UMP Summer Nationals

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The UMP Summernationals is a month long UMP sanctioned late-model series tour that travels to nearly 30 tracks throughout Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, and Ohio from June-July each year. Fans can further their enjoyment while at a series race by listening to the series officials, track officials and Raceciever channel on their scanner. Drivers cannot use radios to communicate with their crew or a spotter per UMP rules, but instead are required to monitor the Raceceiver channel while on the track for information from the race coordinator concerning lineup order and cautions.

General Information

Series Schedule

2020 frequencies:

  • 454.000 Raceceiver
  • 451.925 UMP Officials

Since 2007, the UMP Summernationals series is using Raceceiver one-way radios to give instructions to the drivers. The frequency is 454.000 (CSQ).

For 2012, the UMP officials are using 451.925 DCS731. This is the same channel as the WoO Sprints officials use. In 2011, the officials used 452.400 DCS331. Both of these frequencies are listed on the WoO Sprints page listing their scanner frequencies. Other frequencies listed and not heard used at Summernationals events include:

  • 452.025
  • 452.800
  • 451.875
  • 452.625
  • 452.300
  • 451.900

In 2011, the staff coordinating the transponder system used 464.700 DCS516 but this has not been heard in 2012.

Scanner Frequencies Used at Individual Tracks

Track frequencies are listed on the state-specific sports pages: