TrunkTracker IV

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Uniden's implementation of trunked two-way radio system monitoring in a scanner. Update to their TrunkTracker III, precursor to TrunkTracker V. The BC296D / BC796D models still use the Bank method, except for Trunked Radio Systems are entered into a Bank and Sub-Bank layout, with Talkgroups laid out in 10 groups of 10 per Trunked Radio System with x-1 being the Priority TGIDs. Both are Rebanding supported but the optional P25i card must be installed to receive P25 CAI . The BCD396T / BCD996T, BCD396XT / BCD996XT and the HomePatrol-1. Colloquially called, (in the order listed) the x96D - but not normally, the T's and/or XTs and sometimes refer to as T/XT line, or HP-1, respectively. All are Rebanding supported, and do support up-to Phase I Digital voice (P25 CAI) decoding of transmissions.

TrunkTracker IV can follow transmissions Trunked Radio Systems:

System Types
System Voices