Vernon County (MO)

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Vernon County

Vernon County Sheriff's Office

Dispatches Responders for Deerfield, Richards, Compton, Walker, Milo, Bronough & Sheldon Fire and Medical. Also handles Law enforcement traffic For County Deputies and Sheldon Police Dept. Also Communication of information to Nevada PD when needed.

  • CO WIDE- County Wide: Communications for Fire and Medical Responders to County and Scene Communications for all Departments Listed in VCSO
  • 155.31000 KAI504 BM 74.4 PL Fire/EMS/First Responders: Dispath FMN
    • Former repeater
  • 153.99500 KAI504 M 74.4 PL Sheriff: Mobile Extenders to 155.31 FMN
    • Former input to 155.31 repeater
  • 458.45000 KAI504 M Law: Remote Receive Link to 155.31R FMN
  • 155.66250 WPNQ956 BM Fire / EMS (Not in use) FMN Deprecated
  • 460.27500 WPNQ956 M Fire: Mobile Extenders FMN Deprecated

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Vernon County Ambulance District (VCAD)

  • Communications between Nevada Dispatch, Ambulance Base, Scene and Rural First Responders to responding ambulance.
  • 12/13 KNCY923 - add 151.34 Mobile Extenders (NFM)

Old Frequencies

  • 154.96500 155.26500 KNCY923 RM 179.9 PL VCAD Disp Old EMS: Dispatch [VCAD] FMN EMS Dispatch
  • 155.26500 KNCY923 BM 74.4 PL VCAD Old EMS: FMN
  • 453.32500 KNCY923 F VCAD RF1 Nev EMS: Remote Link to 154.965 - Nevada FMN
  • 453.57500 KNCY923 F 103.5 PL VCAD RF2 Bron EMS: Remote Link to 154.965 - Bronough

Nevada Regional Medical Center (DBA Nevada City Hospital)

  • WQBI316 - 464.4 (or 464.2?) Repeater for Maintenance/Security (NFM)
  • WPRU420 - 154.515 Base/Mobile; 464.125 Repeater for Ops
  • KB67103 - 155.715 mobiles
  • WNYI874 - 457/465/467 - 15 Frequencies for digital data
Frequency  License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.34000  WQI272   BM  HEAR340 Patient Reports  FMN  Hospital 

Municipalities and Districts


  • Fire also licensed for mobiles on 151.46 and 154.3925

Compton Junction Fire District


Deerfield Volunteer Fire Department


Milo Rural Fire Department

Nevada (City)

  • (OLD) 154.815 KAB298 BM 179.9 PL Police: Dispatch FMN Deprecated

Nevada Fire

  • includes Sheldon, Deerfield and Compton Junction
  • WQX268 - 154.31 Repeater with new input 159.1725 (10/10) (NFM) (7/13 add second repeater on same frequency)

Center Township (Nevada)

  • WQTD673 - 151.0625 Repeater with 155.8875 for Roads/Snow Removal (NFM)

Compton Junction Fire District


Walker Rural Fire Department

Schools and Colleges

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