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Fire / Rescue / EMS Station Numbers

  • Station 11 Town of Nekimi Fire Department
  • Station 12 Town of Utica Fire Department
  • Station 14 City of Oshkosh Fire Department (ARFF Station)-Knapp St.
    • Quint 14 (Q14)
    • Med 214 (M214)
    • ARFF 114 (114)
    • ARFF 214 (214)
    • ARFF 314 (314)
  • Station 15 City of Oshkosh Fire Department (Headquarters)-Main St. @ Court St.
    • Command 14 (C14)
    • Command 15 (C15)
    • Engine 15 (E15)
    • Heavy Rescue 15 (R15)
    • Huskey Air boat (???)
    • Med 15 (M15)
    • Med 215 (M215)
    • Utility (U15)
    • Zodiac boat 215 (B215)
  • Station 16 City of Oshkosh Fire Department (House of Hazards)-Washburn Ave.
    • Engine 16 (E16)
    • Hazmat 116 (H116)
    • Med 16 (M16)
    • Med 216 (M216)
  • Station 17 City of Oshkosh Fire Department-Algoma Blvd.
    • Quint 17 (Q17)
    • Hazmat Truck 117 (H117)
    • Med 17 (M17)
  • Station 18 City of Oshkosh Fire Department (House of Style)-Bowen St. @ Murdock St.
    • Engine 18 (E18)
    • Med 218 (M218)
  • Station 19 City of Oshkosh Fire Department-Snell Rd.
    • Engine 19 (E19)
    • Med 219 (M219)
  • Station 21 Town of Algoma Fire Department
  • Station 24 Omro-Rushford Fire Department
    • Engine 124 (E124)
    • Engine 224 (E224)
    • Grass 24 (G24)
    • Hovercraft 24
    • Mule 24
    • Rescue 24 (R24)
    • Tanker 24 (T24)
  • Station 25 Town of Oshkosh Fire Department
  • Station 27 Town of Vinland Fire Department
  • Station 28 Winneconne-Poygan Fire District
  • Station 31 Neenah-Menasha Fire-Rescue-Breezewood Ave. @ Tullar Rd., Neenah
    • Engine 31 (E31)
  • Station 32 Neenah-Menasha Fire-Rescue-Columbian Ave. @ Walnut St., Neenah
    • Boat 32 (B32)
    • Engine 32 (E32)
    • Marine 3 (???)
    • Qunit 32 (Q32)
  • Station 35 Neenah-Menasha Fire-Rescue-Main St. @ First St., Menasha
    • Engine 35 (E35)
    • Pumper 35 (P35)
  • Station 36 Neenah-Menasha Fire-Rescue-Province Terrace, Menasha
    • Engine 36 (E36)
  • Station 39 Town of Neenah Fire Department
    • Engine 39 (E39)
    • Engine 239 (E239)
    • Grass 39 (G39)
    • Pumper 39 (P39)
    • Tanker 39 (T39)
  • Station 40 Village of Fox Crossing Fire Department-Cold Spring Road (Main/West Station)
    • Command 40 (C40)
    • Engine 40 (E40)
    • Ladder 40 (L40)
    • Pumper 40 (P40)
    • Utility 40 (U40)
  • Station 41 Village of Fox Crossing Fire Department-Valley Rd. (East Station)
    • Comand 41 (C41)
    • Engine 41 (E41)
    • Pumper 41 (P41)
    • Rescue 41 (R41)
    • Squad 41 (S41)
  • Station 42 Clayton Fire Department (Substation)
  • Station 43 Clayton Fire Department (Main Station)
  • Station 44 Winchester Fire Department
  • Station 45 Town of Boom Bay Fire Department
  • Last 2 digits of vehicles and apparatus are its home station
  • All Winnebago County communities use Gold Cross Ambulance, except the City of Oshkosh, which has it's own Rescue Units.


- Unit I.D.’s are as follows :

  • 10000 - Gold Cross Dispatch
  • 4001 - Outagamie Co. Dispatch
  • 4002 - Calumet Co. Dispatch
  • 4003 - Winnebago Co. Dispatch
  • 4004 - Waupaca Co. Dispatch
    • Unit I.D.’s that are 1xxx, are portables.
    • Unit I.D.’s that are 2xxx, are mobiles.

Winnebago Co. 2-tone List

- (I will update list with corresponding departments as I learn them)

- (There are 2 sets of tones I was unable to decode, will work on them)

  • 378.6
  • 349.0/368.5
  • 410.8/378.6
  • 410.8/433.7
  • 410.8/470.5
  • 496.8/651.9
  • 617.4/600.9
  • 903.2/1092.4
  • 1092.4/313.0
  • 1092.4/410.8
  • 1092.4/433.7
  • 1092.4/470.5
  • 1092.4/524.6
  • 1092.4/600.9
  • 1092.4/651.9
  • 1092.4/726.8
  • 1092.4/788.5
  • 1092.4/855.5
  • 1092.4/879.0
  • 1092.4/903.2
  • 1092.4/979.9

Law Enforcement Unit Numbering

Adam = Village of Fox Crossing Fire

Auxiliary = City of Oshkosh Auxiliary Police

Baker = Winchester Fire

C = Wisconsin DNR

Clayton = Clayton Fire

Delta = Town of Neenah Fire

Echo = City of Menasha Police
  Echo 1 Chief
  Echo 2 Deputy Chief
  Echo 3 Lt. of Detectives
  Echo 1X's Patrol Lt's Badge Numbers 
  Echo 33 Complaint Desk
  Echo 48 Code Enforcement Officer
  Echo 50-73 Officer's Badge Numbers
  Echo 74-79 Community Service Officers (CSOs) Badge Numbers
  Echo 14X's-15x's Auxilary Police

Fox = Neenah-Menasha Fire Rescue

George = Town of Utica Fire

Henry = Town of Oshkosh Fire

John = City of Omro Police

King = Village of Winneconne Police

Lincoln = Town of Clayton Police

Marine = Sheriff Boat Patrol

Mary = Town of Vinland Fire

Nora = City of Neenah Police
  Nora 60-70 Community Service Aides (CSAs)
  Nora 99 Complaint Desk
  Nora 10X's-14X's Officer's (includes all ranks mixed together)
  Nora 150 Police Chief

Ocean = City of Oshkosh Fire

Paul = Omro-Rushford Fire

Queen = Winneconne-Poygan Fire District (was Poygan FD)

Robert = Town of Algoma Fire

Sam = City of Oshkosh Police
  Sam 130 Patrol Lt. (1st shift)
  Sam 131-133 Patrol Sgts. (1st shift)
  Sam 2XX's Misc
    Sam 200 Complaint Desk
    Sam 230 Patrol Lt. (2nd shift)
    Sam 231-233 Patrol Sgts. (2nd shift)
    Sam 234 Patrol Lt. (3rd shift)
    Sam 235-237 Patrol Sgts. (3rd shift)
    Sam 240-250 Detectives
    Sam 251-260 Community Service Officers (CSOs)
    Sam 267-270 Parking Officers
  Sam 3XX's-Sam 4XX's Officers Badge Numbers

State Car = Wisconsin State Patrol
  State Car 3XX's Troopers
  State Car 33XX's Motor Carrier Inspectors

Tom = Town of Nekimi Fire

Union = Town of Boom Bay Fire

Victor = Winneconne-Poygan Fire District (was Village of Winneconne FD)

Winnebago = County Sheriff
  Winnebago 1 Sheriff
  Winnebago 2 Chief Deputy
  Winnebago 3-6 Captains
  Winnebago 7-20 Lts.
  Winnebago 21-59 Patrol Deputies
    Winnebago 29 Retired badge number (Dep. Richard Meyer)
  Winnebago 6X's Detectives
  Winnebago 7X's Court/Jail Transport Officers
  Winnebago 1XX's-2XX's Corrections Officers
  Winnebago 8XX's Sheriff Reserve Officers
  Winnebago 9XX's Patrol Section Numbers ("Winnebago" usually omitted)
    901 Sheriff Northeast Patrol Area
    902 Sheriff East Center Patrol Area
    903 Sheriff Southeast Patrol Area
    904 Sheriff Southwest Patrol Area
    905 Sheriff West Center Patrol Area
    906 Sheriff Northwest Patrol Area
    907 Sheriff Rover
    908 Sheriff Rover/Airport
    909 Sheriff Corporal
    910 Sheriff Patrol Sgt
    912 Sheriff Complaint Desk
    914 Sheriff unknown
    930 Town of Winneconne PD

X-ray = Village of Fox Crossing Police
  X-Ray 100 Complaint Desk
  X-Ray 5XX's Officers Badge Numbers
    X-Ray 501 Chief
    X-Ray 51X's-52X's Lts
    X-Ray 53X's-56X's Officers

Young = Winneconne-Poygan Fire District (was Town of Winneconne FD)

FIRE DEPARTMENT PERSONEL: Phonetic word (See above) followed by number:
100 Chief
2XX's Assistant Cheifs
3XX's Admin
4XX's Inspectors
5XX's Captains
6XX's Lts.
7XX's Firefighters/First Responders
8XX's Firefighters/First Responders
9XX's Support Staff

On the radio, vehicles identify as type of vehicle, followed by number. (ex. "Engine 41")
The vehicles are labeled with a letter (denoting the type of vehicle) followed by their number: (ex. E-41)
B Boat
C Command
E Engine
G Grass
H Hazmat
L Ladder
M Med Unit
P Pumper
Q Quint
R Rescue
S Squad
T Tanker
U Utility

P25 Radio ID's

61510 WISCAN patch
710000X's Winnebago County PSAP (last digit is console number 1-8)
710100X's WISO Portables
71018XX's WISO Mobiles
71019XX's WISO Detective Mobiles
71038XX's WISO Boat Patrol
71050XX's WISO Courthouse/Jail/Corrections Portables
71060XX's WISO Portables
71070XX's WISO Reserve Deputy Portables
7110XXX's Winnebago County Highway Department
71110XX's Fox Crossing Police Department Portables
71118XX's Fox Crossing Police Department Mobiles
71130XX's UW Oshkosh Police Department Portables
71138XX's UW Oshkosh Police Department Mobiles
7113999 UW Oshkosh Police Department Dispatch (base station)
71170XX's Winnebago County Building Maintenance Portables
71210XX's Town of Algoma Fire Department Portables
71218XX's Town of Algoma Fire Department Mobiles
71220XX's Village of Fox Crossing Fire Department Portables
71228XX's Village of Fox Crossing Fire Department Mobiles
71230XX's Town of Neenah Fire Department Portables
71238XX's Town of Neenah Fire Department Mobile
71240XX's Town of Nekimi Fire Department Portables
71248XX's Town of Nekimi Fire Department Mobiles
71250XX's Town of Oshkosh Fire Department Portables
71258XX's Town of Oshkosh Fire Department Mobiles
71260XX's Town of Utica Fire Department Portables
71268XX's Town of Utica Fire Department Mobiles
71270XX's Town of Vinland Fire Department Portables
71278XX's Town of Vinland Fire Department Mobiles
71280XX's Town of Boom Bay Fire Department Portables
71288XX's Town of Boom Bay Fire Department Mobiles
71290XX's Town of Winchester Fire Department Portables
71298XX's Town of Winchester Fire Department Mobiles
71299XX's Town of Clayton Fire Department Mobiles
71300XX's Town of Van Dyne Fire Department Portables
71308XX's Town of Van Dyne Fire Department Mobiles
71310XX's Town of Clayton Police Department Portables 
71318XX's Town of Clayton Police Department Mobiles
71470XX's Gold Cross Ambulance Portables
71510XX's Winneconne Police Department Portables
71518XX's Winneconne Police Department Mobiles
71520XX's Winneconne-Poygan Fire District Portables
71528XX's Winneconne-Poygan Fire District Mobiles
71610XX's Omro Police Department Portables
71618XX's Omro Police Department Mobiles
71620XX's Omro-Rushford Fire Department Portables
71628XX's Omro-Rushford Fire Department Mobiles
7163XXX's Omro DPW
71711XX's Menasha Police Department Portables
71718XX's Menasha Police Department Mobiles
71720XX's Neenah-Menasha Fire Rescue Portables
71728XX's Neenah-Menasha Fire Rescue Mobiles
71811XX's Neenah Police Department Portables (last 3 digits are usually badge number)
71818XX's Neenah Police Department Mobiles
7181998 Neenah Police Department Watch Commander Desk (base station)
7181999 Neenah Police Department Front Desk (base station) "Nora 99"
7187000 Gold Cross Ambulance Dispatch
71912XX's Oshkosh Police Department Portables
71913XX's Oshkosh Police Department Portables
71917XX's Oshkosh Police Department Mobiles
71920XX's Oshkosh Fire Department Portables
71928XX's Oshkosh Fire Department Mobiles
71940XX's Wittman Field Airport (OSH) Portables
71948XX's Wittman Field Airport (OSH) Mobiles
7194898 Wittman Field Airport (OSH) CFR/Station 14 
7194899 Wittman Field Airport (OSH) Tower
81003XX's Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81033XX's Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81103XX's Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81133XX's Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81203XX's Wisconsin State Patrol Kenwood TK-5710 squad radios
81233XX's Wisconsin State Patrol Kenwood TK-5710 squad radios
82XXXXX's Wisconsin DNR
8400XXX's Lake Winnebago Area MEG Unit
8610883 Winnebago Mental Health Institute
8637100 Aurora Hospital Oshkosh
8637110 Theda Star Base
8637120 ???
8637130 Theda Care Medical Center Neenah
8676XXX's ? (H76)
8677XXX's Wisconsin Resource Center (H77)
867799X's Wisconsin Resource Center (H77) bases
8732XXX's Oshkosh Correctional Institution (K32)
873299X's Oshkosh Correctional Institution (K32) bases
8790XXX's Drug Abuse Corrections Center (K90)
879099X's Drug Abuse Corrections Center (K90) bases
9901XXX's National Weather Service
9901107 National Weather Service-Green Bay Weather Forecasting Office
??????? Ascension Mercy Medical Center Oshkosh
??????? Children's Hospital of Wisconsin-Fox Valley
???????'s US Fish & Wildlife Service (possibly 95XXXXX's?)
???????'s Winnebago Correctional Center
???????'s Winnebago Mental Health Institute

DMR Radio ID's

1xxx Portables 
2xxx Mobiles
4001 Outagamie County PSAP
4002 Calumet County PSAP
4003 Winnebago County PSAP
4004 Waupaca County PSAP
10000 Gold Cross Dispatch

FOX CROSSING DPW (156.1875 CC2, TG1001, SL1 East, 155.145 CC1, TG1001, SL1 West)

FOX CROSSING ??? (156.1875 CC2, TG1003, SL? East, 155.145 CC1, TG1003, SL? West)

MENASHA DPW (453.2625 CC8, TG200, SL2)
X's and XX's numbers match trucks
153 Base
10XX's Garbage Trucks
30XX's ?

MENASHA UTILITIES (453.6625 CC8, TG5000, SL1)

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