Washington County (NC)

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Washington County utilizes several conventional frequencies and a statewide trunked radio system (TRS) that make for interesting monitoring.

County Public Safety and Government

Law Enforcement and EMS

Washington County currently utilizes the statewide VIPER network for its law enforcement, emergency medical services (EMS), and emergency management communications. Fire departments also have access to this system but mostly use their VHF repeater (the VHF repeater is linked to a VIPER talkgroup but voice quality is poor).


All fire departments utilize the legacy VHF conventional radio system.

There are five fire stations in Washington County:

  • Creswell - 133 White Rd Lake
  • Lake Phelps - 11550 Newland Rd
  • Mid-County - 20695 US Hwy 64 E
  • Plymouth - US Hwy 64 E
  • Roper - 1050 Old US Hwy 64

Tactical Channels

VHF fire radios have a tactical channel for each department that use the same frequency with different CTCSS.

  • Tac 1 - 158.745MHz
  • Tac 2 - ?
  • Creswell - 179.9Hz
  • Lake Phelps - 156.7Hz
  • Mid-County - 136.5Hz
  • Plymouth - 100.0Hz
  • Roper - 123.0Hz

Other government

The school system utilizes a repeater to provide communications between schools and school buses. Another repeater is available for general communications between county employees. Finally, the Town of Plymouth utilizes a simplex frequency to allow communications among their water department employees.


There are two FAA designated airfields in Washington County: Plymouth Municipal Airport (KPMZ) and Donalds Air Park, a private airfield used for farming.


Two rail companies service the local paper company, Domtar, and lumber company, Weyerhaeuser, along with some other local agriculture customers in the area. The primary is Coastal Carolina Railway which uses leased lines from Norfolk Southern. The second is CSX on the Tarboro Subdivision line.

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