Wisconsin Interoperable System for Communications (WISCOM) Layout (WI)

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Statewide Talkgroups

Statewide tactical talkgroups are labeled "STACx", where "x" currently is 1-8. The first talkgroup is known as SCALL1 this talkgroup is pushed out on every site on the system, so when a user keys up SCALL1 is transmitted out on every tower in the state. These talkgroups allow communications between users regardless of where they are located in the State of Wisconsin, as long as system access is available.

Regional Talkgroups

Regional tactical talkgroups are labeled "RCALLx1" through RTACx4", where "x" is a numeric designation for the Department of Military Affairs, Division of Emergency Management (i.e. Wisconsin Emergency Management, WEM) region that they are located in. These talkgroups will only be available to users in roughly the same geographic area as their county boundaries, as dictated by tower locations.

Like SCALL1 the RCALLs are pushed out on every tower int eh region they are assigned to, allowing users to scan the channel effectively.

The region and talkgroup numbering is:

  • Southwest Region
    • RCALL11
    • RTAC12
    • RTAC13
    • RTAC14
  • Southeast Region
    • RCALL21
    • RTAC22
    • RTAC23
    • RTAC24
  • East Central Region
    • RCALL31
    • RTAC32
    • RTAC33
    • RTAC34
  • Northeast Region
    • RCALL41
    • RTAC42
    • RTAC43
    • RTAC44
  • West Central Region
    • RCALL51
    • RTAC52
    • RTAC53
    • RTAC54
  • Northwest Region
    • RCALL61
    • RTAC62
    • RTAC63
    • RTAC64

A map of the WEM regions is located at

Local Talkgroups

This is the typical basic layout for local users on the system, some areas may have more talkgroups for certain departments or municipalities. The county travel channel is a channel that is available to county users anywhere in the state to communicate on the system.

Use UTalkgroup
Main Law xx001
Secondary Law xx002
Main Fire xx007
Secondary Fire xx008
Scan xx010
Common xx011
Travel xx012

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