US Army Fort Campbell

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US Army Fort Campbell TRS
System Name US Army Fort Campbell
System Type Project 25 Phase I
System ID 1FE
Connect Tone
Network Access Code
Band Military UHF
Agency U.S. Army
City Fort Campbell
County Multiple
State Kentucky & Tennessee

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Welcome to the US Army Fort Campbell collaboration article, a military trunked radio system located in Kentucky & Tennessee.
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Miscellaneous information: For shooting range operations: all ranges refer to main desk as “Fire Desk” and the main desk authorizes when they can begin shooting targets (range is referred to as “hot” when the shooting begins). The new Covid Taskforce channel recently keyed up on the system. The operators have a “Covid Entrance” and communicate to “Covid Hallway” over the radio about appointments.

Regarding tower 1: this is the talk group used to check all radios on the system for each department or service group. Example: tower 1 would call out “Fire central dispatch” to where they would respond “loud and clear”.

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