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NOAA Weather Radio Frequencies

Continuous broadcast of weather information from the National Weather Service

Frequency  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
162.40000  CSQ  NWS 162.400 Weather Radio 162.400  FM  Other 
162.42500  CSQ  NWS 162.425 Weather Radio 162.425  FM  Other 
162.45000  CSQ  NWS 162.450 Weather Radio 162.450  FM  Other 
162.47500  CSQ  NWS 162.475 Weather Radio 162.475  FM  Other 
162.50000  CSQ  NWS 162.500 Weather Radio 162.500  FM  Other 
162.52500  CSQ  NWS 162.525 Weather Radio 162.525  FM  Other 
162.55000  CSQ  NWS 162.550 Weather Radio 162.550  FM  Other 

Channels 1 and 7 are the original frequencies. The other frequencies were added when closer station spacing resulted in interference.

Three additional frequences - 161.650 MHz, 161.775 MHz, and 163.275 MHz - are sometimes included in weather radios, although they are not used by NOAA/NWS. See National Weather Service Marine Forecasts, under Equipment, for more information on these additional frequencies.


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