407.362500 407.762500 408.162500 408.562500
    408.762500 408.962500 409.362500 409.762500 410.162500 410.562500 410.762500  

Air Operations

Local Frequencies / Channels
Preset UHF Agency VHF Mode Notes
a0 254.4 ATIC AM
a1 259.3 GROUND AM
a2 263.15 TOWER AM
a3 392.1 APPROACH (North) AM
a4 317.45 ARRIVAL AM
a5 317.8 SFA-EMER AM
a6 373.65 SOF AM
a7 384.7 ACES OPS AM
a8 256.05 DRONE OPS AM
a9 281.2 BANDIT / ATAC AM

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