TrunkTracker V

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Uniden's implementation of trunked two-way radio system monitoring in a scanner. Update to their TrunkTracker IV, includes the BCD325P2 & BCD996P2 colloquially called the P2 series, the HomePatrol-2 abbreviated HP-2, and the BCD436HP & BCD536HP abbreviated as the: x36, x36HP or BCDx36HP Series. Currently, both the P2 series and x36 scanners have available upgrades to include Trunk Tracking for EDACS ProVoice and DMR systems via separate Paid, User Upgradable Firmwares. All models are based in Uniden's DMA file-folder and file layout: the P2's with 2 tier DMA with internal memory. The one's with "HP" in there name, are 3 tier DMA structure, with memory that is external, on a microSD card.

TrunkTracker V can follow transmissions on the following types of trunked systems:

System Types
System Voices

BCD325P2 and BCD996P2 ONLY

  1. Firmware 1.06.02 or better, for ProVoice.
  2. Firmware 1.07.06 or better, for DMR.
Firmware updates via BCD996P2 Front USB port only.


  1. Firmware 1.10.02 or better, for ProVoice.
  2. Firmware 1.11.15 or better, for DMR.
Firmware updates: BCD536HP via Front USB port only or for both models via microSD card.