Wake County (NC) Fire Brevity Codes

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  • The Raleigh Wake Emergency Communications Center transitioned to the Emergency Fire Dispatch (EFD) on June 7, 2011 at 08:00. This transition affects how calls are dispatched to both the Raleigh Fire Department and also the Volunteer Fire Departments that operate in Wake County. This program is the fire service version of Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) which has been in place for many years.
  • The EFD program is a protocol based system that is used to process fire calls to determine the most appropriate response.
  • RFD Fire Tone Out codes can be found here Wake County (NC) Tone-Out List
  • The most obvious and important change for fire service personnel in the field is that responders will hear a standardized short text description of an emergency and an alphanumeric determinant for the call type.
    • Example: Brush Fire 67-Delta-2.

Brevity Codes List

51 - Aircraft Craft Emergency
51-D-1 Aircraft Crash on Land (Alert III)
51-D-2 Aircraft Crash Involving Structure (Alert III)
51-D-3 Aircraft Fire/Recovery on Ground (Alert III)
51-D-4 Coastal water aircraft emergency
51-D-5 Inland water aircraft emergency
51-D-6 Oceanic water aircraft emergency
51-C-1 Aircraft Incoming - Full Emergency (Alert II)
51-C-2 Aircraft Incoming - Minor Emergency (Alert II)
51-B-1 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
51-A-1 Stand By 
51-O-1 Airborne Aircraft 
Each code will also have a suffix

L - Large aircraft
S - Small aircraft
M - Military
U - Unknown

52 - Alarms
52-C-1 High Life Hazard
52-C-2 High Rise
52-C-3 Commercial Structure
52-B-1 Residential (Multiple)
52-B-2 Residential (Single)
52-B-3 Non-Dwelling Structure (Shed, Garage, Call Box)
52-B-4 Mobile Home, House Trailer, Portable Office
52-B-5 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
52-O-1 Burglar Hold-up Alarm
52-O-2 Medical Alarm

Each code will also have a suffix
C - CO alarm
G - General/Fire
H - Heat (temperature) detector
I - Industrial Gas/HAZMAT
K - Keypad (manual)
O - Other
P - Pull Station
S - Smoke Detector
T - Trouble/Tamper
W - Waterflow/Sprinkler

53 - Citizen Assist/Service Call

53-C-1 Water problem with electrical hazard
53-C-2 Service Call (multiple units)
53-B-1 Locked in vehicle
53-B-2 Locked in/out of building (possible medical assistance)
53-B-3 Citizen assist (possible medical assistance)
53-B-4 Service call (possible medical assistance)
53-B-5 Unknown/other situation (possible medical assistance)
53-A-1 Locked in/out of building (non-medical assistance)
53-A-2 Citizen assist (non-medical assistance)
53-A-3 Animal rescue
53-A-4 Water rescue
53-A-5 Service call
53-A-6 Unknown/other situation (investigation)
53-O-1-6 Outside resource complaints:

1 - Locked out of vehicle (unoccupied) 2 - Downed trees and objects 3 - Hydrant problems 4 - Sewer problems 5 - Water main break 6 - Other

54-Confined Space / Structure Collapse

54-D-1 Entrapment (confirmed)
54-D-2 Entrapment (Confirmed with Hazardous Materials)
54-C-1 Entrapment (Unconfirmed with Hazardous Materials)
54-B-1 Entrapment (Unconfirmed)

Each code will also have a suffix
A - Avalanche
C - Confined Space
M - Mudslide
S - Structure collapse
T - Trench collapse
U - Unknown

55 - Electrical Hazard
55-C-1 Electrical hazard with or near water
55-C-2 Wires down with smoke or arcing
55-B-1 Electrical Arcing
55-B-2 Wires down with no smoke or arcing
55-B-3 Appliance with odor present
55-B-4 Electrical odor
55-B-5 Unknown situation (investigation)
55-A-1 Transformer outside (wire or pole)
55-A-2 Appliance with no odor present
Each code may also have a suffix

P - Power reportedly disconnected

56 - Elevator / Escalator Rescue

56-D-1 Entrapment (escalator) with injuries
56-D-2 Elevator accident
56-B-1 Elevator malfunction-occupants inside (medical condition present)
56-B-2 Caught (escalator) with no injuries
56-B-3 Unknown situation (investigation)
56-A-1 Elevator malfunction - occupants inside
56-O-1 Elevator malfunction - no occupants inside
56-O-2 Escalator incident - not caught (with or without injuries)
57 - Explosion
57-D-1 High Life Hazard
57-D-2 High Rise
57-D-3 Commercial/industrial structure
57-D-4 Residential (multiple)
57-D-5 Residential (single)
57-D-6 Large non-dwelling structure (barn, storage building)
57-D-7 Small non-dwelling structure (shed, detached garage)
57-D-8 Commercial vehicle
57-D-9 Large Fuel/Fire Load vehicle (bus, camper, motor home)
57-D-10 Mobile home, house trailer, portable office
57-B-1 Vehicle explosion
57-B-2 Other explosion
57-B-3 Unknown situation (investigation)
Each code may also have a suffix

F - Fire

58 - Extrication / Entrapped (Machinery, Vehicle)

58-D-1 Entrapment (except peripheral)
58-B-1 Entrapment (peripheral only)
58-B-2 Unknown situation (investigation)
58-O-1 No longer trapped
59 - Fuel Spill
59-C-1 In or near waterway
59-C-2 Uncontained Large spill
59-C-3 Contained Large spill
59-C-4 Unknown situation (investigation)
59-B-1 Uncontained Small spill
59-B-2 Contained Small spill
Large spill = > 5 gal

Small spill = < 5 gal
Same as the DEC

60 - Gas Leak / Gas Odor (Natural and LP Gases)

60-D-1 High Life Hazard
60-D-2 High Rise
60-D-3 Commercial/industrial structure
60-D-4 Residential (multiple)
60-C-1 Residential (single)
60-C-2 Outside line/tank > or = 5 Gal
60-B-1 Outside tank < 5 gal
60-B-2 Outside odor/Unknown source
Each code may also have a suffix

O - Odor only


61-D-1 HAZMAT (uncontained)
61-D-2 Illegal Drug Lab (uncontained)
61-C-1 HAZMAT (contained)
61-C-2 Illegal Drug Lab (contained)
61-B-1 Small spill (< or = 5 gal)
61-A-1 Abandoned Waste
Each code may also have a suffix

B - Biological
C - Chemical
R - Radiological
U - Unknown

62 - High Angle Rescue

62-D-1 High Angle rescue
62-D-2 High Angle rescue (suicidal person)
62-B-1 Unknown situation (investigation)
Each code will also have a suffix

A - Above ground
B - Below ground

63 - Lightning Strike (investigation)

63-C-1 High Life Hazard
63-C-2 High Rise
63-C-3 Commercial/Industrial Structure
63-C-4 Residential (multiple)
63-B-1 Residential (single)
63-B-2 Large Non-Dwelling structure (barn, storage building)
63-B-3 Small Non-Dwelling structure (shed, detached garage)
63-B-4 Mobile home, house trailer, portable office
63-B-5 Outside lightning strike
63-B-6 Unknown situation (investigation)
64 - Marine Fire
64-D-1 Threatened structure or other boats
64-D-2 Docked in Coastal Water
64-D-3 Docked in Inland Water
64-D-4 Beached in Coastal Water
64-D-5 Beached in Inland Water
64-D-6 Coastal Water
64-D-7 Oceanic Water
64-D-8 Inland Water
64-D-9 Dry dock/on land
64-B-1 Extinguished fire
Each code will also have a suffix

L - Large > Or = 50 ft
M - Medium 25 - 49 ft
S - Small < 25 ft

65 - Mutual Aid / Assist Outside Agency

65-D-1 Mutual Aid to incident (multiple units-HOT)
65-D-2 Assist Outside Agency (multiple units-HOT)
65-B-1 Mutual Aid to incident (single unit-HOT)
65-B-2 Assist Outside Agency (single unit-HOT)
65-A-1 Mutual Aid to incident (multiple units-COLD)
65-A-2 Assist Outside Agency (multiple units-Cold)
65-A-3 Mutual Aid to incident (single unit-COLD)
65-A-4 Assist Outside Agency (single unit-COLD)
65-A-5 Mutual Aid move up/cover (station assignment)
65-A-6 Mutual Aid to staging area
Each code may also have a suffix


66 - Odor (strange / unknown)

66-C-1 Odor inside with patient(s)
66-C-2 Odor outside with patient(s)
66-A-1 Odor inside
66-A-2 Odor outside
67 - Outside Fire
67-E-1 Person on fire (outside)
67-D-1 Wildland Fire
67-D-2 Large brush/grass fire
67-D-3 Large Outside fire
67-D-4 Large Outside fire wit hazardous materials
67-D-5 Refinery/tank farm/fuel storage
67-B-1 Small outside fire
67-B-2 Small outside fire with hazardous materials
67-B-3 Unknown situation (investigation)
67-A-1 Transformer (wire or pole)
67-A-2 Extinguished fire
67-O-1 Controlled burn
Each code may also have a suffix to delineate what is threatened

A - Animals
P - People
R - Residential
S - Structure
U - Unknown
V - Vehicle

68 - Smoke Investigation (outside)
68-C-1 Heavy smoke
68-A-1 Light smoke
68-A-2 Odor of smoke
69 - Structure Fire
69-E-1 Person on Fire (inside)

69-D-1 High Life Hazard
69-D-2 High Rise
69-D-3 Commercial/industrial structure
69-D-4 Commercial/industrial structure with hazardous materials
69-D-5 Residential (multiple)
69-D-6 Residential (single)
69-D-7 Chimney
69-D-8 Large non-dwelling structure (barn, storage building)
69-D-9 Small non-dwelling structure (shed, detached garage)
69-D-10 Mobile home, house trailer, portable office
69-D-11 Unknown situation (investigation)
69-C-1 Appliance Fire (contained)
69-C-2 Extinguished Fire
Each code may also have a suffix

S - Smoke odor
Z - HAZMAT & Smoke odor

70 - Train / Rail Incident

70-D-1 Person trapped by train (no collision/derailment)
70-D-2 Collision/Derailment with involved
70-D-3 Collision/Derailment with involved
70-D-4 Collision/Derailment below ground
70-D-5 Collision/Derailment elevated (above ground)
70-D-6 Collision/Derailment at ground level
70-D-7 Collision/Derailment in a tunnel
70-D-8 Collision/Derailment at bridge/trestle
70-C-1 Large fuel/fire load vehicle on tracks

70-C-2 Commercial vehicle on tracks

70-C-3 Other vehicle on tracks

70-C-4 Unknown situation (investigation)

Each code may also have a suffix

C - Cable car
F - Freight train
L - Light rail
M - Monorail
P - Passenger (commuter) train
S - Subway
T - Trolley
U - Unknown

71 - Vehicle Fire
71-D-1 Vehicle fire (occupants trapped)
71-D-2 Vehicle fire in tunnel
71-D-3 Vehicle fire with threatened structure
71-D-4 Commercial vehicle

71-D-5 Large Fuel/Fire load vehicle
71-C-1 Vehicle fire threatening non structure
71-C-2 Vehicle fire in parking garage
71-B-1 Vehicle fire
71-B-2 Large Fuel/Fire load vehicle (extinguished)
71-A-1 Vehicle fire (extinguished)
Each code may also have a suffix

A - Alternative fuel/Hybrid vehicle
Y - HAZMAT and Alternative fuel/Hybrid vehicle

72 - Water Rescue
72-E-1 Sinking vehicle
72-E-2 Ice rescue
72-E-3 Swift Water rescue
72-E-4 Scuba dive accident
72-E-5 Swimming pool rescue
72-E-6 Coastal Water rescue
72-E-7 Inland Water rescue
72-E-8 Oceanic Water rescue
72-B-1 Stranded Motorist (non-threatened)
72-B-2 Unknown situation (investigation)
72-A-1 Animal Rescue

73 - Watercraft in Distress

73-D-1 Taking on water
73-D-2 Flare sighting (orange or red)
73-D-3 Unknown situation (investigation)
73-B-1 Out of fuel
73-B-2 Engine will not start
73-B-3 Run aground
73-B-4 Flare sighting (other than orange or red)
Each code will also have a suffix

C - Coastal
I - Inland
O - Oceanic

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