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Analog to Digital

Washburn County has gone fully P25 Digital as of March 30th, 2010. Analog channel will still be used as backup channel.

Unit Numbering

117,118 Minong Ambulance
110,120 Birchwood Ambulance

100s Fire Personal (Eg: Spooner 113, Shell Lake 101)
33xs Spooner PD
34xs Spooner PD
352  Spooner PD
44xs Shell Lake PD
55xs Minong PD
561  Minong Township Constable
681-683 Birchwood PD
700s State Patrol
800s Sheriffs Dept
900s Emergency Management
920 & 921 Jail Transports

5107, 5108, 5109  North Memorial Ambulance (Spooner Station)

CAxx- DNR Conservation Aircraft Pilots
C2xx- DNR Conservation Wardens
NPS 57x- National Park Service Rangers
North Spooner Ranger - Wildland Fire Protection
South Spooner Ranger - Wildland Fire Protection
Minong Ranger - Wildland Fire Protection

Pager Tones

  • Standard timing 1 sec, 3 sec
Birchwood Amb & Fire 707.3 788.5
Chicog Fire 368.5 389.0
Long Lake First Responders 553.9 726.8
Minong Ambulance 832.5 600.9
Minong Fire 788.5 600.9
Shell Lake Fire 358.6 569.1
5109, 5108, & 5107 Ambulances 553.9 617.4
Spooner Fire 569.1 600.9
Spooner DNR 569.1 634.5