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Unit Numbering

Law Enforcement

1xx  County Government/Miscellaneous Units
2xx  West Bend PD
3xx  Sheriff Communications/Corrections + West Bend PD
4xx  Sheriff Operations
5xx  Village Police Depts/Special Deputies
6xx  Hartford PD
7xx  Germantown PD
8xx  Kewaskum PD
9xx  Jackson & Slinger PD

Fire and EMS

11xx Ashippun FD
12xx Jackson FD
13xx Allenton FD
14xx Newburg FD
15xx West Bend FD
16xx Hartford FD
17xx Germantown FD
18xx Kewaskum FD
19xx Richfield FD
21xx Slinger FD
22xx Fillmore FD
23xx Boltonville FD
24xx Kohlsville FD
25xx St. Lawrence FD
26xx Cedar Lake FD
30xx Lifestar Ambulance, Slinger/West Bend


  • 00 Base
  • 01 Chief
  • 02 First Assistant Chief
  • 03 Second Assistant Chief
  • 05 Captain
  • 06 Captain
  • 11 - 49 Personnel
  • 50 Ambulance/Rescue/First Responder
  • 60 Pumper
  • 70 Aerial Ladder
  • 80 Mini-Pumper/Utility
  • 90 Tanker

Other Designators

389  Sheriff Dispatch (155.250 and 155.595)
508  County Fire Dispatch

D-David is detective
R-Richfield contract deputy

P25 Radio IDs

Digit 1-2 (A-B) - 67 for Washington County
Digit 3 (C) - Radio Type: 0=Sheriff | 1=Germantown | 2=Hartford | 3=West Bend | 4=Municipal Law | 5=Fire | 6=Emergency Management| 7=DPW | 8=? |9=Radio Techs?
Digit 4-5 (D-E) - Department/User Group
Digit 6-7 (F-G) - Radio ID 

677003x Addison (Town) DPW

6002xxx Adell FD (Sheboygan P25) [2xx]

67513xx Allenton FD [13xx]

677342x Barton (Town) DPW

6004xxx Beechwood FD (Sheboygan P25) [4xx]

67523xx Boltonville FD [23xx]

6761025 Erin (Town) DPW
677004x Erin (Town) DPW

677350x Farmington (Town) DPW

67522xx Fillmore FD [22xx]

677014x Germantown (City) DPW

67517xx Germantown FD [17xx]

6710781 Germantown PD Dispatch [7xx]
6710782 Germantown PD Dispatch [7xx]
67170xx Germantown PD [7xx]
67177xx Germantown PD [7xx]

??????? Germantown PSAP

??????? Germantown (Town) DPW (on WISCOM as 29428-JUGTDPW?)

67702xx Hartford (City) DPW
67703xx Hartford (City) DPW

67516xx Hartford FD [16xx]

??????? Hartford Parks Department

67206xx Hartford PD [6xx]
67266xx Hartford PD [6xx]

??????? Hartford PSAP

6770401 Hartford Utilities-Electric

6770332 Hartford Utilities-Water
6770341 Hartford Utilities-Water

677005x Hartford (Town) DPW

??????? Hartford (Town) PD (including Pike Lake Patrol)

677006x Jackson (Town) DPW

677023x Jackson (Village) DPW
6770290 Jackson (Village) DPW

67512xx Jackson (Village) FD [12xx]

67409xx Jackson (Village) PD [90x-91x]
67419xx Jackson (Village) PD [90x-91x]

6770026 Kewaskum (Town) DPW
6770027 Kewaskum (Town) DPW

??????? Kewaskum (Village) DPW

67518xx Kewaskum FD [18xx]

67408xx Kewaskum PD [8xx]
67480xx Kewaskum PD [8xx]

67524xx Kohlsville FD [24xx]

67530xx Lifestar Ambulance [30xx] (also on WISCOM as 57774-LIFESTAR)

68248xx Lisbon FD (Waukesha P25)

??????? LifeNet MedEvac

68250xx Menomonie Falls FD (Waukesha P25)

6770282 Newburg (Village) DPW
6770285 Newburg (Village) DPW

67514xx Newburg FD [14xx]

463140x Newburg PD (Ozaukee Co P25) [50x-51x]
463141x Newburg PD (Ozaukee Co P25) [50x-51x]
463148x Newburg PD (Ozaukee Co P25) [50x-51x]

677008x Polk (Town) DPW

677000x Richfield DPW 
677001x Richfield DPW

67519xx Richfield FD [19xx]

67525xx Saint Lawrence FD [25xx]

6020xxx Silver Creek FD (Sheboygan P25) [20xx]

677029x Slinger DPW

67521xx Slinger FD [21xx]

674095x Slinger PD [95x-96x]
674096x Slinger PD [95x-96x]
674195x Slinger PD [95x-96x]
674196x Slinger PD [95x-96x]
67495xx Slinger PD [95x-96x]

??????? Trenton (Town) DPW
67450xx Trenton PD

677010x Wayne (Town) DPW

67731xx Washington County Highway Department
67732xx Washington County Highway Department
67734xx Washington County Highway Department

??????? Washington County PSAP

67004xx Washington County Sheriff's Office
6701011 Washington County Sheriff's Dispatch
6701014 Washington County Municipal Law Dispatch
6701055 Washington County Fire Paging
67020xx Washington County Sheriff's Office
67530xx Washington County Sheriff's Office

67704xx West Bend (City) DPW
67705xx West Bend (City) DPW

6761002 West Bend Emergency Management

6770471 West Bend Engineering

67555xx West Bend FD 
67556xx West Bend FD
67557xx West Bend FD

670660X West Bend Health Department

67302xx West Bend PD [3xx]
67303xx West Bend PD [3xx]
67312xx West Bend PD [3xx]

67704xx West Bend Park Department

??????? West Bend PSAP

??????? West Bend Utilities

6770514 West Bend Waste Water

677055x West Bend (Town) DPW
677056x West Bend (Town) DPW

4600001 ? (identifies as both Washington County and Ozaukee County on WISCOM, RID matches Ozaukee County in WISCOM Plan)
67530XX Lifestar EMS
68399XX Flight For Life
81002XX Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81022XX Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81102XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81122XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81202XX Wisconsin State Patrol squad radios
81222XX Wisconsin State Patrol squad radios
81602XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81622XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
82XXXXX Wisconsin DNR
8636700 Aurora Medical Center Hartford (heard on Region 7 Hospital Coordination: WISCOM TG 4977)
8636710 Froedtert Saint Joseph Hospital West Bend (heard on Region 7 Hospital Coordination: WISCOM TG 4977)
9901100 National Weather Service-Sullivan Weather Forecasting Office
9901101 National Weather Service-Sullivan Weather Forecasting Office
??????? Wisconsin DNR Kettle Moraine State Forest-Pike Lake Unit Office

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