TrunkTracker III

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Uniden's initial implementation of tracking digitally-controlled ( trunked) two-way radio system monitoring in a scanner. Which, consist of these models: BC250D / BC780XLT / BC785D, BC898T, BC246T, BC346XT/XTC, BR330T and BCT15 / BCT15X. They began these models at the very beginning of the 21st century, continuing with newer models, until, at least, 2009. Uniden continued the evolution, with the TrunkTracker IV and TrunkTracker V models.

The BC250D / BC780XLT / BC785D, and BC898T models still use the Bank method; where Trunked Radio Systems are entered into a Bank and Sub-Bank layout, with Talkgroups (TGIDs) entered into 10 groups of 10, per System, with each "X#-1:" can be allocated as Priority TGIDs. While, these models: BC246T, BC346XT/XTC, BR330T and BCT15 / BCT15X use 2-tier, file layout, structure, known as DMA. The BC246T, BR330T, BCT15 and BC898T are 800MHz Rebanding supported via a firmware upgrade, where the BCT15X and BC346XT/XTC are Rebanding capable, out of the box.

The BC250D and BC785D: require the optional BCi 25D Digital Card to be installed, to decode P25 CAI Digital Audio Voice TGIDs on 3600 baud Motorola system and it will still decode the System's Control Channel data without the card. The optional cards are rare and difficult to find. Occasionally, the scanner & card have erroneous errors, needing a power cycle to clear. Furthermore, the card may need to be reseated, prior to power cycling.

TrunkTracker III scanners can follow transmissions:

System Types
System Voice
  • Analog ONLY
  • P25 CAI P25 Common Air Interface,1<sup\>
  1. ONLY BC250D / BC785D with BC25i card.