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Wayne County Government

Wayne County: Communication System Details Fairfield City Police, Fairfield Ambulance, Wayne County Highway Dept, North Wayne Ambulance, & Fairfield City Service are standard conventional repeaters. Each of these repeaters are located in Fairfield, IL. Except for N. Wayne Ambulance (whose repeater is located on their own tower in Cisne)

The Sheriff's repeater has a voting system. The repeater's transmitter is on the county's tower next to the courthouse in Fairfield. Remote receivers are located in Wayne City, Orchardville, and Mt. Erie. They are linked to the Fairfield site via 450mhz links. The links transmit a sample tone 24/7.

Fire department communications take place on simplex using 154.430, and a PL of 77.0. All fire dept's are toned by the new 911 center located inside the Fairfield City Police Department. There is a remote base located 2 miles north of Fairfield on Enterprise Road. Dispatch uses a 450mhz link to use the remote base. Pager Tests are done at 6pm every night.

  • Informational Note: EMA and City Police have started buying Icom NXDN radios. Fairfield Police is licensed for 6.25 digital and Wide and Narrowband Analog. EMA is still only licensed for Analog Wideband

154.43 77.0 PL Agencies Dispatched: Fairfield City Fire, Fairfield Rural Fire, Gelf Fire, Orchardsville Fire, Cisne Fire, Wayne City Fire, Wayne City Ambulance,

Dispatched on ? Litton Ambulance??, Xenia Fire, Wayne County Ambulance Service, North Wayne County Ambulance Service

Wayne County Sheriff

NEW NXDN System in use. Dispatch is in the clear, mobiles are encrypted.

Formerly used, please advise if in use

  • 151.430 156.2025 WRHT739 RM CC 7 TG 5000 SL 1 Wayn Shrf Jhnsvl Sheriff/Law: Dispatch (Johnsonville) DMRE Deprecated
  • 155.535 153.800 WSL593 RM 131.8 PL Wayne Sheriff 1 (OLD) Sheriff: Dispatch [Ch 1] FMN Law Dispatch
  • 458.2625 WRCA326 F CSQ Wayne Shrf RF1 (OLD) Sheriff: Remote Link - Mt Erie FMN Law Dispatch
  • 458.3375 WRCA326 F Wayne Shrf RF3 (OLD) Sheriff: Remote Link - Wayne City FMN Law Dispatch
  • 458.475 WRCA326 F CSQ Wayne Shrf RF2 (OLD) Sheriff: Remote Link - Fairfield FMN Law Dispatch
  • 458.8375 WRCA326 F CSQ Wayne Shrf RF4 (OLD) Sheriff: Remote Link - Johnsonville FMN Law Dispatch
  • 154.860 KNIK563 BM 85.4 PL Wayne Sheriff 2 (OLD) Sheriff: Operations [Ch 2] FMN Law Tac

Old Frequencies, appear to no longer be in use

  • 155.31000 155.64000 WSL593 RM 162.2 PL Wayn SD Old Sheriff: Old Repeater (was licensed on WSL593, reported in use)
  • 155.64000 WSL593 M 77.0 PL Sheriff: reported in use (was licensed)
  • 156.00000 KA47994 M unknown use [Expired]
  • 154.43000 KDX393 BM 151.4 PL Fire/EMS: Countywide Dispatch [Ch 1]

Wayne County Emergency Management

  • Wayne County EMA
  • EMA comms currently take place on simplex, using the 156.18 131.8 PL
  • EMA is dispatched from their own Operations Center in Fairfield.
  • A simplex repeater is available on this frequency.
  • 2-Tone paging is used on this ham repeater 442.625 to alert Skywarn and ARES members to emergency situations. These tones are: 2073 hz. - 1 second/ 731 hz. - 3 seconds

North Wayne Ambulance

  • Dispatched by Fairfield Police on 154.19, use 155.22 Clay Co Hosp. / 155.340 Fairfield

Municipalities and Districts

Townships and Water Districts

Western Wayne Water District

  • WPWD868 956.43125 for Intersys Meter Data 12K
  • WQVI4531 59.84 Water Data (NFM at Wayne City, Zenia, Johnsonville)

Cisne (Village)

  • 158.83500 KNDH480 BM Government Services FMN [Expired 8/12]
  • Fire uses N Wayne Ambulance 154.19 Repeater for Paging / Dispatch / Ops (5/15)

Bedford Township Fire Protection District (Cisne)

Fairfield (City)

  • 155.92500 KRV924 BM Frfld 155925 City Services [Expired] FMN

Fairfield Police

  • 151.41500 158.97000 WQCG936 RM 162 DPL Police: Dispatch (was D261, D732) FMN Deprecated

Fairfield City Fire Fairfield Rural Fire Protection District

Geff (Village) / Lamard Township

Lamard Township Fire Protection District (Geff)

Golden Gate (Village)

Johnsonville (Village)

Keenes (Village)


Orchardville Fire Protection District

  • Dispatched CSQ by Salem PD/Marion County. ESDA - uses 155.025, ID's are 16-xx, 16R-xx is a youth member in reserves.

Heard on 154.430 calling their chief then changed it to 2700, I am assuming this to be their MABAS number. Near Wayne/Marion County line.

Mt Erie (Village)

Sims (Village)

Wayne City (Village)

Wayne City Ambulance Wayne City Fire Department Wayne Fire Protection District #1


  • Located in Clay County, but some of the Rural Fire Protection District (which used to be part of the Orchardsville FPD is in Northern Wayne County)

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Fairfield Memorial Hospital

  • 460.31250 WPKT216 M Maintenance FMN Expired
  • 466.31250 WPKT216 M Maintenance FMN Expired

North Wayne County Ambulance Service

  • Serves: Zenith, Johnsonville, Orchardville, Cisne and Rinard. Units: 5J14 Under medical direction from Fairvfeld Memorial Hospital.

Wayne County Ambulance Service (Fairfield)

  • North Wayne EMS is toned out on 155.805 and dispatched on 155.220; Wayne City EMS is toned out and dispatched on 154.43.

154.190 - N Wayne Ambulance
154.430 - Wayne City Ambulance
151.370 - Wayne County Ambulance
155.340 - Fairfield Memorial Hospital MERCI
159.940 - Fairfield Memorial Hospital Operations
460.3125 - Fairfield Memorial Hospital Maintenance
155.3925 - Wayne County Health Department (Base/Mobile)
154.1675 - Wayne County Health Department (Mobile)

Unit Numbers

  • Units: "WC" (heard WC-3); Fairfeld C-3

WC-1 Wayne City Police (DB: Wayne Co Sheriff 155.535)
96-1 Sheriff (DB: Wayne Co Sheriff 155.535)
96-2 Chief Deputy
96-3 thru 96-12 Sheriff's Deputies
96-9 - K9 Unit
C-1 Fairfield Police Chief (DB Fairfield PD 151.415 NEXEDGE)
C-2 - C-13 Fairfield Police units
1601 - 1630 Wayne County EMA Officers (156.180)
786 - EMA Tan Ford Pickup
787- EMA Red Jeep Cheerokee

EMS Units

  • 5J10 Wayne City Ambulance stationed at Wayne City Firehouse
  • 5J13 Wayne City Ambulance stationed at Wayne City Firehouse
  • 5J14 North Wayne Ambulance at Cisne
  • 5J15 Wayne Co. Ambulances (at Fairfield)
  • 5J16 Wayne Co. Ambulances (at Fairfield)
  • 5J17 Wayne Co. Ambulances (at Fairfield)
  • 5J18 Wayne Co. Ambulances (at Fairfield)
  • EMS Units: 5J10, 5J13, 5J14, 5J16, 5J17, Litton 3

Fire Units

Cisne (Bedford Twp Fire)

Orchardville Fire is 154.430

Fairfield Rural Fire Department

Wayne City Fire

Wayne Fire Protection District #1

  • 24T1 Tanker 1 - New 2022

Fire/EMS Pager Tones

Fairfield Ambulance      834 hz. - 1 second/ 747 hz. - 3 seconds
Wayne City Ambulance     539 hz. - 3 seconds/ 1131 hz. - 1 second
Wayne City Fire          539 hz. - 3 seconds/ 1037 hz. - 1 second
N. Wayne Ambulance       779 hz. - 1 second/ 739 hz. - 2 seconds
Fairfield Rural Fire     321 hz. - 1 second/ 340 hz. - 3 seconds
Fairfield City Fire      2073 hz. - 1 second/ 731 hz. - 3 seconds
Geff Fire                554 hz. - 1 second/ 617 hz. - 3 seconds<
Orchardville Fire        1433 hz. - 1 second/ 379 hz. - 3 seconds
Cisne Fire               1404 hz. - 2.5 seconds/ 1180 hz. - 0.1 second

Wayne Co. EMA            539 hz. - 1 second/ 349 hz. - 2 seconds
Wayne Co. Skywarn/ARES   2073 hz. - 1 second/ 731 hz. - 3 seconds


155.565 - Wayne Co Sheriff
151.415 - Fairfield Police (Icom IDAS Digital, 100% Encrypted)
156.180 - Wayne Co Emergency Management Agency

Fire Departments

154.430 - Bedford Township Fire (Cisne)
154.430 - Fairfield City/Rural Fire
154.385 - Fairfield City/Rural Fire Operations
154.430 - Geff (Lamard Township) Fire
154.430 - Orchardville Fire (Salem PD/ Centralia PD can dispatch also)
154.430 - Wayne City Fire / Ambulance, Wayne Fire Dist #1
154.010 - Wayne City Fire / Ambulance, Wayne Fire Dist #1 Operations


153.740 - Keith Township Road
155.145 - Orchard Township Road

Utilities / Public Works

153.635 - Wayne-White Electric Coop
155.835 - Fairfield Public Works
158.835 - Cisne Public Works/Govt Services
158.745 - Wayne City Utilities

Schools and Colleges


  • Harrell Farms 151.865 Base/Mobile (Wayne City) WPZU500
  • Weaver Farms 153.3275 Repeater with 158.3775 input (NFM at Fairfield) WQNV411
  • Matthews and Sons Contracting 153.185 Base/Mobile (NFM at Fairfield) WQPD712

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