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Using Google Earth to view Raleigh Police Department Districts/Beats

Google Earth can now be used to view every Raleigh PD Beat & District. It is Very easy to setup:

  • Go to Google Earth and download Google Earth and install it for your operating system. It is available for most operating systems.
  • Unzip and Extract the 2 files in the file you just downloaded.
    • The 2 Files you should now have are named:
    • New Beats.kml
    • New District.kml
  • Start up Google Earth and Select "File" then "Open" as shown below:


  • Select both of the ".kml" files you just saved a few minutes ago and Google Earth

should import them.

  • If successful you should see the new beats/districts in the places column on the left hand side:


  • And you should be able to click on them and see something like the Image Below:
  • You now have the ability to zoom in to street level and out and click on individual Beats/Districts and see which beats cover which areas.

Wake County Sheriff Unit Numbering

  • 100 units are administrative
  • 200 units are investigators
  • 300 units are SRO's (School Resource Officers)
  • 400 units are jail transport
  • 500 units are judicial services
  • 600 units are A Platoon units...Patrol (regular road deputies)
  • 800 units are B Platoon units...Patrol (regular road deputies)
  • 900 units are STOP/IMPACT & K-9 Units (STOP are deputies that do traffic enforcement and IMPACT are Drug enforcement patrol units).

The zone map is mainly just for assignment purposes. Road deputies are assigned to a zone or zones at the beginning of their shift. They will usually be assigned calls in their zone or an adjacent zone if needed.

Wake County Sheriff Dept Maps

Raleigh/Wake County 10 Codes/Signals

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