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Uniden BCT15 (Preliminary) - Click image to view in full

Uniden's analog-only Base/Mobile Trunktracker scanner with Dynamic Memory Architecture and GPS Support. Shipping started Summer 2006. This is a TrunkTracker III with Motorola Control Channel Only trunking and I-Call monitoring

General Specifications


  • BNC antenna connector
  • Compatible with BC-RH96 Remote Head
  • DIN-E and ISO Vehicle Mountable (optional)
  • GPS Support for Location Based Scanning, location alerts, and crows-flight navigation
  • LCD Backlight
  • Memory Back Up
  • PC Programming and Control
  • Record Out - you can connect an output jack to a VOX controlled recorder or PC sound input to record the received audio.
  • Reversible Display - Lets you reverse the display to mount unit upside down (and hear the speaker from the top)
  • Signal Strength display
  • Single-Handed Function Operation -Tap Function to access F+ key presses. 5 seconds after your last key press, the scanner reverts to non F+ entry (or press Function again to revert sooner).
  • Strong signal attenuation
  • 16 character text tagging for each system, site, group, channel, talkgroup, search range, location, Tone-out, and SAME group
  • Three-Level Backlighting - Lets you set the display/keypad backlight to any of three brightness levels (or off). Also lets you connect to your vehicle’s dimmer circuit to dim the scanner’s display with the vehicle’s dimmer control.
  • Trunking Activity Indicators


  • Group Quick Key range: 0-9
  • 3 Quick-Access Search Keys
  • “Soft“ Search Keys -Let you program the keypad’s secondary functions to turn on/off specified search ranges.
  • System Quick Key range: 0-99


  • Channels: 2500 maximum
  • Custom Search - lets you program up to 10 search ranges
  • Groups per system: 20 maximum
  • Scan Rate: 100 channels per second (conventional mode)
  • 13 Service Searches - Public Safety, News, HAM Radio, Marine, Railroad, Air, CB Radio, FRS/GMRS, Racing, TV Broadcast, FM Broadcast, Military Air, and Special (Itinerant)
  • Sites: 1000 maximum, 256 maximum per system
  • Supported step sizes: 5, 6.25, 7.5, 8.33, 10, 12.5,15, 20, 25, 50 or 100 kHz
  • Systems: 500 maximum
  • Talkgroups per trunked system: 250 maximum
  • 500 (250 Temporary + 250 Permanent) Search Lockouts

Frequency Coverage

  • 25 - 512 MHz
  • 764 - 776 MHz
  • 794 - 956 MHz
  • 1240 - 1300 MHz


  • Voltage: 13.8 Volts d.c.
  • Current: less than 750mA (max. rating of included wall wart)
  • Power plug: 5.5mm outer diameter, 2.1mm inner diameter; Radio Shack size code "M"


RR System Compatibility

This scanner is compatible with the following Trunking System Types and System Voices used in the RadioReference Database, of course you must verify that the scanner will cover the appropriate frequency range:

  • System Types:
    • Motorola Type I
    • Motorola Type II
    • Motorola Type IIi Hybrid
    • Motorola Type II Smartnet
    • Motorola Type II Smartzone
    • Motorola Type II Smartzone Omnilink
    • EDACS Standard (Wide)
    • EDACS Standard Networked
    • EDACS Narrowband (Narrow)
    • EDACS Narrowband Networked
    • LTR Standard
  • System Voices:
    • Analog

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