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BC-RH96 Remote Head


Controls all functions of the:

Including Volume and Squelch. Just add a remote speaker for complete remote operation. This unit was introduced in 2007, and was discontinued by Uniden the same year for low sales. A second run was produced in 2011-2012 for ScannerMaster using available parts, there will be no more produced.

The RH96 will work with the BCD996P2 but only with a converter, such as described at this link. Basically this converts the model request from the radio from "BCD996P2" to "BCD996XT". This is not supported nor endorsed by Uniden but has been shown to work.

Firmware updates are made thru a Uniden serial port on the rear of the unit. Firmware 2.x required for XT series scanners. Discontinued.


  • Size (inches): 7.2W x 1.9D x 2.2H (without knobs)
  • Weight (Remote Head only : 0.7 pounds
  • Input Voltage : 13.8 Vdc (11.0 - 16.6 Vdc)
  • Current Drain (nominal) : In standby: 2 mA, In use: 106 mA (backlight high)
  • Operating Temperature : -20° to +60° C (-4° to +140° F)


  • The BC-RH96 Remote Head unit.
  • A steel mounting bracket with attachment washers (factory-installed).
  • Threaded knobs to allow mounting the Remote Head quickly to the bracket.
  • Remote connection cable, 10 feet in length.
  • A correctly polarized vehicle DC adapter to let you connect the Remote Head to a convenience outlet (cigarette lighter) in your vehicle that provides 12-13.8 VDC.
  • The Owner's Manual.
  • A set of pocket-sized Quick Reference Configuration cards for convenient setup and usage.
  • A Self Adhesive Cable Clamp.

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