Vermilion Parish (LA) Bridges

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Vermilion Parish (LA) Bridges

  • State Road 82 Liftbridge over the Schooner Bayou Canal,Kaplan (KMB849) (29.744851/-92.327996)
  • Elm St. (aka State Road 82) Liftbridge over the Vermilion Bayou,Abbeville (KUF633) (29.951390/-92.156346)
  • Freshwater City Rd. (aka State Road 3147) Liftbridge,Kaplan (WHH253) (29.600093/-92.341510)
  • Veterans Memorial Dr. (aka State Road 14) Liftbridge,Abbeville (WQB327) (29.983535/-92.136667)
  • Woodlawn Liftbridge along Lulu Rd. over the Vermilion River,Youngsville (WXZ584) (30.061340/-92.078661)

  • All Sta.'s are licensed to operate on Marine Channels 09, 13 & 16

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